He made her mouth become unstitched and the words that had been sewn to the back of her throat became loose and flowed out like string.

"You going to eat any more of that?" He asked, nodding at her nearly empty plate of pasta.

"Yeah, I'm just taking my time that's all." She replied with a smile before forking another mouthful, "I like to savour my food, not shovel it."

"Hey! I don't shovel, I just eat fast." Edward said, holding his hands up jokingly.

Bella raised an eyebrow at him, "Yeah…I'm going to say you shovel."

"I'm a man though."

Bella gave a small laugh, "That you are."

"You want anything else?" He said, tilting his head at the menu.

She shook her head whilst wiping her mouth, "No, I'm stuffed."

"So am I." He said, rubbing his stomach. "You seem more relaxed."

Bella tucked a piece of hair behind her ear shyly. It was true. She definitely felt more comfortable since sitting down. There was no pressure even though it was kind of a date. It was all very laid back and she did not feel trapped with him.

"Yeah I am."

Edward smiled and for a moment she just stared. He was even more handsome when his face lit up.

"Hey, you ok?" he asked with a slight frown, "You seemed far away there..."

"I'm fine; sorry it's just…I like your smile." She said blushing. He made her mouth become unstitched and the words that had been sewn to the back of her throat became loose and flowed out like string.

"I like your smile too."

"When it appears…" Bella pointed out before drowning the rest of her wine.

"And when it does it's amazing." He stated and Bella quickly looked away from his piercing gaze that burned right through her skin all the way to her heart, warming it up and melting the remaining ice.

Edward quickly touched her hand softly making her look back up at him, "It's true."

"Ok you can stop being so charming now," Bella joked and patted his hand.

"One of my many qualities,"

Bella nodded but did not reply back. That was one of James's qualities. His charm. The way he smiled that made her swoon when she was younger. For some reason, she was finding it hard to ignore the similarities. After all this time James was still creeping up in her life. And that made her angry.

"You said the evening wasn't over?"

"Nope, come on let's go."

Edward signalled over to the waitress that we wanted the bill and she promptly brought it over. He didn't even give her chance to look at the receipt before he was paying for both of them.

"I could have paid half of that." Bella said stubbornly, watching the waitress take away the payment.

"Don't be silly, it was my treat."

"You should have let me contributed at least a little to it,"

Edward stood up and held out his hand, "Forget about it. You can get the next one ok?"

Bella sighed but took his hand and they left the restaurant together.

It had got colder over the course of the evening and as soon as they stepped outside the harsh air whipped at Bella's hair making it fly and curl around her face. She automatically shivered and Edward looked at her in concern.

"You're cold."

"I…I'm fine…" she said through her teeth chattering and Edward shook his head and steered her gently to his car which was thankfully on the restaurants door step.

He opened the door for as she thought he would, "Get in Bella."

Bella rolled her eyes before eventually seating herself back in the passenger seat.

"You're so stubborn." Edward whispered softly before bending down and giving her a quick kiss on the forehead. Her eyes closed at the feel of his lips on her skin.

"Where are we going?" She asked once he was behind the wheel. He didn't reply until he had pulled smoothly out of the space and back onto the road again.

"I thought I'd take you back to my place. Is that ok?"

Bella turned to face him in her seat, "Really?" her tone conveying her excitement and curiosity.

"Yeah it's not far, nothing special. It's an apartment like yours."

"I can't wait to see it."

Whilst driving in comfortable silence, Bella had time to reflect over the evening. It was obvious there were still some demons she needed to address and issues surrounding her past with James that were clouding her mind and judgement. Maybe Edward did have similarities when it came to manners and being complimentary but that did not mean they were the same type of people. She could never imagine Edward doing anything what James had done to her. Then again, she never though James would turn out the way he did. That's what had destroyed her trust the most. How easy it was for him to pretend. To play the part of the perfect boyfriend before shattering that image in her face. But Edward was restoring her faith. Each day he was building her back up again piece by piece. That's when she realised that she was starting to like him. How could she not? He was everything and more.

Edward eventually began to slow down and pulled outside a building much bigger than hers. There were steps leading up to the front doors and she automatically knew that his apartment would be more lavish than her own.

"I'll go park it round the back later. It will be alright here for a bit."

