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Relief that was the emotion flowing through Alice Cullen. She came back to Forks fearing the worst. Perhaps she would find a weeping Mr. Swan, or even worse witness Bella's mangled body being brought from the ocean. However, she was pleasantly surprised to find neither. Well at first she found nothing but an empty house, so she decided to wait. It wasn't long before someone walked through the door and to her surprise it was Bella Swan. Confusion and joy were the most prominent emotions running through her when the girl, well now woman, walked through the door. As things settled down, it became relief. After a quick question and answer about how in the heck she was alive, and answering Bella's questions on Edward. (Not that there was much she could answer.) They sat in a silence.

Suddenly, Alice scrunched up her nose as if someone placed onions or a foul odor in front of her. Taking a look around she didn't see anyone else so it must have been Bella. "What is that God awful smell? It's like…wet dog" she didn't want to sound rude but the smell really was becoming quite unbearable.

Bella looked down, almost as if she was guilty of something. "That's probably me" Bella answered her, avoiding her gaze. 'Why would Bella smell like wet dog?' Alice thought, though she didn't have to wait for an answer. "I-it's Jacob."

Jacob. The name didn't sound familiar at all. Though if he smelled like wet dog, she was a bit glad that she did not know this Jacob. "Jacob who?" questioned Alice raising an eyebrow.

"Jacob's kind of..a werewolf" Bella explained. She wasn't necessarily answering the question of who Jacob was, but rather what he was. Alice let out a scoff at her statement.

"Bella. Werewolves are not good company to keep" she said showing her obvious distaste for the creatures. Now given any other circumstances, Bella might agree however this was Jacob they were talking about! He had been nothing but good to her, and even Sam and the rest of the pack weren't half bad. Well that is if you didn't count their first encounter outside Jacob's house.

"Speak for yourself" came a voice from the doorway causing Alice to jump up from her seat. "And the same could be said about blood suckers." referring to her comment of werewolves being bad company. It was as if he was speaking down to her, but there was something about this boy that intrigued Alice. If it were not for that horrid smell, she might have enjoyed his company. "I had to see you were safe" Jacob explained as he caught the questioning gaze of Bella.

"I thought you couldn't protect me here" Bella spoke softly, still sitting in her position on the couch.

"Guess I don't care" the werewolf responded. His hair was matted from the rain, and his clothes drenched.

"Well I'm not going to hurt her" Alice finally spoke up in her innocent voice. In a way she was trying to let him know that he could leave. That was when his eyes turned to her. She couldn't help but notice the intensity that was held within those gorgeous brown eyes. Wait, gorgeous? No! Just brown and intense eyes.

"No your just a harmless Cullen" he said, a bit mockingly. "I'm talking about the other blood sucker that tried to kill Bella because of you."

Realization hit Alice as she looked towards Bella, "Victoria?" She didn't think Victoria would come back to Forks after they killed James, but now that she thought about it. The idea of her attacking Bella wouldn't be too far fetched.

"Yeah, Victoria's been around" Bella said nodding her head.

"I didn't see her…" Alice trailed off. "I didn't see you get pulled out of the water either." Today just seemed to be full of revelations as she turned towards Jacob with an accusing glare. "I can't see past you and your pack of muts!" There she had crossed the line!

"Don't get me upset, or else things are going to get very ugly" Jacob responded through clenched teeth. Before he could even think of moving closer Bella was between the two of them begging for him to stop.

"I'll give you some time" Alice said as she walked away, her eyes still glued to Jacob's. It was as if something was preventing her from looking away, though she convinced herself it was the fact that she didn't want to turn her back to the werewolf.

"Y-you're coming back right?" Bella asked as if she were afraid that once again the Cullens would be out of her life.

"As soon as you put the dog out" replied Alice before turning and walking out the door. Bella turned to Jacob only to see his nostrols flaring as he continued looking at the door Alice had just walked out of. Without a word he walked towards the door, ignoring Bella's protest. Pulling the door open roughly, he saw the vampire still there. Grabbing her arm he spun her towards him. Alice couldn't help but feel a warmth from the contact between them.

