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Abby Sciuto loved the holidays. She loved the warm fuzzy feeling she got when she visited family. She loved wrapping presents. She loved decorating everything in sight. She loved teasing her boss. She loved seeing the looks on her friends' faces when they opened their gifts. Yep, Abby definitely loved holidays.

Anyone who knew Abby knew that she never did anything by half. It was full steam ahead in Labby-Land at 0600. Giddy might be an understatement, but Abby didn't care. It was December first and she was in full Christmas swing. She'd snatched Tony's Billy Idol Christmas album last year for just this day. Listening to Billy croon Silver Bells was just what she needed to get the day started.

Shaking the can of fake snow to the beat Abby danced across her lab to the windows. Rising to her tippy-toes the Goth endeavored to frost her windows. Wavering she grunted softly and braced herself against the brick wall. Jumping slightly to reach, Abby gasped when her back brushed against something warm.

"Abs," a very familiar voice whispered in her ear, "What are you doing?"

In truth Very Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs knew exactly what his forensic scientist was up to. Every year the same thing happened on December first without fail. Jethro had long ago dedicated an alarm solely for this day. More than six years of Holi-Abby had taught him one thing: if he pissed her off on the opening day of the season he would get a cranky scientist, far less sugar, and coal under his Christmas tree.

"Gibbs," Abby half whined, he did this every year, and every year she humored him. "It's December First!"

"Is it?" Gibbs asked resting his chin on her nearly bare shoulder as she stretched to finish her task.

After Stan had left the first of the Holiday rituals had become a special activity for Just Abby and Gibbs—sometimes Ducky would join in, but he liked the two 'younglings' to have their fun. So every year without fail, Gibbs gave his team a late start. Ten thirty to be exact. It was that consistency that made Gibbs smack Tony just a little harder on the first. Any of his agents should have figured out something was up—none of them had ever suspected anything.

Breathing deeply Gibbs returned his attention to Abby, "Need a hand Abs?"

"No," the woman huffed as she balanced, "I've got it!"

"Okay," Gibbs replied backing away slightly, a smirk firmly in place.

Finally Abby managed to spray enough white on the windows and turned around with all the satisfaction in the world. Gibbs was leaning against the table as he peaked into one of the large plastic tubs on the ground.

Abby smile turned to a scowl as she rushed over, Gibbs barely managed to pull his hand away in time to avoid the chastising slap.

"That's for the bullpen, and you can't look, Sir."

"Abby," Gibbs intoned.

The smile returned with a bit of mischief glittering in her eyes, "Ma'am."

The mischief was echoed in the gunny's eyes, "That's my girl. What's on the schedule today?"

Abby to a military step forward, heal first and then a sharp turn, arms locked behind her back.

"Your first job today Gunny, is to hang the Christmas lights! Do you accept this mission?"

Gibbs snapped to attention playfully, "Ma'am, yes, Ma'am!" He added a salute.

Abby's eyes narrowed and her hands found her hips, "Gunny!"

"Sorry, Sir!"

Abby couldn't help the grin of delight that broke forth, "Good Gunny."

The Christmas lights Gibbs pulled from the box were a gift from him a long time ago. They weren't even Christmas lights. They were little skulls and bats. He'd spent the few nights before her birthday replacing the bulbs with red and green ones. In the dark the bats glowed green and the skulls red. Abby had hugged him for ten minutes straight and insisted he always put them up. It became a tradition.

Actually Gibbs couldn't quite remember how he had first gotten roped into decorating Abby's lab with her all those years ago. It had something to do with a case he thought. Shrugging it off Gibbs set to work casting glances back at Abby who was setting up her fleet of reindeer stuffed animals and putting wrapping paper on the outside of her door.

