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It was Jethro who woke first on Christmas morning. He bounded up from his bed in the basement, and scrambled up the steps to bark at the closed bedroom door. Behind that door, Abby rolled over tiredly, curling her naked body into Leroy's.

"Mm," he moaned and stretched to wrap an arm around her shoulders. "Merry Christmas, Abs."

Pulling the covers closer, Abby nodded against his bare, heated flesh, "Merry Christmas, Jethro."

Another bark split the air, "We have to get up."

Gibbs scowled at Abby's assessment, "Mm, we can't just lie in bed all day?"

"Only if you intend on spending the rest of your life there," Abby snickered.

"I could deal," Leroy shrugged and yawned heavily.

Abby bit down gently on Gibbs' shoulder, "So what's on the schedule for today?"

With a move of a man years his senior, Gibbs flipped Abby onto her back, caging her beneath himself, "Schedule?"

Abby stiffened in surprise and pleasure underneath the weight, "Mhm, how about a shower?"

Jethro shrugged against Abby, dipping his head and kissing a line of fire down her shoulder and across her chest, "Bath?"

Abby's hips rolled, bringing them flush against each other, "I could go for that."

Gibbs was gone in a flash. Abby could hear the water running into the tub in the bathroom. It took Abby several minutes and a little persuasion to get her to roll out of bed and stumble towards the bath, naked as the day she was born.

Gibbs had already slipped into the steaming water, waiting for Abby to get up. He knew she would, even if it took her a few. When she did stalk into the bathroom, he leaned back in the tub, a sly grin covering his face. He hadn't quite had the time to appreciate how she looked sans clothes the night before. Abby was beautiful, pale, milky, skin, and dark, strong, lines of ink. She was a study in contrasts. She was the first and only Goth who was brighter than the sun.

Beneath hooded eyes, Gibbs studied her bare skin. He traced the tattoos with his eyes. The ones he knew about, the ones he could see on a daily basis, and the ones that were always hidden, that he'd never known existed.

Gibbs nearly jumped in surprise when Abby's back rolled against his chest. Her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes and settled between Jethro's legs. Gibbs' head dropped down and a finger came up to trace the spider web on her neck. Abby's neck stiffened, the muscles contracting under his touch.

"Tickles," Abby giggled, one hand rising to bat away his touch.

He laughed, a full-bodied laugh, it shook him, it shook Abby, she giggled, joining in.

Wrapped up in a full length black nightgown and one of Gibbs' sweatshirts, Abby chased her dog down the stairs and out of the house. She froze on the front stoop before scuttling back inside.

"Cold," she shuddered. "More than ten years and I still forget I'm not somewhere warm!"

Gibbs shook his head and indicated Abby should go sit on the couch, as soon as she did, her eyes lit on the Christmas tree in all its glory.

"Jethro," she shouted, bringing both her boys running.

As soon as Leroy saw her eyes brighten with excitement, Gibbs relaxed, his senses dropping out of overdrive, "Yeah, Abs?"

She padded towards him before jumping up and tangling her arms around him, "You rock!"

"I know," Gibbs muttered into her still damn hair. "Now go on, open your presents."

Among the silly little things from friends and family that had been sent to her, were things that only Gibbs would buy her. New test tubes and a pirate ship in a bottle, although she had a feeling he'd made that last present. There were other things too, a new dog collar, one for her and one for Jethro. A bone was also wrapped and under the tree for Jethro.

Gibbs just sat back and watched the childish glee on Abby's face. He was so busy watching he didn't realize right away that Abby was pushing something into his lap. A box, quirking a brow, Gibbs opened the box and laughed when he pulled out a black mug emblazoned with silver lettering. It was the number 23, Gibbs chuckled.

"Thanks, Abs," he muttered, leaning over to press a kiss to her cheek.

Smirking, Abby scooted closer, "There's more."

Gibbs followed her gaze and pulled a packet of small squares of paper from the bottom of the mug.

"Coupons," Gibbs frowned when he scanned the papers. "What would I need these for?"

Abby sat a little straighter, her whole face lighting up with mischief, "Whatever you want."

"Oh yeah," Gibbs leaned forward but had to stop as his canine counterpart started to growl and creep towards Abby.

Abby snickered and started to pet Jethro, "Guess he objects to having to watch."

Gibbs walked slowly, allowing Abby to run and play with Jethro. A walk to the park after a quick lunch was just what the doctor ordered. Jethro was going a little stir crazy with nothing to do, and Abby wasn't much better. Although if Gibbs was any good at investigating, he could guess that Abby would have been quite content to stay in if the dog hadn't been getting antsy.

"Come on, Gibbs," Abby called as she darted into a gazebo.

Not increasing his pace one jot, Gibbs tucked his hands into his pockets and watched Abby and Jethro. When he stood at the entrance of the gazebo he cleared his throat.