"My names Jacob Black" he said to her. "Not dog or mutt."

Alice glanced down at his hand holding onto her arm. "I'll keep that in mind" she replied pulling her arm away. A part of her was disappointed that the warmth had now left her body, especially since the rain was not helping.

Jacob no longer had an expression of angry, but one of confusion. Something just didn't feel right. Well that's not the right words. There was just something that felt different after she had pulled her arm away. Before the sensations flowing through his blood were clear: anger, hatred, and even some concern for Bella. Now it was all mixed up in confusion. It was as if some part of him became saddened when she pulled away.

"Jake….Jake.." Bella's voice brought the young teen back to his senses and he realized he had been staring at Alice for quite some time. "Are you okay?" judging from her expression, Bella was obviously concerned about the state of mind her wolf friend was currently in.

"I-I'm fine" Jacob managed as he took a shaky step back. "I've-uh-I've got to go." Without another word he turned and headed back to his truck. Getting in he started the engine, and took off without so much as a good-bye. Bella watched as her friend drove off with a confused expression. Glancing over to Alice the vampire simply shrugged and headed back for the door. As they walked back in the telephone rang…

'What was that?' thought Jacob as he pushed the gas down, forcing the truck to drive faster. One second he was seething at that blood sucker…no, her name was Alice. One second he wanted to bite Alice's head off and the next he didn't know what to feel. When he had grabbed her, her skin was as cold as it was pale. His warmth against the cold, it seemed to balance each other out. As if it were…right. 'No, that can't be right. I just need some sleep is all.' Jacob tried to convince himself the rest of the way home, but it seemed that his mind never seemed to agree. Especially in his sleep.

Her face flashed in front of him, covered in a golden glow. Then it disappeared in as if a strong wind came through and blew it away. The heavenly image was replaced by a scene. A beautiful scene to be exact. Green meadows, tall trees, and of course the slight clouds that always hung over Forks.

"Jacob, it's beautiful" spoke the voice of the woman. It was as if he was watching it in third person and he couldn't see the face of the woman. Only her magnificent voice.

"I found it when I was traveling through the forest on patrol. It reminded me of you" said a second voice which he clearly recognized as his own voice.

"Oh Jakey" the mysterious woman said as she threw her arms around Jacob, or himself rather. "I love you."

"I love you too, Alice.."

Jacob shot up from his bed with a start. Did he hear that correctly? Putting his head in his hands he took a deep breath. There had to be some sort mistake, or perhaps it was a nightmare. Glancing at the dream catcher that hung above his bed he glared at it. "You're supposed to keep bad dreams away" he muttered before falling back against his pillow.

Was it such a bad dream?

Of course it was! It was about Alice and him saying that he loved her. He was in love with Bella last time he checked. But what was love? He knew he wanted to protect Bella from any danger, and she was definitely his best friend but for some reason there wasn't that same want there was just a day ago. Their wasn't a need to be around every day. What was going on!?

He would have to talk to Sam tomorrow. Sam was the Alpha, he would know what was going on and what to do. Jacob would just have to be anonymous when it came to the identity of the person.

"Sam, when you first imprinted, what was it like?" asked Jacob as he tried to be casual as he could. They were inside Emily's house; well Sam, himself, and Emily were. The others were outside horsing around. At his question Sam glanced over at Emily as she simply smiled in return.

"Well it's hard to describe" the Alpha responded. "You want to be with that person whenever you can. If the person is in danger, you want to protect them at any cost."

"Did you ever have a dream about them?" he questioned curiously. Maybe it was just a dream and it meant nothing more.

"A dream? Not that I recall" Sam answered. "Have you imprinted on someone, Jacob?"

"Uh, no" Jacob said sternly. "I was just a bit curious is all." Emily simply looked at Jacob with an amused look as if she knew he was lying. She had been around the pack long enough, he wouldn't be surprised if she could hear everyone's thoughts as well.

"Well whoever she is, she's a lucky girl" Emily said despite the young wolfs insistence that there was no woman.

"There's no woman, probably because it's a man" snickered Quil as the others came inside.

