Title: Delicious speed
Pairing: Charlie/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 104 words
Prompt: Speed
Warning: Incest. Slash
Beta: Not betaed!
Summary: "Not everything is in speed, dear brother"
A/N: Writing for the prompt #14 on LJ community: weasley_100.

Delicious speed

The feeling of his cock thrusting in and out oh so slowly was excruciating. Deliciously excruciating.

"Would you care to go a little faster?", my voice begging and frustrated at the same time.

"No one ever told you? Not everything is in speed, dear brother", Charlie whispered in my year. His pace quickening once I reached back and licked his jaw, though.

"I doubt mum would think the same when she sees us here. I just heard her come out of the shower."

With that Charlie increased his speed, thrusting frantically, coming hard. "Fuck, Bill", he moaned.

"Thought we just did that", I winked.