Shaking his head Gibbs had to admit Abby made this time of year fun again. She had reamed him good the first year she worked at NCIS. Of course, he'd deserved her tongue lashing. He'd made her cry on December First for the first time. That was the first day he realized he couldn't ever treat Abby like just another employee. Of course once she was done crying he'd regretted yelling at her even more. Suffice to say she gave as good as she got. And worse still she had gotten Morrow to put him on desk duty until he apologized.

Finishing with the lights Gibbs started on the silver tinsel that Abby insisted be put up. In her words, 'the more shiny, the more better'. Jethro had just smiled indulgently and started his work.

It took the better part of two hours to decorate the whole of Abby's domain. Even Burt was dressed up. Two years back Sister Rosita had knitted the hippo a little red cap.

In a rare show of comfort, Gibbs sprawled on the floor next to Abby.

"No mistletoe," he mused.

A slight shake of her dark head, "They were out."

They laid in silence, well, almost silence, some Abby's machines beeped or buzzed as they worked, and a Christmas song floated softly through the air.

He nudged her leg with one foot, "This is getting to the point where it might be easier to just get you a second lab."

"Gibbs!" Abby exclaimed, "Don't say that."

Chuckling softly Gibbs pulled her to him, "Kidding Abs, wouldn't dare dream of touching your babies."

Abby just looked thoughtful, "Now if you wanted to get me a desk for the squad room I wouldn't argue."

Gibbs turned his head to stare at her. He was silent for a moment before deciding the proper response that would make her giggle.

"But then who would sit in my chair and pretend to be me? Not DiNozzo."

As he hoped, Gibbs had elicited the bright laughter that made coming to work dealing with the Terrible Trio.

"Aww, Gibbs. I always thought you hated that," she smiled impishly, her lower lip jutting out.

Tensing his muscles to control himself Gibbs winked, "If I did I would have started smacking you upside the head like I do DiNozzo, David, and McGeek."

Abby shot up into a sitting position only to lean over Gibbs and feel his forehead, peering at him worriedly.

"You just McGeek, did Tony spike your coffee again?"

Gibbs rolled his eyes, "No Tony didn't spike my coffee…wait again?"

Abby sat back on her heels and focused on the wall behind Gibbs, "Um, you didn't hear that."

Gibbs sat up and looked right into Abby's sparkling green eyes, he caught her chin with a finger and let the other hand find her bare knee.

"What didn't I hear?"

He enjoyed watching her squirm. They both knew that it was all in good fun, and the only one who was going to get hurt was Tony."

"Um, well, you remember a couple of weeks ago when you met the Lieutenant Colonel?"

Gibbs nodded, not missing the brief flash of emotion in Abby's eyes when the other woman came up.

Abby wrinkled her nose trying to figure out how to continue, "Well the night before Tony and I went Sake Bombing, and well, Tony can't hold his liquor so well. And well, he convinced himself that the only way you could be a better Gibbs was to spike your coffee. I told him not too, but he kept doodling and EnergizerGibbs on his napkin."

Gibbs quirked a brow, "And what exactly did he do to me?"

"He put a can of WiredX in with a bit of coffee. And let me tell you, the last time I had that stuff I…it was back during Blackadder's last case, you know, the one with the lawyer."

Gibbs' eyes widened almost imperceptibly, "I'm going to kill Tony."

"Aww, Gibbs," Abby pouted and moved to lean her head on his shoulder, "If you kill Tony who am I going to boss around?"

Gibbs gave her a pointed look. Abby was the one person who could boss him around, not to mention she pushed McGee around a fair bit. Ziva wasn't an exception to the rule either, she was manipulated but in a whole other way from the boys. Even Jenny wasn't immune to Abby. Ducky and Palmer certainly weren't. In truth, the only people who Abby didn't have some control over tended to be her psychotic exes.

Abby was digging through another box a Mona Lisa smile on her face, when Gibbs returned to himself, "Now what Abs?"

She smiled blindingly. Gibbs had a gut feeling in that instant. Something important was changing.

"Now we have to do your desk!"

Always trust the gut.

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