A short drabble today; can't write much with Edward being in his current state.


Wish List

"Daddy, can you help me?"

Hughes lifted his gaze from the newspaper he was reading. He had gone into a morning shift and therefore had had to be at work before morning paper.

"Sure, sweetie," he replied, setting the paper down. He had read all the interesting parts anyway. The girl bounced in happiness and jumped into her father's lap. The man shushed her instantly, pointing to the sleeping figure next to him.

"Ed-Niisan needs his sleep so we have to be quiet."

The boy lied on the couch, his feet beside the man's legs. He was wearing a gray sweater and slacks. The book the boy had been reading had dropped onto the floor as he had become sleepy: Gracia had covered the child with a blanket and put a cushion under his head.

The girl nodded and sat up properly, her beck leaning onto her father's chest. She had a toy book and a piece of paper and a pen in her hands.

"Can you wite these down when I point?" Elysia asked, not yet able to pronounce her r's properly. Hughes nodded and prepared to write.

By what he heard, the girl wanted a lot: new dolls, a doll house, books and bikes etc. He decided the girl needed some limits with her wish list: Elysia was not allowed to wish for every single variation of the same toy. To his mind, it was ridiculous to product the same doll with five differently colored hairs.

"I want this too," the girl pointed to the picture of a pink pony just when Edward moved in his place. Hughes turned his gaze to the boy, inspecting his state.

"How are you doing there?"

Edward stirred a bit: "I'm alive."

"Nii-san!" Elysia called so loud both the man and the boy got startled. Hughes hushed the girl immediately: Edward was still suffering from his concussion.

"Nii-san," the girl started again, her voice now nothing but a whisper. "I'm making a wish list. You should do one too."

"I'll do it if it makes this headache go away," the boy said, his automail hand on his forehead to lessen the banging feeling. Hughes set the little girl down and moved to the boy, taking the blanket off him.

"Ellie, will you go to Mommy and ask her to bring that medicine the Doctor gave Edward. I'll get him to his room."

The man helped Edward stand up and brought the boy's flesh arm around his own shoulders, supporting him. They made their way to the stairs and began to walk to the boy's room. Edward was lowering only a fracture of his weight onto his injured ankle.

"It's just stupid."

Hughes looked down at the boy, surprised by his words.

"What is stupid?" He inquired, making sure they both kept their balance.

"Christmas: all the wish lists and trees and decorations. There's no point in anything."

The man stayed quiet, knowing Edward was not completely in his senses. Although he had been home since the day before, the boy was still weary and suffering from the after impacts of the crash. The Doctor had assured him that Edward would not suffer any permanent damage but Hughes knew that he would be suffering hugely for a few days.

Finally they made it to the guest room the boy had occupied. As he lowered the child onto the bed, Hughes noticed the unshed tears in his eyes.

"Is the pain that bad?" He kneeled beside the bed, petting the hair sympathetically.

"I'm sorry I broke the skis. I swear I will pay you back."

"Shh…" He whispered as Gracia ame to the room, carrying a tall glass of water and a pill. The boy rose into a half-sitting position and took his medicine. Once he was finished, he lied back down onto the mattress and Hughes covered him up so he was as warm as possible.

"Do not worry about it," the man ordered. "The only thing that matters is that you didn't get any more hurt. Things could have gone much worse."

Edward closed his eyes, tears leaking from under his eyelids. He sniffed quietly: he was not able to control his rushing emotions.

Hughes stayed by his side, shushing him quietly and that voice made him feel much better.

"Tomorrow you will be feeling better already," he heard Gracia say, the ever same warm tone in her voice.

Edward nodded and relaxed; how he hoped it was tomorrow already.


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