"Gibbs," Abby cried, giving him a quick hug before dropping onto a dry bench.

"Close your eyes," Gibbs whispered and slipped behind him.

Abby grinned, her cheeks reddening from the chill. She followed orders and felt his warm hands against her neck.

"Okay," Gibbs said as he settled down beside her.

Putting her chin to her chest, Abby peered down at what she could see of the ribbon choker that Gibbs' had put around her neck. There was a little black heart flanked by silver wings. Abby cooed and slumped over into Gibbs.

"Aw, Leroy," she smiled, tucking her legs up beside her.

Gibbs' low voice whispered into her ear, warm breath making her shudder pleasantly, "It's a promise, Abs."

She glanced up at him, cheek sliding until her ear was pressed against his pattering heart.

"That I want you, and I want a life with you," Gibbs continued. "Marriage, another dog, kids."

The last bit was said with hesitancy and fear, fear of rejection. Gibbs had only had one chance at kids after Kelly, he'd wanted more, but fate had been cruel, or perhaps merciful. Merciful in that he hadn't had anything to tie him down when he met Abby.

The hand that had returned to his pocket tightened, Gibbs was terrified, Abby wasn't saying anything.

After what seemed like an eternity, Abby's voice answered him, rough with emotion, "Really?"

"Really," Gibbs answered, his breathing easing.

"When is this someday," Abby asked after a few minutes.

Tipping her chin over to look at him, Gibbs placed a soft kiss on Abby's lip, "Soon as it isn't rushing. Duck would have my head, he threatened me if I married you right off the bat, well, at least before I took you out for dinner."

"Uh-huh, and now that you have that pesky requirement out of the way, you're what, home free," Abby asked lying back on Gibbs.

Gibbs curled his fingers around Abby's, "What, are you saying you want to go find a justice of the peace and do the deed right now?"

Despite the incredulous tone, he wasn't at all against the idea. He'd spent more than half a decade wanting Abby, and vice versa it would seem.

Abby sat up with a jerk, "No! I mean, not no, just not yes. I'm all for marrying you, I love you Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but there'd be a whole mess of people hunting for your blood and mine if we went and got hitched right now."

Jethro sat back, and pulled Abby to sit on his lap, "This mean I have to wear a suit?"

"I like that idea," Abby grinned.

"You going to be wearing a white dress," Gibbs asked, kissing along her jaw.

Abby's nose wrinkled up, "No, black, and maybe red. With a lot of froof, and lace."

"Kind of can't wait to see that," Gibbs murmured.

"Well you'll have to," Abby stood up and picked up Jethro's abandoned leash. "You still have to meet my folks, and there is rule 12, and one other little thing."

Gibbs stood and followed Abby as she started out, back towards the car, "Rule 12 doesn't count, we don't work together, besides if it was against rule 12 I would have fired McGee."

Abby scowled, "That's not true, and you know it. The only reason you didn't fire Timmy was because I liked him, and you're a sucker for me."

Leroy reached out and snatched up Abby's free hand, "Hey, even if that were true, I would swear it wasn't all the way to the end."

"Sure," Abby teased. "And what about the whole family thing?"

Pulling Abby closer, he draped an arm about her shoulders, pressing a hand to her crown, "Feel like a road trip? Down to Pennsylvania, then maybe Louisiana?"

Abby looked up, pride shining through, she knew Gibbs hadn't been home in a very long time. She nipped at his lips, kissing and licking, begging for entrance, she was breathless. Lust was pulling at her senses, lust due to the absolute truth and hope that was floating between them.

"Can we listen to Airborne Toxic Event and get a cooler for Caf-Pow!s," Abby asked excitedly.

Jethro nodded, "Whatever you want, I suppose we'll even have to bring the mutt with."

The dog whined as if he knew he'd been insulted, "Jethro, both of you!"

Abby's scolding went by with a chuckle and the start of plans. Something was niggling at the back of Gibbs' mind as they reached the car.

He leaned on the roof and frowned at Abby, "What's the other 'little thing'?"

The innocent smile Abby threw him scared Gibbs a little, "Why to ask me to marry you of course."

Gibbs froze, Abby was right, he'd forgotten the most important part of this whole plan. To ask her.

A smirk on his face as he swung into his seat, Gibbs turned to her, "Marry me?"

Abby looked at him like he was insane, "If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it. Where's my ring, Leroy."

Gibbs was doomed, Abby was trouble. And damned if he didn't love every minute of it, "Yes, Sir."

Abby wiggled her nose and leaned across the car and kissed Gibbs firmly, life was getting interesting.

-The End-

I know many of you may hate me very much for how I ended this, but I thought it felt right. I might end up doing a little sequel, you know, get them hitched and all. We'll see if there's a market for it. I really am excited…I have some ideas…hehe. Please read and review as always…yay, and Happy holidays.