Fighting for a Purpose

Chapter 1

Invasion of Eyan

Note at some points I will use the real names of the Covenant species which are located below








The Human-Covenant war had been over for 34 years making it 2587. Tensions between species had lessened and in a good deal of cases dissipated. A great deal of changes had occurred. The Brutes had experienced an enlightenment resulting in more peaceful ways although their tempers still existed. The Elites had begun training the Grunts much more thoroughly teaching them to control their fear resulting in Grunts that posed quite a bit of a threat to their opponents.

UNSC technology had been bolstered by Covenant technology resulting in massive military upgrades. All UNSC soldiers had also been given genetic augmentations which now had a 100% survival rate. Marines were now outfitted with MJOLNIR armor which was now much lighter and thanks to the Covenant technology fairy cheap. Snipers and scouts were outfitted with the unshielded Mark IV version while the rest had a shielded Mark V. ODST's armor still looked the same but shields had been added to them therefore they had semi-powered armor. They used this to keep a low profile as they were often deployed behind enemy lines and MJOLNIR armor was very bulky and could attract unwanted attention. To top it off humanity had rebuilt it's colonies fleets ,which were now massively upgraded, and armies. All of this made humanity a force to be reckoned with.

In an attempt to further ease the tensions between races "Unity" ships had been created. Summed up unity ships were crewed by a mixture of species. Surprisingly not only did these ships ease the tensions but they also proved to be highly effective. This story begins on one of these "Unity" ships the CSS-class battle cruiser Glorious Victory currently in Slipspace.

"3,2,1,finished," thought ODST Lance Corporal Aaron Colton as he sniped down the last of the targets in the range. Smiling at his perfect sniping spree he holstered his sniper rifle onto his back and double checked to make sure that he still had his dual SMGs. The UNSC had upgraded all of their projectile weapons by increasing the magazine size. They had also copied the Brutes by superheating the bullets, which had very satisfying results as they easily tore and burned through metal and made a fair dent in sheilds. Walking out of the shooting range Aaron made his way to the "Rec" room. When he opened the door he was not at all surprised with what he found. A Special Operations Elite reading from a holo-pad. The name of this particular Elite was Ramore Altre. (A/N sorry if my elite names are lousy) Ramore wore the usual dark SpecOp armor with the exception that he wore a combat helmet because as he said "The SpecOp helmet crushes my mandibles."

"Reading again huh?" asked Aaron. Ramore only looked up for a second to nod before looking back at the holo-pad. One day Ramore had been feeling adventurous, gone onto the human database, and clicked on Literature. Ever since that day he had become infatuated with human literature. He had already read nearly all of Shakespeare and was scrounging around for some new authors. "What is it this time?" asked Aaron.

Ramore looked up with the Sangheili equivalent of a smile. "A tale about a man who was wrongfully imprisoned called The Shawshank Redemption. I just found it and I have a feeling it will be promising."

"You know," said Aaron "I'm pretty sure we have a remastered film about that in the database."

Ramore looked very interested. "I'll have to check that out after I'm finished with…" but the rest of his sentence was cut off by a broadcast that was heard throughout the entire ship. "Attention all crew we have just received a distress call from the Kig-yar home world Eyan. "They are being invaded by an army of unknown origin known as the CIS. We are en route to assist and everyone should be prepared for combat we will be arriving in a few minutes." Placing the holo-pad on a table Ramore stood up pulling a carbine off of his back and making sure that his dual energy swords were still attached to his thighs. After that they both exited the room.

A huge stream of soldiers was heading in the same direction that they were. Grunts, Brutes, Humans, Elites, Jackals, Hunters, and Drones flying above the rest. When they reached the hanger they climbed onto their predestinated Phantom along with a handful of other soldiers. Aaron looked around at the others on the Phantom and saw two other ODSTs two more SpecOp Elites two Brute Minors and a Chieftain. The doors on the Phantom slid shut and the Brute Minors manned the controls that would fire the plasma cannons. The Elite Minor who was piloting the drop ship sat at his seat the controls gripped in his hands. The intercom sparking to life again saying "Dropping out of Slipspace in 5,4,3,2,1 LAUNCH!"

The hanger bay door opened and the two dozen Phantoms in the hanger launched accompanied by Seraph fighters of slightly lager numbers. Eyan the Jackal home word had ten ships in orbit that had never been seen before by anyone in the UNSC or the former Covenant. Nine of them looked like warships but the tenth one looked like a sphere with a ring around it. It was obvious that they had launched ground forces down to the planet for a couple of drop ships were still leaving. Looking out of the rear window Aaron saw that six other ships had responded to the distress call 3 UNSC ships, another CSS-class battle cruiser and two Carriers. A couple hundred Phantoms and Pelicans were flying towards the planet escorted by Seraph and Eagle fighters. Eagles were the upgraded version of the Longsword. They were shielded had missiles with plasma warheads and were equipped with plasma cannons.

The Elite minor pushed a button on the dashboard that had begun to blink and a hologram of an Elite Zealot appeared. "Pilot you have new orders. You will not be joining the landing on Eyan. We have discovered by the amount of communications coming from it the ship with a sphere for a core is their command ship. You are to board it and capture their commander for he should be able to provide us with valuable information about this CIS that is all." the hologram dissipated.