"Oh hush now and eat up" Emily ordered as Jacob gave her a thankful nod. The last thing he needed was the pack finding out that he possibly imprinted on a Alice. Since when did he start thinking of her by her name? He needed to get out of here, breathe in some fresh air.

"I'll catch you guys later. You know how to reach me" he said as he got up and left. As he walked down the stairs he could hear Quil calling out something about man-lover. He couldn't help but snicker. Sometimes he really hated them, but they were his brothers and he could never change that.

Traveling through the forest, he didn't bother to change into his wolf form. There were just some things that he enjoyed doing as a human. Climbing through the trees and over the small streams he had no idea where exactly he was going, just that he was going somewhere. Going through the changes that he did, certainly made climbing easier. Finally, he reached his destination, not that he had the place in mind. It was on the face of a cliff but you would never expect it. When you thought of cliff you pictured rocks, dirt, and an overall unpleasant place. This was different. There were flowers growing on the hill, and luscious green grass. The trees were fully covered in leaves, and around the edges were various rose bushes. It all seemed so familiar but he couldn't put his finger on it.

'I love you'

Jacob turned around quickly but there was no one there. Shaking his head he figured it was time for him to head home. Hopefully he would be able to sleep without any trouble or any more nightmares, (he refused to believe they were legitimate dreams.)

One Week Later

An entire week passed and nothing changed. Well one thing changed, ever since the first dream Jacob didn't have another dream. However, that was the only difference. The feelings were still there and as each day progressed they grew that much stronger. Any longer and Jacob was going to go crazy. He never thought the day would come when he wanted those bloo--Cullens back. Then it happen. Bella was back and after another day the entire clan had moved back into their gateway in the woods. Now came the hard part. He had to figure out a way to talk to Alice…alone.

The only option seemed to be to wait. Bella informed him that she was on punishment do to her little escape to Italy and the only person allowed to visit her without restriction was Alice. It all seemed to work out for Jacob.

Alice walked out of Bella's house with a smile on her face. Being the only one to have consistent visits with the girl, it was always fun to have their little talks; even when she did most of the talking. As she walked to her car she stopped in her tracks as a scent filled the air. "Well it's not wet, but still a dog" she said as she turned to see Jacob Black walking towards her.

"Alice right?" he asked with an actual smile on his face. God the smell he was getting from her was insufferable but everything else about her was insatiable.

"Uh, yeah, Jacob Black, not dog" she replied with a small smile. That was the first time he had ever seen her smile and it could be his last letting him die happy. "Bella's inside but she grounded. I'm not sure Charlie will let you see her."

"I'm actually here to see you" he said almost whispering out the last part. Unfortunately for him he was talking to a vampire with great senses.

"Me?" Alice repeated with a shocked expression on her face. Looking at Jacob, she never noticed how handsome the young man was. Perhaps that was because they were normally trying to bite each others heads off and by they she meant their respective kinds. But now standing across from him in a civilized manner, it wasn't all too bad.

"Uh yeah" Jacob said rubbing the back of his neck. He was obviously nervous about whatever he wanted to talk about. During the silence Alice made a note to buy some nose plugs incase she had any encounters with Jacob in the near future. Wait she wanted to encounter him in the future? "I was just wondering, since that night. Have you felt any different?"

"Different…how?" Alice asked not understanding exactly what he was getting at. "I mean my want to tear your head off isn't exactly there as it was the first time but other than that, nothing different." Unknown to Alice this caused his insides to jump for joy. So she could stand him! It was progress, given slow progress, but progress nonetheless. "Why do you ask?"

"Well it's just--" "-Jake?"

A voice from the doorway cut him off as he turned around to see his best friend standing in the doorway. Looking at her now seemed so different compared to the way he looked at her only a week or two ago. "Hey Bella" he said with a small wave.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, not taking note of how odd the picture of her best friend and Alice being near each other was.

"I-uh-came to see you. That is if your dad lets me" Jacob lied.

"Well come in, I'm sure he won't mind" Bella said motioning for him to come in. Jacob turned towards Alice, a bit saddened that he had to leave her.