He put a gentle hand on her back again as they walked up the stairs and through the automatic doors to the elevator on the right hand side. It took a while for the lift to come back down but once inside Edward pressed the eighth floor.

"I'm not really high up but still got a good view." He said and they stood in silence as they watched the buttons light up as they flew upwards.

They stepped out onto the eighth floor and Edward gently took her hand and led her to his door near the end of the corridor. He quickly unlocked the door of '816' and let Bella go in first.

Bella was right about Edward's apartment being more extravagant than her own. It was much more spacious and there was more room to move about. It was not top of the range, or one of those expensive bachelor pads, but it was enough to leave her slightly embarrassed about her own.

"Wow." Bella said looking around before gently dropping her purse on the nearest table.

"You like?" He asked whilst removing her coat from her shoulders before hanging it up next to his own.

"You have a great place."

Edward walked into his small kitchen area hidden behind a minimal island and pulled out another bottle of wine, "You want some?" he asked waving it gently.

"Sure" Bella shrugged and sat herself down on one of the comfy sofas. She tucked her legs underneath her and relaxed as she watched Edward move around the area trying to find some wine glasses.

"You still cold?" Edward noted Bella wrapping her arms around herself and she nodded.

"There are a couple of rugs in that box over there, help yourself."

It was nothing special, just a box made out of varnished wood. She lifted the catch and inside was a number of different coloured rugs. Soft and fluffy and she traced the fabric with the back of her hand.

"You have so many."

Edward strolled over and set the drinks on the table. "Yeah, my family and I used to do that on cold nights. Sit in front of the fire snuggled up in rugs. I guess it's just stayed with me."

Bella quickly looked away at the mention of his family. She could picture that scene in her head. A large house, all of his family huddled together under rugs to keep warm and comfy. Her family never did anything like that. And it hurt. More than she liked to admit.

"That sounds nice." She said quietly, choosing a deep purple rug and pulling it out.

"What about you and your family?"

Bella tensed up immediately and her grip tightened on the fabric which did not escape Edward's notice.

"No never." She said stiffly and Edward decided to not push anymore. He could see that her demeanour had completely changed from the mention of her family. There were obviously some hidden truths and issues there.

"Come on, let's get you warm." He offered his hand and helped her up.

She couldn't help but blush as he wrapped the rug around her tightly and placed her feet on his lap. No matter what he did, he always managed to make her feel better. He gently removed her heels and Bella couldn't help but squirm as his fingers touched her ankle. She could feel the electricity even under her tights.

"You're ticklish?" He said with a grin,

Bella gave him a warning look, "Yes…we don't need to see it in action though!"

Edward squeezed her ankle gently, "I won't, promise."

"I had a lovely evening with you tonight." She murmured as his delicate fingers traced patterns on her calf.

"Me too. Would you consider ever doing a repeat?"

Bella smiled and wrapped the rug around her tighter, "Of course."

"Come here, your still cold." He said and quickly wrapped his right arm round her shoulders pulling her closer to his side. She quickly relaxed into his body heat and shivered slightly. From the closeness she could start see the appearance of stubble on his chin and without thinking she rubbed them softly with her fingers. She met his eyes and almost gasped at the intensity they held. His lips parted slightly and the pad of thumb touched his bottom lip. It felt soft and she could almost imagine how it felt before. However, imagining was never better than the real thing.

"Can I kiss you?" He breathed against her fingers and she pulled them away slowly. She found it sweet how he was still cautious and hesitant around her, always making sure she was comfortable before he did anything.

"Please…" she whispered feeling brave all of a sudden.

This time as Edward was leaning forward, her mind did not protest at her to stop this. Instead the instinct to be closer was much stronger and she fell into the pull of intensity. His lips were even softer than she remembered. His breath mixed with hers and she started to feel intoxicated. She relaxed in his hold and she gripped the hair at the nape of his neck. She felt his hand grip her hip and the other cradled her head. The kiss had started off sweet but it was already changing into something more passionate. She had moved so far over that her all of her legs were bent over his lap. Edward seemed to like it when she tugged on his hair as he kissed her harder. The hand that was on her hip moved down and gripped her thigh that had become revealed as her dress had begun to bunch up. Bella gasped into his mouth and his tongue met her own. This was completely different to their first kiss in the shop. It had more fire. She could feel his and her own desire bubbling beneath the surface. She felt it completely over take her and she let it. Once again she lost all her front and control and gave in to the stirrings deep in her stomach.

