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* * * * *

December 24th (Part II)


* * * * *

"My hat, my hat, my hat! Where on earth is my hat?"

May stumbled around her hotel room, scattering object around as she dug through piles of stuff to find her missing hat. She searched frantically, worried that if she didn't find her hat sometime soon, she would be late in meeting Drew in the field where they had seen each other last. May had been springing out of the hotel doors clad in her fluffy cranberry winter jacket, a pair of snug jeans and brown winter boots when she had realized a very important part of her outfit was missing- her winter hat!
Now she stood amidst scattered clothes, hair products and travels books, wondering where on earth she had put her hat. She caught her reflection in the mirror across from her and took a second to admire her new jacket. That's when she spotted something dark red behind her, reflected in the mirror.

"My hat was on my bed this whole time?" she growled, snatching up the hat and shoving it angrily on her head. May grabbed her bag and ran out of her hotel room. She didn't even bother to take the elevator- she was too impatient. She ran down six flights of stairs and all the way to the field where she was soon to find Drew.

Once she reached the field, she slumped against the fallen log on which her and Drew had sat a few days ago. She clutched her heart and gasped in large amounts of cold air, trying to catch her breath.

"Did you just run a marathon, or something?" Drew walked out from the trees behind the log, almost making May jump.

"Were you there the whole time?" she asked, wanting to slap herself for being so distracted. It was true, she had only had one thing, -or rather, person-, on her mind the past few days. It was, of course, Drew, that was always occupying her thoughts and attention. Lately she had been finding herself so wrapped up in thoughts about him that she hardly noticed anything else around her or what she was doing.
May blushed, feeling like a major ditz.

"I've been standing here for ten minutes," Drew replied

"I-I didn't notice you," May stuttered.

Drew smirked. "Evidently," he smirked. "I'll be back in a second May, I need to go get something."

"Alright," May said, wondering what he was going to go get. She thought vaguely that maybe he was going to go get some hot chocolate for the both of them like last time.

She rubbed her hands together trying to heat them up. She decided she was in need for some gloves, so she extracted a thick, dark blue pair from her bag.

I wonder where Drew is… She wondered, flexing her fingers in the gloves. She was just about to stand up to see if was coming back from the other side of the field when-


Something hit her hard on the back of the head. May automatically felt where the object had hit her and saw snow on her hand. A snowball! Who had hit her with one? There was only one answer. It had to be-

"Drew!" she growled angrily, bending over to collect some snow to hit him back. She heard the rush of air and felt a pang on her butt as a snowball made contact with her derriere. A laugh from somewhere nearby resounded in May's ears.

"Ohh, that does it!" May snapped, slapping the snow off of her butt. She reared up to throw her perfectly round snowball but realized that she had no clue as to where Drew was hiding. "Come out here, you little…"

May felt another snowball hit her back so she whipped around. She still saw no sign of him.
"What, are you afraid to come out here like a man and take on a girl fair and square?" she teased, adding more snow to her snowball. May peered closely in the direction that the snowball had come from, hoping to see a glimpse of green hair among the brown tree trunks. But she saw nothing. Oh, that Drew, I'll get him right in the face… better yet, right in the…

"Ahhh!" May screamed as she saw a pair of hands then felt snow sloshed all over her face. Her scream cut off as a large chunk of snow found its way into her mouth. She felt the cold snow sting her face and get all into her hair.
"I got you!"
May wiped her eyes and turned around to see Drew doubled over with laughter. May fumed, trying to brush all of the snow off of her face. "Ugh, Drew, you could have given me frostbite!" May moaned, shooting daggers at him.

Drew just grinned and continued laughing as he walking towards her. "Here, you missed a spot," he said. He used his bare hand to wipe away the snow May had missed on her forehead. His hand traveled down along her cheekbones, lingering a few seconds longer than necessary. May's cheek tingled, but not from the cold snow.
Drew backed away slightly, looking into May's eyes. May stared back, her heart sputtering faster than normal. Why did he just do that? She wondered.
A tiny grin spread into her face as a thought suddenly formed in her mind.

"You are a very, very naughty boy, Drew," May almost whispered slyly as she walked right up to him, her hands behind her back.

"Oh?" Drew replied, cocking an eyebrow.

