This is supposed to be a story consisting of Christmas Drabbles; one drabble for each day. I try to update this every day. Pairing will be Hughes/Edward parental, and some drabbles are Havoc/Edward brotherly. Enjoy!



1: Arrival


It was the first day of December, the month of joy. On that day, it was Elysia who woke up first in the Hughes's household. Dressed in her pink nightgown, she climbed over the border of her bed and landed onto the wooden floor. Small feet thumped against the long red carpet as she stamped about to the guest room; the hallway was dark and absolutely silent. The girl stopped in front of a brown door, then jumped and took a hold of the handle, using her weight to press it down.

Slowly, she opened the door and peeked inside; it was still dark and there was no movement. Everything was just like it had been in the evening; a desk opposite the window, a closet on the corner on the right side of the door and a bed on the left side. The two-year-old ran to said piece of furniture and drew the covers away: nobody was there.

Tears filled the little girl's eyes and she left the bed like that, running out of the whole space. Making her way to her father's bedside, she kept wiping her eyes with her fists. Once she made it to her destination, Elysia sniffed quietly and called: "Daddy!"

The man sighed loudly through his nose and moved a bit, signaling the voice was being registered in his brain. He rubbed his eyes, yawning widely but when his eyes opened and he saw his little girl crying, all weariness was forgotten.

"Elysia," he said worriedly and wrapped his arm around the girl's back, drawing her close.

"What is it, sweetie?" The man kept his voice quiet, soothing the upset child.

The girl opened her mouth, voice high with disappointment: "You said Ed-Niisan would be here today but he isn't!"

Hughes who was still lying on his bed, shook his head, a pitying smile decoration his face: "Oh, sweetie, you understood it wrong. I said Ed- niisan would come today."

"What is it?" Gracia woke up next to her husband. The man smiled a bit, nodding his head towards their daughter.

"Little one is just so anxious here."

Elysia only sniffed and then took a hold of the light blue covers and struggled her way to her Mommy's bedside, crushing her father on the way. The man sighed, rubbing his now sore shoulder, and glanced at his clock.

"It's six already. There's no point in going back to sleep again."



The day was normal for Major Maes Hughes: the same cases and day routines and yet, there were these unspoken expectations lingering in the air. Edward had been on various missions for three months now: in that time, he had not seen the boy.

The man paced back and forth on the betony ground of the station. The clock was a minute to seven pm. It was very dark already: there were no stars in the sky and the wind was freezing. For a moment, the man almost regretted not staying inside in the station cafeteria. Soon though, he casted those thoughts aside and wrapped his arms tighter around his body, hugging the red winter jacket he had brought for the boy. He was certain the regular one was not warm enough in this kind of weather.

Usually he loved being at work; figuring out the motives of crimes was like solving a puzzle. He had always liked all things that required brain work. Yet today, although he had been able to concentrate, he couldn't have helped glancing at the clock from time to time.

Finally, at 6.30 pm, Hughes had turned off the lights in his office and closed the door. The train station wasn't too far away but the traffic was at its worst. Better be safe than sorry: he didn't want Edward to wait for him after all the travelling he had been doing. Hughes sucked his lips for a minute and wondered whether the boy had changed. He had not seen him for two whole months.

The man snorted; he could still remember the one time when Edward had come back from a mission, hair dyed black.

"I like it," the boy had claimed, apparently not noticing that Gracia had almost had a heart attack when seeing the sudden change.

Still, it didn't mean he didn't know how he and his brother were doing. Hughes had received a letter from each destination, sometimes even pictures of the people and landscapes. He had to admit he was a bit jealous. Now that he had his family to take care of, he could go on far away missions much less. Hughes could still remember the excitement of travelling to foreign towns: it had always been an adventure and, the man smiled inwardly, on one of them he had met Edward.

"The train number 5 arrives in the platform 4," a woman's voice called through the loud-speakers. Hughes braised himself, honestly glad that the waiting was over.

The train arrived not even one minute later. Soon the high-technique vehicle had come to a stop and the doors opened. Men and women with children burst out first, eager to get to the first bus. Then the slower elderly people stepped out and after them the polite teenagers who had all the time in the world.

On seeing a small figure with a red coat, a smile spread across the man's face.

"Ed!" Hughes called although he knew he was tall enough for the boy to notice among the crowd. His assumptions were proved true as the boy run to him, dropped his suitcase and hugged him.

They stayed like that for a moment and then drew apart. Hughes took the boy's face into his hands and inspected the honestly smiling boy.

"You look great! How was the trip?"

"Boring," Edward shrugged laughing, teeth clattering in the cold weather. The man noticed this and gave the boy the jacket.

"Put this on so you won't get cold."

Edward did as he was told, eagerly, and burrowed himself into the warmth. The oversized jacket was one of Edward's treasures. Hughes smiled at the sight as he lifted the boy's luggage and put his hand onto the boy's back and encouraged him to walk forward with a slight push.

They made their way to the car and the man opened the driver's door. Edward opened the backseat one and was just about to sit down onto the bench when Hughes, already placed on his seat, looked back at him.

"You can sit in the front so we can catch up."

Edward got startled: he was never allowed to ride in the front but, now that the opportunity arouse, he wouldn't miss the chance. The boy placed his suitcase onto the floor and slammed the door shut. On making it to the seat next to Hughes, he was shaking with excitement.

"Don't get used to this, kiddo," the man shook his head, laughing at the look on the boy's face: He looked like Christmas Eve had come in advance. "Next time you'll be on the front is the day you get your driving license."

"Can't I even practice? Do you want me to risk getting motion sick when I start driving school?"

"You can't get motion sick on the front seat," Hughes started the car and made their way off the parking place. Edward fell silent and stared out of the window. The trip had been long and he was tired: ranting was certainly not something he wanted to be doing at the moment.

The man glanced at his left and smiled gently at the sight. Keeping his left hand on the steering wheel, he placed his right one on Edward's left shoulder and rubbed it.

"It's good to have you back, kiddo. You're sure going to have a fun vacation."

Edward threw the hand away grinning: "Yeah, I'm sure of it."


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