"Until next time Jacob Black" Alice said as she got into her car.

As she drove off Bella waved and pulled Jacob into the house. It was almost a delayed reaction as she realized Jake had been out there talking to Alice. "Wait, were you talking to Alice?" He didn't say anything but simply nodded. "You do know that's Alice Cullen right? The woman you wanted to hurt just a week ago?" Bella wanted to verify that he knew who he was talking to and had not mistaken her for someone else.

"Yes, I know who it was Bella" Jacob replied letting out an exasperated sigh. If there was one person he could tell it was Bella. Cullen couldn't read her thoughts, so he would never know if he was around her. But would she verbally tell him? No, Bella was his best friend and she wouldn't betray that trust. Raising his eyes he looked at his friend with eyes that obviously had a secret within them. Possibly more so than when he was hiding being a werewolf from her. "Bella, can I tell you something that no one else can know?"

"Y-yeah of course Jake. You know you can always trust me" Bella responded as she placed a hand on his shoulder. Ever since finding out about the pack and the life Jacob had to live with it was as if she had a new understanding of the teen. When it came to Jacob she could put her own troubles aside and just listen. After all she tended to be a much better listener than speaker.

"Bella, I mean no one. Not even Edward" the tone in his voice had become much more serious and the look in his eyes told her how intense this secret was. A simple nod was all that he needed to understand that he had one-hundred percent confidentiality with the woman in front of him. "You remember the other night…when Alice first returned?" he paused and glanced at Bella as she gave him a nod. "Well I think there's a possibility that I may have imprinted on her."

"You what?" Bella said in response. She didn't know what imprint was but it didn't sound good.

"Imprinting. It's when we, werewolves that is, find our soul mate. It's not something we can control, it just sorta…happens. After that you can't stop feelings from developing. The wolf will want to be with the imprintee whenever he can, to protect her, love her, you name it. They saw the imprintee always has a choice but so far I haven't met a werewolf that didn't have his imprintee as his spouse. It's like after being imprinted the two are destined to be together" Jacob explained after a long breath. Looking at Bella he tried to gage her reaction but so far he was getting nothing.

"Are you saying Alice Cullen is your soul mate?" Bella questioned but before he could answer she spoke again. "But she's married to Jasper. Not to mention a vampire, and the fact that you are sixteen years old!"

"I told you there's nothing I can do about it! Do you think I imprinted on her by choice!" Jacob snapped back. He found himself getting angered by Bella's words. Mainly the fact that she was married.

"Can't you date someone else?" Bella asked, a question out of curiosity. Her tone was no longer as harsh as it had been.

"I could but it won't feel the same. It won't feel right" Jacob replied hanging his head as if in shame. "She'll feel it too, soon being with Jasper just won't feel as right as it should. Maybe it doesn't work on vampires but that's how it is in a normal situation."

Bella seemed to be thinking on something as silence soon filled the room. How would Alice take the news? Would Jacob tell her? Jasper certainly wouldn't be pleased by this. "Fine."

"Fine?" Jacob repeated raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah. I'll help you, but only because I don't want to see my best friend walking around with puppy eyes all day" she teased. "I doubt she'll take it well if you just come out and tell her. So I guess I could arrange a date for the three of us and mysteriously disappear so you can get to know each other."

"You would do that for me? Bella I don't know how to thank you!" Jacob pulled her into a tight hug.

"Well you can't start by letting me go" she struggled to breath under his bone crushing hug. "Besides I always thought Jasper was a bit creepy."

A/N: Okay so there it is. What do you guys think? As a person who has never read the books, I hope it was alright. In case you haven't noticed, Jacob/Bella will have an awesome friendship or at least I'll try to make it that way. This story was spurred completely on that scene in the movie which starts the story which is pretty odd since I'm not a huge twilight fan to begin with. I did try to do some research and please correct me if I got some information wrong. I'm not really sure how imprinting works but I think I got the general idea. Why this coupling appeals to me I have no clue but we'll see where it goes. Don't forget, I love having my stories favorited and put on alert lists but I really love feedback and reviews. Constructive criticism is welcome but flaming is not =].