Chapter 24

Holy Matrimony and Epilogue

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December 28, 2587

Four months ABM

"How's it feel?" asked Aayla Secura.

"A little tight, but otherwise it's fine," said Ahsoka. Aayla was helping her into a wedding dress. After all today was the day that she and Aaron tied the knot.

"I don't understand, you fit in it just fine a couple of months ago. What the heck happened in between now and then?" Ahsoka turned to face Aayla and whispered something in her ear. Aayla's eyes widened as Ahsoka pulled away smiling. "Does he know yet?" she whispered.

"I was thinking of telling him at the alter. I think that'll get him just right. Man I wish that Anakin and Padme could be here but unfortunately, Padme's still sore so Anakin still needs to watch the kids." she sighed. "By way what's that on your finger?"

"Nothing," said Aayla, a little too quickly, folding her hands behind her back. Making a quick grab, Ahsoka grasped Aayla's right hand, and pulled it forward. There was a small ring on her ring finger.

"Who?" Ahsoka asked, grinning.

Aayla blushed violently muttering "Kit Fisto."

"Well look here," said Ahsoka smiling "The second the law the prevents marriage gets lifted you go off and get engaged."

"Shut up," she muttered blushing furiously. "Besides your one to talk." Ahsoka blushed herself at his.

"Oh boy," said Aaron "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy," he muttered to himself over and over again.

"I find it ironic how you can look a Gravemind in the eye and not blink, but when you are about to partake in a wedding half a year in the making, you lose your warrior composure," said Ramore who was reading from a holopad. Aaron was wearing a suit, while Ramore wore ceremonial armor. Elite ceremonial armor was customized for each Elite. Ramore had the crest of the Altre family, an Elite dual wielding energy swords while looking up at the heavens, a Halo, a shattered Covenant war ear Chieftain helmet, a fiery planet, and a multi tentacled being shriveling, all painted on it. Aaron knew what each of these things represented, but he was a little more focused on his upcoming hardships.

"It is a normal reaction I suppose," said Ramore looking up from his holopad. "Have you picked out names for your offspring yet?"

"I'm sure Ashoka's got a list somewhere," Aaron said managing a smile. "As a matter of fact, odds are she's gonna get on my ass about getting her pregnant the moment we're done here."

"Eager mother?" asked Ramore.

"Deadly, and beautiful eager mother," said Aaron. "So how'd they get the law against Jedi marriage lifted anyway?"

"Well," said Ramore "With Yoda supporting it, most of the other masters supported him, personally I think Plo Koon knew about you and Ahsoka, he is like a father figure to her. In reality it was mainly Vadmare hammering through Windu's thick skull. After Windu finally caned it was smooth sailing."

"Remind me to thank Vadmare when this is all over," said Aaron.

The Rookie sat alone at a table, a Budweiser in his hand. "Rook that you?" said someone behind him.

"Dutch," came the mechanical voice of the Rookie's computer "Long time no see."

"Yeah, seems like yesterday your boy was just asking you about joining up with the hell jumpers, now he's getting married. Oh but the way I don't now how but someone you didn't invite slipped in."

"Please tell me that it isn't…," but he was interrupted by an African American man walking by and grabbing a beer. "…Romeo," the Rookie finished. 'Great,' he thought 'the last person I wanted here, here.' "So where is everyone else?" he inquired of Dutch.

"I saw Mickey around here somewhere, and I think Buck and Dare were bickering over where to park," said Dutch.

"How you two ladies doing?" said Romeo as he walked over to the table Dutch and the rookie were sitting at.

"I don't recall inviting you," the Rookie typed coolly.

"And?" said Romeo "I ain't gonna pass up free food. By the way I caught a glance of the bride. Man she's got a nice ass." What happened next was so fast, Dutch had a hard time seeing it. The Rookie slammed his fist into Romeo's gut, then smashed his face into the table knocking him out cold. He then placed his Budwiser into Romeo's hand to make it look like he was drunk.

'Note to self,' thought Dutch 'Watch language about the Rookie's soon to be daughter in law.'

"Not a word," the Rookie said "now sit down it's starting." Everyone was sitting down, and Ahsoka was beginning to walk down the aisle to a rather nervous Aaron. Dutch looked on as the two stood before the priest as he said his words. After that they turned to each other, exchanging their vows, saying how much they loved each other, how they had saved each others lives, and how they would always watch out for each other. Dutch shot a glance at the Rookie and saw that a tear had slipped from his eye.

There was a quite scuffling noise, and Mickey appeared and quietly sat down. "Hey," he whispered to Dutch "What did I miss?"

"Just in time for the big scene," said Dutch "Oh by the way you missed the Rook knocking out Romeo." At this point, if he had been looking, Dutch would've seen Ahsoka whispering in Aaron's ear.

"Aaron," whispered Ahsoka "I need to tell you something."

"Can't it wait?" he whispered back "Or is it really that imperative?"

"It is," she whispered fighting with all of her might to hold back a smile.

"What?" he whispered, faintly registering that the priest was about to tell them to kiss.

"Aaron," she whispered a tear falling from her eye "I'm pregnant." The priest was about to tell the couple to kiss, when Aaron pulled Ahsoka in for one, who happily obliged.

No one said anything about this except for one person. "Saw it coming," said Ramore grinning.


December ,28, 2607

A sweaty Togrutan woman opened the door to a house and walked in. She wore ODST armor, with an assault rifle on the back and a light saber at the belt. "I swear to god," she muttered to herself "Why can't the damn Mustafarian separatists just find a rock to live on? I almost missed mom and dad's anniversary because they decided to go harass a village because they're upset that their planet was destroyed, it's been twenty years get over it. Huh, a Jedi that believes in a god, first time for everything I guess."

She was Anoka Colton, daughter of Ahsoka and Aaron Colton, named after her grandmother on her mother's side, which was all Ahsoka remember of her mother. She had inherited two things genetically from her parents, her mother's force sensitivity, and her father's genetic augmentations. While she was officially a Jedi knight, she was also officially an ODST too. As her uncle Ramore said, she could walk in two worlds.

She had had dinner with her parents afterward, who were as always happy to see her. They wouldn't be coming home this night, as they said they needed some "alone time." Anoka didn't know what that meant, and she wanted it to stay that way. "Aw well," she said as she headed towards the stairs "I'm freaking exhausted, and there's nothing to do. Bed time. Maybe tomorrow I'll go visit grandpa, he always loves having me around, and I love helping him garden." smiling wearily, Anoka climbed up the stairs, collapsing onto her bet the moment she reached it and falling asleep.

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