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It must be nice to be the sun, because the sun can't see any of the shadows it casts.


It must be nice to be Kanda, I thought. Even though that would mean not being the awesome me that is Lavi. Which would totally suck.

I was on my way to the cinema. It was Lenalee who had invited Allen, Yuu and myself to celebrate our favorite Japanese who had gotten an A in English literary class. And yes, that is a big accomplishment for our dear Kanda. It had been a huge shock for his classmates when the teacher Mister Reever had announced the astonishing grade for his essay. Yuu had just 'tch'ed and hidden the essay away deep in his bag. None of us were allowed to read it. Not even me. I acted greatly offended over that. Which didn't help one fuck, because Yuu was so stubborn. He just wouldn't let me read it no matter how much I bugged him, and it irked me to no end. Once my curiosity was piqued, I wasn't one to let the object of interest go. That's why I sought Yuu out on the first school day, way back in our freshman year in the first place. The longhaired man was just so fucking interesting. If it wasn't for my curiosity, we would never have been friends. Shouldn't he be grateful? Most of the time he cursed my curiosity to hell, but I'm sure he really loved me, deep down. Maybe. Perhaps. Almost.

At first, Yuu had firmly refused to go to the movies to celebrate, but hey, who can go against Lenalee's woman-power-will? No one. Fearing her female Psycho Mental Sniper intuition was the only sane thing to do. And even Kanda is sane. To some degree.

I had been looking forward to this day, actually. A whole evening, dedicated only to Kanda. I had an excuse to annoy and fawn over him as much as I wanted. Well, until he went straight for the jugular, anyway. But a little was enough.


The cinema was a big, bare, red block squeezed in between an office building and some shabby apartment. It was ten past eight in the evening, and not many people were about. Since it was February, the nights were cold. It was already dark and the lampposts were lit, gracing the concrete sidewalk with an eerie light that fitted more in some crime series from TV than in real life. My breath came out as puffy white clouds, and I was glad it didn't snow, because my worn out Converse would've been doomed. I blew hot air into my fists as I passed the glass doors and entered the warm lounge. Lenalee waved at me from a corner, Allen sipping at his cola beside her.

Lenalee and I had always been great friends, ever since middle school, when she had just started in 6th grade and I was in 8th. She is the nicest and most emphatic person I have ever known, actually. She could see right through my happy mask when I was sad, and she wouldn't tell anyone, she would just let me talk it out when we were alone and I needed someone to listen. Then, the year after when I started high school I met Kanda, and even though he was tough, Lena and I eventually got to him, somehow. There hadn't been much doubt about her starting in the same high school we attended, two years later.

Things had gotten even more fun when Allen, the year after that, started as a freshman. That kid is the weirdest (and only) Brit I have ever been blessed to meet. He could make me laugh just by existing. And damn, his accent was hilarious. He and Yuu were seriously exchanging too many insults, though. But Al was pretty hardcore, he always pulled out of seemingly impossible situations. Really, me and Yuu's asses would've been ripped to pieces if it hadn't been for the kid, when we accidentally set fire to one of the school's sheds last year. Ah, those were the golden times.

Even now, with Kanda in college, me with a job while studying history, and Lena and Al still in high school, we still spent a lot of time together. Basically, life was great. Except for the fact that Kanda had to take those extra English Literary classes, because he'd failed miserably. (That not having anything to do with his Japanese nationality, thank you very much. The problem was prose.) Until yesterday, anyway. And I was still going to act pissed at him for not letting me read his essay.

"How's it goin', guys?" I asked ever so jovially. "Yuu ol' boy hasn't arrived yet?"

Allen and his hilarious accent said "Why, good afternoon," which is British for "Hi," and Lenalee confirmed that Kanda was indeed a tad bit late. I did not let that waver me as I went to the candy shop to get a soft drink. There were 10 minutes till the movie started, anyway.

As I sat down in a chair at the little round table, Lenalee spoke up.

"So, you two aren't doing anything Friday two weeks from now, are you?"

Allen tilted his head in thought, "No, I don't believe so."

I threw my hands in the air. "And miss my best fem friends' fucking awesome birthday party that will rock Hollywood into oblivion? Like hell no!" She was turning seventeen, and because she and Miranda had decided to combine their parties, it was sure to be damn great. Miranda had turned 25 a few weeks ago, and had yet to celebrate. Also, with Miranda, a legal adult, Lenalee's scary older brother could be taken out of the equation. The two girls could plan the party themselves. It was going to be epic.

She clapped her hands in excitement. "Yeah I know! It's going to be the most wicked double birthday party ever!"

"Splendid," Allen smiled, and they began to talk animatedly about the upcoming event. Meanwhile, my mobile had begun vibrating and I picked it out of my pocket to discover that it was Yuu calling. I turned around in my chair, looked towards the doors, and held the phone to my ear.

"Yo," I could hear the sound of a car engine in the background.

"Fuckwit," was his reply. "Where. The hell. Is the fucking cinema?"

I smiled, because of course Yuu would get lost, like, minutes before the movie started. It was obligatory. So I took my time to calmly explain to him the way, since he had somehow managed to end up halfway out of town.


Just eight minutes later Kanda burst into the room.

"You!" he pointed at us with an accusing finger. There was something decidedly apocalyptic and doomsday-promising in Kanda's voice, and I didn't know if it should have turned me on or if I should shit my pants. "Are never inviting me to the fucking movies ever again." And it made me wonder just how Lenalee had him agree to come in the first place.

Oh, wait. Secret Lena-woman-powers, better not ask.

I got out of my chair and bellowed, wondering why I was acting suicidal. "Sunshine! Congrats with the A! We knew you weren't as stupid as you looked!"

"Piss off, shithead."

"Watch it, Lavi, he might just go samurai on you," Allen couldn't help but comment. Said samurai threw him a nasty retort, and while those two stood bitching for a while, Lena and I got our jackets and made ready to enter the theatre where Kill Bill would be showing.

"Move it, losers," I yelled over my shoulder, and in less than a second Yuu was at my side, bared teeth- no, bared fangs just inches away from my face, and I could feel the samurai killer intent.

"Stuff it, tard," he growled. Yes growled, because Kanda can growl. He brushed past me, roughly ramming my shoulder as he followed Lenalee.

I stood shock still. "Am I still alive?" I didn't mean to say that out loud. Al came over and pinched my arm. "Ouch! Al!" I yelped.

"You do seem quite lively, actually," he smiled his creepy smile, and I couldn't help but grin.

"Yeah yeah I get it. Fuck, that hurt, though."

Allen laughed and walked after the others. I turned to face the wall and held still for a moment. Taking my hands to my face, I tried to conceal the annoying blush I was pretty sure I was wearing. Yuu had stood rather close, after all. Damn you, human biological reactions, I thought.

Oh, that's right. I forgot to mention that.

I was unwillingly in love with Yuu Kanda.

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