25 days of Christmas

Twenty-fifth: Twenty-five endearing endings

Prowl watched Red Alert and Inferno in the recreation room as the firefighter vehicle began to dug through presents underneath the tree to find the one he had gotten for the security director.

Red Alert looked at his friend trying to locate the present – which apparently had landed itself near the trunk of the tree – and his optics suddenly brightened in slight embarrassment and the Lambo glanced away from Inferno.

Hey wait, was what that? Prowl thought as he stared at the two in surprise. Had Red Alert just… checked out Inferno's aft?

Red Alert's blue optics suddenly found Prowl's and they narrowed. Prowl held up he hands, shaking his head; 'nope, he hadn't seen that'. Red seemed somewhat satisfied with that and turned his attention to Inferno as said mech finally had found the sought present.

As the two friends (or apparently more?) sat down by a table, Prowl mused over the last month. Some things had defiantly changed, some more subtle than others. That Hound and Mirage had a 'thing' had become somewhat common knowledge. Hound didn't seem to mind, Mirage did mind. Apparently the scout and the spy weren't the only ones.

The Autobots were all more cheerful, Prowl could tell. He wasn't one to normally spot others feelings, but that much was obvious. Even Ratchet had gotten used to his temporarily green paintjob.

And Jazz… He was…

Prowl shook his head. Maybe he shouldn't read too much into it, it was, after all, Jazz. One could even wonder if Primus would ever understand the saboteur.

The tactician watched in silent amusement as Red Alert tried to figure out what the mess of wires within the package he had just opened was for. Prowl guessed, around the same time as Red figured it out, that it was some sort of new security system Inferno had had someone built; it was easy to see on the way Red Alert smiled.

It was funny how trusting Red Alert had become in this month. Before he would probably have believed it to be a bomb or something like that.

More Autobots were arriving to the recreation room, some overly glad and others apparently suffering under the Cybertronians equivalent of a hangover. Bumblebee looked like he was about to scoop up the four humans that followed alongside him and carry them running the rest of the way to the Christmas tree.

Hound made his entrance with an arm draped around Mirage shoulders – a gesture the spy didn't seem all that comfortable with, at least not in around others – and the green mech dragged the reluctant looking blue Autobot to the tree.

Prowl just sat there, watching the soldiers having a surprising great and calm time in the middle of a war, and he came to a decision within his processor.

By the time Jazz walked cheerfully into the recreation room, Prowl was nowhere in sight.


He had failed. Jazz honestly believed that he had failed. Everyone, but Prowl, was in the Christmas mood. That was fine, sure, all good, but the whole thing had started with Prowl.

Jazz was… a bit disappointed, really. If not at the second in command, then at himself.

Perceptor was studying a cube-full of some strange organic matter he had received from Skyfire. Or rather, a mix of stuff from all around the world. Hound was laughing at something he had gotten, Mirage staring at him with an odd look. Ratchet was muttering a 'thank Primus' when he opened a present from the twins that contained the long-lost paint remover, Sideswipe grinning widely beside him.

A finger tapped Jazz' arm and he glanced down to Cliffjumper – the red helmet decorated with a Santa hat.

"You seen Prowl?" Jazz asked before Cliffjumper even had a chance to open his mouth. The red minibot scowled shortly before answering.

"He left some time ago…"

"Oh…" Jazz tried not to seem disappointed. Prowl wasn't even going to be there Christmas Day?

"Check your room."

"Mah room? Why woul' he—"

"Not for Prowl, you dolt," Cliffjumper growled, losing what little patient he had. "I'm just giving you a message from someone else. Check. your. room."

Jazz raised an optic ridge underneath the visor. "From who?"

Cliffjumper shrugged and turned to join the festivities around the Christmas tree.


Jazz was slightly confused. Who would ask him to 'check his room'? It was kind of stupid, really, because every interesting thing was happening in the recreation room right now, not in anyone's personal quarters. Okay, that might not be all true, but it wasn't anything Jazz would want to interrupt at least.

