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Dang! First day back and I already overslept! Mom's going to flip a lid! I've already missed 2 weeks of school!

Stupid Monday.

Being the only member in the pack that's still in middle school… this will be rough. Super rough.

You see, my name is Collin. I'm 13 years old and 6 foot 2. I'm proud to say that I am A-team quarterback and Mr. Popular. That's enough about me… lets get back to the reason that I am FREAKING OUT!

I rushed into Mr. Behr's class nearly busting a hole in the wall with the door from it being opened so abruptly.

"Well, glad to see you could join us Mr. Yehra." Mr. Behr muttered. Great. I just hope this doesn't mean another detention; mom would kill me!

"Sorry." I mumbled. Everyone had their head up watching my every movement, all thanks to my glorious entrance. Or because of the fact that I've been practically MIA these past couple of weeks.

I kept my head down and made my way to the back of the class. Searching for a pencil, I realized that all of mine were gone. Great. Just fan-flipping-tastic. I turned to look at my partner to borrow one.

"Hey, can I have a pencil?" She looked up from her work. I was suddenly captivated by her amazing chocolate brown eyes. Everything faded out in that instant. Nothing mattered at all; just her. Her gorgeous face pulled the cutest expression! Her eyebrows pulled together and her head cocked to one side. Her soft pink lips slightly pursed. Ahhh…her lips….NO! Stop! ! The angel opened her mouth to speak. It was the most heavenly sound that I almost didn't catch what she was saying…almost.

"Uh, are you okay Collin? Here's a pencil…" I've never loved my name more. When she said it, it sounded like a caress…

I sighed. Snap out of it Collin! You'll freak her out! I smiled. She just smirked then returned to her work.

"Katie…" I said too quietly. How could I have not noticed her before now?

Staring at her I noticed things I had never noticed before. She had long light brown hair that went to the middle of her back that was board straight without a straighter. I swear I could run my hands through her silky hair for all of eternity and be completely happy. She had high cheekbones and a small pixie nose. Her eyes were almond shaped and light brown. If they caught the light right they were gold with a hint of hazel. So beautiful. I sighed.

"Collin, why are you staring at me?" She demanded. It looked more though like a kitten trying to be a lion; adorable. If you don't answer her soon though, moron, she'll be even more mad…AT YOU!! And I could not have that.

"What's your favorite color?" I blurted out. Wow. So much for keeping it cool.

"Uhh…green." She laughed. "May I ask why you've taken such an interest in my favorite color?"

"Why wouldn't I?" I countered.

"Because you never used to talk to me." She rolled her eyes as if this was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Can I start now?" I smiled. Time to turn on the Collin-Charm.

She started laughing. "Go ahead. But class is starting." She motioned her head toward the overhead.

"Right." The room could've been on fire but I wouldn't have noticed because I was too busy staring at the beautiful girl sitting next to me. Occasionally she would glance at me from the corner of her eye, but that would, sadly, only last a couple of seconds. Okay, on to things I do know about Kaity.

Her last name is Renolds

She's on the Cheerleading Team

She's an A, B student

She is in band

Sadly, this is all I know. I don't even know what she plays! I'm sure she's fantastic at it. I was brought out of my own world though by the sound of a shrill bell ringing.

"Dang! How tall are you?" Katie exclaimed after I stood up to my full height. She was also standing, she couldn't have been more than 4 foot 11.

"I could be asking you the same question." I smirked. "I'm 6 foot 1." My chest naturally puffed out with pride.

"He'll never want me." She whispered. To the normal person they wouldn't have heard this. But I was a werewolf and we here everything. Why would she think that? She was too good for me! Then this other boy came over and started talking to her. I had to suppress my growl.

"Hey, Katie, you ready to go?" Connor said, glancing at me, protectiveness in his eyes. Great, competition. I really NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HER!

"Yeah, coming. Bye Collin." She gave me a mesmerizing smile and left. I barely whispered a 'bye' and she was out of the room. I no sooner realized what just happened.

I imprinted.


Some people find comfort in solitude. Me? I'm the exact opposite. I've always wanted to do things I will always remember. Go on one big adventure that I will never forget. The kind that when you're in a nursing home, you tell to all the nurses.

I've also wanted love. I know, I know, I'm only in eighth grade. But, I've always looked for that person that will care for me despite my flaws. And trust me, I have many.

The first is my height, I have always been self conscious about that. I mean…I'm only 4 foot 10. This means, no guy looks at me. Except Connor of course, but, then again, he's only 5 foot. Despite my height though…I have always been attracted to tall guys. Weird? I know.

I was pulled out of my mental rambling by the door bursting open, only to reveal Collin. I turned back to my warm up. Maybe there will be better guys in high school…

"Hey, can I have a pencil?" Collin asked. He turned toward me and immediately got a strange look. One I've never seen anyone have while looking at me. He has really nice eyes…STOP! He won't want you. He's popular. Stay in your league Katie.

"Uh, are you okay Collin? Here's a pencil…" I handed him one. I smirked, he always looses his pencils. Me and Collin knew each other, sure. But never real friends. Like the ones you have at school, but don't invite them over to your house because it would be too awkward without the school setting.

You know how when you read books, the person that is getting stared at expresses that they can feel it. Like having a hole burned into them with the intensity of the stare. Well, I know what they mean now.

"Collin, why are you staring at me?" I demanded. I am not used to staring. Glances sure; staring, nope.

"What's your favorite color?" He asked. Wow. Never been asked that before.

"Uhh…green." I laughed. "May I ask why you've taken such an interest in my favorite color?"

"Why wouldn't I?" He countered.

"Because you never used to talk to me." I rolled my eyes. Duh! Why would he talk to me? He has all of his cool and popular friends.

"Can I start now?" He smiled. That smile is gorgeous…SNAP OUT OF IT KATIE!

I started laughing. "Go ahead. But class is starting." I motioned my head toward the overhead.

"Right." He said. Then class went on as usual. The shrill bell snapped me out of my revere.

"Dang! How tall are you?" I exclaimed! He had to've been over 6 foot!

"I could be asking you the same question." He smirked. "I'm 6 foot 1." He said. His chest puffed out with pride.

"He'll never want me." I whispered, unintelligible. What guy that tall would want a girl as short as me. Connor decided to show up then.

"Hey, Katie, you ready to go?" Connor said, glancing at Collin. Uh. That was awkward.

"Yeah, coming. Bye Collin." I smiled then headed for band with Connor.

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