A/N: I decided to write an awesome (but short) sequel to this story, mostly because it is probably the best story I have ever written on here and a lot of you people seemed to like it. So this is for you, readers! Enjoy!

Once again, this contains very graphic subject matter that should not be viewed if you are offended by sexual content or cussing. It is rated M for a reason.

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Rays of sun pierced through the eyelids of the sleeping Temari, who immediately stopped sleeping and squinted in the brightness. She glanced around for a moment, in a slight panic at the unfamiliar surroundings before her brain kicked in. She was in his bedroom. She was warm in his bed. The warmth came from him, of course. Who? Nara, Shikamaru. She groaned audibly, rolling over to look at the man next to her. He had his arm wrapped around her waist, and his muscled chest was bare. All that covered the rest of his nudity was a thin sheet which was haphazardly draped over his nether region. She, too, was nude, her entire body in plain sight. The curve of her thigh and hip was extremely prominent as she lay on her side, perching her head on her hand, which was propped up at the elbow.

Temari laid her head on the shadow-user's chest, smiling slightly to herself. She laid there for a few moments, simply staring down at the thin sheet that covered Shikamaru's manhood. Slowly, she began to feel herself heat up as her tummy tingled. She licked her lips, her tongue darting out and in quickly, before slipping her hand over his chest and down to his stomach. Her lips moved to his neck, where she began to kiss, lick and suck on the sensitive flesh there. Shikamaru didn't as much as twitch in his sleep. She nudged his chin with her nose and he remained asleep still, oblivious to her attentions.

With a growl of frustration, the blonde slipped her hand under the sheet and gripped the boy's shaft tightly, hoping this would finally wake him. When he didn't move, she ground her teeth and began moving her hand up and down, still gripping him tightly. She moved her lips to his ear and let out her sexiest, neediest moan, hoping he would hear her. She felt him become hard in her hand, but still, he remained asleep.

"Damnit, Nara, wake up!" the blonde growled in frustration, still stroking him, "You're not going to make me pleasure myself, are you...?"

There was no response, and this only made Temari angrier and hornier. She repositioned herself perpendicular to him, facing his now attentive groin while her hand still gripped him firmly. She leaned over him and took half of his length into her hot, wet mouth. She felt him twitch slightly in her grip, but when she glanced over at his face, he still appeared to be fast asleep as if nothing in the world was happening. She created a strong suction in her mouth, rotating her tongue back and forth. She released the suction and pulled back, only to lick the head thoroughly with the strong muscle.

Again, no reaction came. Temari groaned in frustration, before glaring at the peaceful face of her lover. She wanted to hit him and beat him and turn him into a pile of mush, but unfortunately her loins would never allow her to do anything until she got the pleasure she craved. She was burning up from the inside and needed the release that his skilled body would bring.

"For the love of Kami, I will make you fuck me," she growled with a layer of anger and lust mixed into one sexy tone.

With that, she shifted her position once more, placing a leg on each side of his hips with his saliva-coated member beneath her. She hovered like that for a moment, staring at his face and willing him to wake up so she didn't have to fuck him while he slept. He didn't as much as twitch under her gaze. She bit her lip to keep herself from cursing at him several times, and lowered her hips. She rubbed her sopping wet folds against the tip of his erection, both for lubrication, and to see if he would react. Plus, it felt kind of good to rub her clit against his cock. After a moment of this, she gave up on getting a reaction out of him and switched into selfish mode. If she couldn't make him wake up, she wasn't going to miss out on her opportunity.

Temari lowered herself onto him, guiding his slippery member into her slit with precision. She was still a little bit sore from their game in the kitchen, but that did nothing to stop her. When he was fully inside her, she clenched her inner walls around him once, then twice, before lifting herself up and slamming herself back down. She repeated the motion, speeding it up after only a few rounds. The tingling sensations coursed through her body in waves, causing her nipples to pucker and her cheeks to flush. She leaned over him, bracing herself on his shoulders as she rode him hard and fast. Her large breasts bounced as she bobbed on top of him, jiggling like cream coloured Jell-o. She was gasping and making various other noises of effort which soon turned into moans of pleasure mixed with sounds of effort. Despite the burning in her thighs, she did not stop, and continued to ride him until she could handle the pleasure no more. With a shout to the heavens and a tensing of her entire body, she came. Her muscles twitched and she was racked with spasms of all kinds, and throughout the entire orgasm, she dug her nails deeply into her lover's shoulders.

What Temari seemed to miss in her state of bliss was the sweat beading the forehead of the man beneath her, and the opening of his mouth as he gasped for breath. Since Temari had stopped moving, Shikamaru began to thrust into her, sending the woman farther into the abyss that was pleasure. His groans mixed with her moans and soon, she was coming once more, matched by his own orgasm as he spilled his seed deep inside her.

Exhausted, the blonde kunoichi collapsed onto Shikamaru's chest, breathing heavily from her hard work. She managed to glance at his face, but his eyes were still closed. She seemed to miss the small smile that played on his lips. Frustrated, but satisfied, Temari rolled off the dark-haired shadow-user and lay beside him once more. She scowled tiredly at him, wondering how in the world a man could fuck his girlfriend and still remain asleep. It was ridiculous. Despite her confused and slightly angry state, she closed her eyes and began to slip into the land of sleep.

Before she reached the peaceful abyss that was sleep, however, she felt soft, hot lips move against her own. When she opened her eyes, the lips turned up in a mischievous grin and Shikamaru moved away so he could look at her with lazy, but sexily evil eyes. He pulled his gorgeous girlfriend onto his chest before letting out a chuckle of satisfaction.

"Checkmate, darling."

That was how it went for the couple. One of them would create the perfect plan and win a match, and then the other would retaliate with an even more perfect plan. It went on and on in a never ending cycle. In the end, though, both of them would win each and every time. That was the game of Sex.