The pilot changed course heading straight for the command ship two Seraph fighters accompanying them. A large number of fully automated fighters had been deployed by the CIS but they were distracted by the force heading to the planet and didn't seem to notice the Phantom heading towards the control ship. "Why do I get the feeling that the shit's about to hit the fan here?" asked one of the ODSTs

"Because odds are that's what's going to happen," said Ramore truthfully.

When they were thirty seconds away the Seraphs broke off and rejoined the main invasion force. When they were twenty five seconds away a couple of fighters that a stayed behind noticed them. The Brutes began to fire the Plasma turrets which took down a most of the fighters while the rest rolled to avoid the hostile fire. One of the fighters managed to get a couple of good shots at one of the engines before the Brutes eliminated the rest of them. "Hold on!" shouted the pilot "We're going in hot!" The Phantom sped out of control towards one of the hanger bays which thankfully had not yet closed from when the fighters had launched. The Phantom crash landed in the fighter bay but the second it was at a safe speed the doors opened and all of the passengers, including the pilot, jumped out.

Tar Muuk was having a bad day. It had started off good enough he had just found a planet perfect to raid for resources. Resources meant money so as a Neimoidian that appealed perfectly well to him. However several things had gone wrong in quick succession. First off, despite receiving heavy causalities the inhabitants of this planet were putting up one hell of a fight. Second a fleet had come out of nowhere launched an armada of drop ships and was know engaging his fleet. And to top it all off an enemy drop ship had managed to slip into the fighter bay. Watching on the monitor Tar Muuk saw that they clearly had superior infantry technology all of them seemed to have shields around them. They had quickly eliminated the droids in the hanger and were making their way towards the bridge and him. Tar Muuk's bad mood was only fueled when a projectile tore through one of his fully shielded warships destroying it. (A/N upgraded MAC gun) Wheeling around to face the five Magna Guards behind he shouted "Well don't just stand there do something! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"

Aaron fired another spurt of bullets out of his 100 bullet clip SMGs and another couple of droids fell. He and the rest of the assault team were destroying droids left and right with no trouble, Ramore in particular helping by going on a headshot spree with his carbine. Aaron couldn't help but feel that this was incredibly easy. These droids didn't seem very battle capable and the only ones that he actually worried about were the ones that rolled and deployed shields. The Chieftain was able to kill these by smashing them with his hammer and the ones that he didn't were brought down by concentrated fire which caused their shields to collapse. As a matter of fact the Chieftain seemed to be having a grand time. He was ahead of everybody else smashing every droid that moved with his hammer which due to improved technology could run indefinitely. "Seriously," said Aaron "That guy needs to deflate his head a bit. The Humans and Elites nodded in approval and even the Brute Minors looked like they thought he had a point.

After fighting their way through to the bridge they had only lost the pilot a SpecOp elite an ODST and one of the Brute Minors. Considering the number of droids they had cut down to get there it was a rather impressive feat. Reaching the entrance to the bridge the squadron found that a blast door had been activated. "Stand back," growled the Chieftain. The others backed up all of them had a pretty good idea what he was about to do. The Chieftain began slamming the door with his hammer causing a large dent to appear that got bigger and bigger with each swing. The Chieftain brought the hammer back and, with a war cry, let out a particularly violent swing. The blast door was blown back to the other side of the bridge as the assault team charging in. Ramore swapped out his carbine for his energy swords due to the fact that is carbine was out of ammunition, and energy swords like gravity hammers had been upgraded so that they could run indefinitely.

Standing in-between them and an alien who appeared to be the captain were five more droids only these droids looked different. They were wearing some sort of robe and were armed with staffs that sparked with electricity. Ramore charged at the nearest one, blocking an overhead swipe with his left sword and cutting the droid in half with his right. He quickly advanced on another one swinging both of his swords down at it. The droid raised it's staff in a attempt to protect itself but Ramore cut right through that staff and the droid. The Chieftain had smashed two of the others droids and used the blade section of his hammer do disarm the last one. Laughing triumphantly the Chieftain picked the droid up by the head and crushed it's head. Dropping it he advanced on the captain hammer in hands saying "Now you're going to come with us or AHHH!"

The droid whose head he had crushed, despite lacking a head, had gotten retrieved it's staff and run the Chieftain through with it. Letting out a roar of rage the Brute Minor charged at the droid, clearly forgetting that he had a perfectly good spiker in his hand, and was dispatched with a vicious uppercut blow. Aaron aimed both of his SMGs at the droid and opened fire. The droid collapsed before the hail of superheated bullets but Aaron didn't stop firing until his clips were empty. Ramore advanced on the alien captain and whacked the but of his head knocking him out. Aaron looked out of the windows to see that the majority of the CIS fleet was in ruins with the surviving few badly damaged and fighting a lost fight. Behind him he heart Ramore talking into a com link. "This is Ramore Altre. We have captured the CID commander."

This is the beginning of my new story. I plan on alternated between this story and another story I am working on. So my fans aren't disappointed I am going to attempt to get one chapter of at least one story up per day. This may fail but I'm gonna try anyway. Also a plan on putting in a pairing but from the description this chapter I bet that you can guess the pairing.

PS. Bungie loves putting in 7 references in halo games so I shall put some in. 7 references for this chapter. The story takes place 34 years after the war 3+4=7. 7 ships arrived to fight the CIS.