It could be Sideswipe planting some prank, though it seemed unlikely. The red warrior didn't have access to Jazz' room, even if he tried. The door wasn't just one to pry open.

By the time he had typed in his code and opened the door, a mess of theories were jumping around in his processor. Some more unrealistic than others, and some he really shouldn't be thinking.

When he turned on the light, an unexpected sight greeted him. In his room, his old stereo system had been replaced with a new, bigger one, which looked like it could blast the audios of every Autobot on base. It was wonderful!

Not only that, but there was a datapad attached to one of the speakers.

'Fine, you got me.

Merry Christmas.

- Prowl.'

With mistletoe attached underneath the pad. Jazz grinned widely.


Prowl should sort of have expected the 'attack' from the happy-go-lucky saboteur. When he had sneaked back into the recreation room – after Jazz had left – he had seated himself and again begun reading, though he wasn't really seeing the Cybertronain glyphs, much less actually taking them in.

It was close to be called a 'glomp' as Jazz had called those flying leaps where he pretty much tackled the poor 'bot to the ground. Jazz had, within the second he had spotted Prowl in the recreation room, managed to straddle himself across Prowl's legs, arms on the tacticians shoulders and face-to-face with a little surprised Prowl.

"Ya sure took yar time, Prowler," Jazz said, smiling widely to the mech he had currently captured.

"Well, I can't say you didn't try…" Prowl said calmly, raising an optic ridge.


"When what? You will have to elaborate, Jazz."

Jazz snickered. "When did I've ya convinced?"

"Today, actually."

"An' the stereo? Couldn't 'ave done that inna day."

"Do you really think I would get away with not giving you anything? The stereo was planned for a long time, the note is new."

Jazz made a thoughtful noise, still smiling widely. Prowl studied the mech that had successfully trapped him, slightly curios of what the saboteur was thinking. From the corners of his blue optics, he more sensed than saw a couple of mechs nudge their partners and point towards the second and third in command.

"Ya do know wha' the mistletoe does, right Prowler?" Jazz suddenly asked, making Prowl focus back on his capturer. Prowl suppressed the hint of a smile that was about to show on his lips.

"Jazz, you have made sure not even the Dinobots have missed the meaning," Prowl stated calmly, though he felt a rush of… something in his spark.

The saboteur moved his face closer, so the tips of their noses were almost touching. "Then ya do know that the plant has ta be hangin' above us?"

"If you insist on that rule, then you are welcome to go find one."

"Screw the rules."

"Not an attitude I normally approve," Prowl mumbled.

Just then, a new song played in the Christmas room.

"I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need-"

Jazz' smile widened, if that was even possible, and he mumbled a "not so gullible after all…"

"Excuse me?" Prowl asked quietly back with a raised optic ridge.


"I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for my own, more than you could ever know-"

Hound stole himself a kiss on Mirage cheek; the spy's optics brightening. Inferno smirked to Red Alert, and while Red looked like he was about to protest, he couldn't protect himself from the soft peck.

Prowl sighed, like he gave up on something. "Are you going to kiss me or not?" He did manage to sound a bit impatient.

"Thought ya'd never ask," Jazz grinned back, closing the distance between his lips and the tactician's. Prowl's doorwings twitched, both optics and visor brightening in the brief, sparkfelt connection of two so different personalities.

When they finally broke apart, they were silent for a while until Jazz licked his lips. "Tasty," he huffed, with a smirk.

"Make my wish come true-"

"How long, Jazz?"

"How long what, Prowler? Ya'll have ta elaborate," came the teasing response.

"How long have you felt… this?"

Jazz was quiet, looking like he was thinking it over, before full focus was turned to the tactician.

"Forever, Prowl."

"All I want for Christmas is you!"



Jazz: Consider it a New Year gift.

Prowl: Oh no, not another tradition…

Jazz: Heh.

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