Before she felt like she would run out of air, Edward pulled away from her lips much to her disappointment. He didn't stay away for long and his delectable mouth attached itself to her neck. She felt her eyes close at his touch as his mouth left kisses and nips. She was slightly embarrassed at the noises that were coming out of her mouth, but Edward was distracting her from even thinking about it. It had been so long since anyone had kissed her there and it felt so good. It felt really good. She didn't stop him when he started to suck on her neck. She didn't even stop him when he pushed her dress up more to her waist. And she didn't even protest when his fingers started feeling along the top of her tights. His lips left her neck and pressed against hers again. She wrapped both her arms around her neck to hold him tighter to her. Edward then started to lay her down softly on the sofa not breaking away from their kiss. His hands crept up to her waist again and started to tug her tights down. She could feel him everywhere. His breath and tongue in her mouth, his chest against hers, his fingers touching her bare skin as he gently took her tights off past her underwear to her knees. Bella even helped to kick them off her feet. He parted her legs and automatically she wrapped them around her waist. She wasn't thinking straight. All she knew was that she wanted Edward closer and more skin to be shown. Her blue dress had been pushed up so high her simple white underwear was on display. He pressed himself against her and even through his trousers she could feel how much he wanted her.

Edward smiled against her lips as he reached behind her searching for the zipper. In frustration he couldn't pull it down as she lay down. However, he didn't want to move from the spot in between her legs. He growled and started kissing along her collarbone. Bella managed to open her eyes and stared at the ceiling gasping. Edward pushed her dress up more so her bare stomach showed and he fingers started to toy with hem of her pants. Just dipping below the hem but not low enough to actually feel anything. It was only when he started pulling them down her hip that she panicked.


A part of her didn't want too but the bigger half of her wasn't ready to take that step just yet. She felt bad though for letting it go on as far as it did. But for once it felt so good that she had basked in the feeling of letting Edward be in control of her and her body.

Edward stopped kissing her skin immediately and looked up nervously, "What's wrong?"

"I'm so sorry…I just can't go there," she whispered and looked away embarrassed. She could imagine what she looked like. Messed up hair, red cheeks and wild eyes. Her body crying out for him to touch her more. But her head was ruling over for this one.

"Oh…oh right. Erm…I'll just…" Edward stammered and he quickly sat up and moved away.

She hated for ruining the moment and for making it so awkward but if she was going to do this with Edward she needed to feel 100% ready.

"I'm really sorry Edward,"

"Stop it," he said fiercely grabbing her hand in his, "This is my fault. I shouldn't have done that-"

"No! I let you carry on. Don't get me wrong I liked it. Well, I more than liked it. You're…and well the kissing…and your hands are great, but I just can't do that with you….right now." She rambled and Edward kissed her hand.

"It's ok, you're not ready and I respect that." He said sincerely and Bella felt herself melt inside. Was there anything wrong with this guy?

"Ok good…I did like it though." She admitted whilst blushing.

He smiled at her and rubbed his other hand through his messy hair, "I did too."

After a moment's silence Bella sat up and tugged her dress down as far as it would go sitting down. "I think I've definitely warmed up now." She said jokingly and Edward laughed.

"Well I've accomplished something then…oh here's your err…tights."

He picked them off the floor and handed them to her sheepishly.

"Thanks" she said gratefully and got up gingerly.

Edward had a glance of her behind in those pants and quickly looked away. It wasn't good to be tempted any more than he was. Satisfied that Edward wasn't look Bella quickly pulled on her tights and fixed her dress more appropriately.

"You still had a good night?" He asked eagerly, "I hope I didn't spoil it."

Bella shook her head, "No…you didn't."

"Come on, you've still got some wine to finish and I'll take you home ok?"

Bella sat back down but kept a reasonable distance. Edward looked far more appealing than he should. "No more for you though!" she teased and he held his hands up.

"Yes I know. Designated driver and all, got to make sure you get home safe."

Bella peered over her wine glass at him and felt herself smile inside. She hoped this feeling wouldn't end anytime soon.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter! :)