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Change of Hearts Samantha/Randy/OC: Randy never saw it coming and neither did his friends and family. But when he goes on the road and Samantha abandons Alanna at his parents house, how will he deal with it? What will happen when he falls for his personal assistant and best friend?


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Chapter 1

It started out as a typical summer weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. Randy and Samantha Orton were getting everything ready for their daughter, Alanna's 4th birthday party. Both of their families were going to be there as well as Randy's best friend, John Cena and his wife Stephanie. This was also Randy's last weekend off for a while, as come Sunday night he needed to be back on the road with RAW.

"Randy, please get the door." Samantha yelled.

"Ok. Ok." Randy responded as he opened the front door. "John, Steph! Come on in."

"I know that we're early, but we wanted to see if we could help you guys set up for the party." Stephanie stated as she hugged Randy.

"That's ok. We could use the help." Randy responded.

While John and Stephanie were helping Randy with the decorations, Samantha was upstairs with her cell phone out and texting while helping Alanna get dressed. If it hadn't been for Randy being home, there wouldn't have been a birthday party.

I need to see you.

I can't. It will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Why? Is he still home?

Yes. He leaves tomorrow for California.

What time?

He has to be there by 10am.

Ok. Are you taking him to the airport?

Yeah. Like I always do, except this time it's going to be different.

I know. Don't worry about it though. Now are you sure his parents are going to take the kid?

Yeah. I am taking her over there after I take him to the airport.

Good. I hope you don't regret doing this, Sammy.

I'll miss her. But it was him that wanted kids, not me.

I know. We'll talk more tomorrow.

Ok. Bye.


Once Alanna was dressed, they headed downstairs. Samantha went into the kitchen and started on the bowls of snacks and party trays. John and Randy were out on the back porch hanging streamers and balloons, while Stephanie arranged the chairs and tables for everyone. Samantha barely said a word to John and Stephanie as she walked past them.

"What's going on with Sam?" John asked.

"I don't know. Why?" Randy answered.

"She seems like she's not happy. She walked past us and didn't even say hi." John responded.

"I don't know. Something hasn't been feeling right lately with her and I just don't know what it is." Randy stated.

Soon Randy's parents Elaine and Bob and his brother and sister, Nathan and Becky arrived with more food and a ton of presents for Alanna. Becky and Nathan headed out back to find their brother as they didn't want to be in the house with Samantha. As the hour passed, Samantha's family arrived as well.

"Uncle John!" Alanna yelled when she saw him.

"Hey, Princess!" John responded as he scooped her up and spun her around.

"Mommy says that I'm going to Grandma and Grandpa's tomorrow night so that she can clean up from today." Alanna stated.

"That sounds like fun." John responded.

"Yeah. I have fun at their house. I wish that Daddy didn't have to go back to work tomorrow." Alanna stated with a frown.

"I know. But he will back in a few days. Plus he always gets you something special from each place he goes, doesn't he?" John asked.

"Yes." Alanna answered.

"Ok, then that should make it worth Daddy having to leave for work." John stated.

"It does. Thank you, Uncle John." Alanna responded as she ran back into the house.

The party was a success and Alanna got a lot of cool stuff. Randy couldn't believe just how spoiled his daughter was until today. A huge doll house, baby dolls and accessories and so much more. As Randy finished packing his bags for the road, Samantha came into their bedroom and got ready for bed.

"Is everything ok, Sam?" Randy asked.

"Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?" Samantha answered.

"I was just wondering. You've been acting differently lately and I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok." Randy responded.

"Everything is just fine. I'm just tired and want to get some sleep before tomorrow." Samantha stated as she got in bed and rolled over.

Randy still thought that something wasn't right with the whole picture, but decided to drop it as he was leaving in the morning. Randy put his luggage and carry-on bag near the front door so that everything was ready to go when they needed to leave. Randy then locked up the house and headed to bed.

The next morning, Samantha put Alanna into the car while Randy loaded his luggage into the trunk. He was sad to leave his family, but knew that he needed to go to work to provide for them. On the way to the airport, Randy called his parents and said bye to them. Randy still didn't have a clue that Samantha was dropping Alanna off with them after taking him to the airport.

Once Randy was through security, Samantha and Alanna left the airport and headed straight to Bob and Elaine's house. Samantha didn't say anything to Alanna the whole way there. Alanna could tell that something was bothering her mom, but being 4 years old, just let it go.

"Here is her bag with her clothes and toys." Samantha told Elaine.

"Ok. What time should I expect you to pick her up tomorrow?" Elaine asked.

"After dinner. I have so much to do still. Thank you again." Samantha answered. "Bye Alanna.

"Bye Mommy." Alanna responded.

Alanna stood on the front porch with her grandma and watched as her mom left her. As soon as she was out of sight, Alanna went into the house. Elaine thought that something was up and wanted to call Randy, but Bob told her to wait until tomorrow night. As Samantha drove back to their house, she tried her best to forget about Alanna for now. She figured that she was too little to understand anything and it would be better this way.

Meanwhile, Randy's flight was getting ready to land in Oakland, California. He was glad that the flight was over with and he could get a hot shower and decent meal. Once he was off the plane, he called John and let him know that he made it alive. John told him what room they were in and as soon as Randy had his rental car and his luggage, Randy headed to the hotel.

"Thank God I'm here." Randy stated as he walked into his and John's room.

"Yeah, I bet. I hate these long plane rides. You wanna grab some food?" John asked.

"Yeah. But can I get a shower first?" Randy answered.

"Sure thing." John stated as he flipped through the TV stations.

Once Randy was out of the shower, he and John hopped into the car and headed into downtown Oakland. Randy remembered that there was a great restaurant at Jack London Square and so they headed over there. After being seated near the bar, Randy pulled out his phone and called Samantha, but she didn't answer. He left her a message and hung up.

"Everything ok man?" John asked.

"I don't know. I have this feeling that something isn't right. Sam didn't answer her phone." Randy answered.

"She's probably busy with Alanna. After all its past 9 there." John responded.

"You're probably right. I'll call her tomorrow before the show." Randy stated before they ordered their food.