"You deserve… PAYBACK!" May screamed the last word and shoved the pile of snow she had in her hands into Drew's face and (hopefully) down his shirt. Once he was blinded by the snow, May picked up more of the white stuff and formed balls of them, throwing them continuously at Drew's face. Her aim wasn't perfect, but at least half of her snowballs came in contact with Drew's head.

"No fair, May!" Drew laughed as he quickly wiped the snow away from his eyes to gather some snow in his hands and chuck it back at May.

"How- is- that- not- fair?" May said in synch with her snowball hitting Drew's thighs and stomach.

"Hey! This is an off limits area," Drew proclaimed with humor, motioning towards his manly areas.

"Awww," May whined, instead chucking a snowball at his head.

Drew paused, raising an eyebrow at her. May suddenly realized the meaning that what she said could have had, and widened her eyes. She felt the blush creep up on her face. "I-I didn't mean it like-"

"I know, I'm just teasing you," Drew smiled slyly, looking at May in a way that she had never seen him look at her before. It was sort of a little once over that he gave her. It made May's legs feel like putty.

"Oh, don't you think for one instant that this is over," Drew winked, trying to break the slight awkwardness. He grabbed an arm full of snow and ran towards May to dump it over her head. May saw this coming and sprinted away from him at full speed. Drew gave her a little head start and then started to chase her all the way to the other end of the field. A minute later he was a foot behind May, so he decided the time was right, and threw the snow with all of his force onto her. When May felt the snow fall down her jacket, she turned around to glare at Drew, but this was a mistake; she didn't see the snow covered rock underneath her foot and tripped over it. She was sent flying onto to cold ground.
A split second later something heavy and warm landed on top of her.
May's breath caught in her throat as she opened her eyes and saw Drew on top of her. He seemed to have just realized that he was on top of May at the same time. The pair of them stared at each other, their breathing quickly increasing, but not because they had just been running. Neither of them moved or did anything to get one of them off the other.
It was at that moment that Drew realized that all he really wanted to do then was kiss May. He wanted to take her soft, pink little face in his hands and lean down and plant his lips on hers. He wanted to slip his arms around her waist and hold her there as his mouth explored hers.
But he wouldn't. He had a feeling by the way that May looked at him and blushed around him that she had feelings for him too, but he wasn't sure. Drew knew it wouldn't be gentlemanly of him to kiss her now without any confirmations of her feelings towards him. Now matter how badly he wanted her, he couldn't muster up any courage. Famous coordinator Drew had failed. If only he had know that while May's sapphire eyes were staring into his jade ones she was desperately wanting to do the same thing to him.

"Sorry," Drew said simply, tearing his eyes away from hers, breaking the connection. He smoothly got to his feet and held out a hand to help her up. May sighed a long sigh and took his hand. Once she was up she held onto it a little longer than necessary, wanting to keep a hold of it, but Drew let go of her hand lightly. She tried not to look disappointed.

"So, um, where are we going now?" May asked, filling in the tensed silence, pretending like nothing had just happened.

"This way." Drew nodded to a little path that led in the opposite direction of the town, acting like he wasn't turned on by the fact that he was just on top of her. "I'm staying in a cabin for the next few days. It's nice. I thought we could spend the rest of tonight there," he added, leading his companion.

"I thought you were in the same hotel as me," May said as she cocked her head to the side a little bit.

"Did you honestly think I'd spend Christmas in a crappy hotel?"

May shrugged, not knowing how to answer without sounding like a fool.
"You'll like the cabin. It's even got a fire place," Drew added.

"That seems… cozy," May commented, feeling awkward.

The tension still hadn't subsided much. May kept shooting sneaky glances at the boy next to her, noticing things like how sexy he looked with his damp hair falling into his eyes and the way his hands were fidgeting slightly at his sides. She felt strong urges to jump on him and tackle him to the ground, which made her feel strange around him. She was practically screaming the scenario out in her head, and she wondered for a second what would happen if Drew could read her mind.
Drew's thoughts were mimicking those of May. He was also glancing at her every so often, loving the way her nose wiggled every few seconds and how beautiful her eyelashes looked with the tiny snowflakes clinging to them. The images in Drew's mind were the same kind as the ones in May's. He pictured himself stopping her right there, wrapping his arms around her waist, melding her body against his and kissing her fiercely. For now, he felt, he could only dream.

Little did he know as he held open the wooden door for May that those dreams would soon become a reality, right there in that cozy little cabin.

* * * * *
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