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Their mouths melded together for what seemed like a slow, sweet eternity, until Tony pulled back and trailed his mouth down Ziva's neck, leaving hot kisses in his wake like footprints. Ziva tilted her head and closed here eyes, drawing closer to Tony. His arms around her waist tightened and the speed of his kisses increased. Each of Ziva's breaths became quicker and more shallow; Tony's became deeper and thicker.

It wasn't until Ziva wrapped her legs around Tony that one of the spoke.

"Hey." It was Tony. "Are you sure?"

Ziva leaned in to kiss him again, but Tony pulled back, and, placing his hands on her arms, looked directly into her eyes.

She nodded before breathing a quiet "Yes".

"Because, I mean, this place is kind of disgusting. Just think about it. Yesterday we were on our hands and knees scrubbing the floor."


"Also, mold is everywhere. I mean, there probably isn't a square inch of this place that isn't coated with mold."


"Plus this mattress is probably infested with some sort of... diseased thing. Like bedbugs. Do bedbugs even exist? I've kinda always wondered about that because- hey, were you trying to say something?" Tony cut himself off, breathing heavily.

"Tony." He raised his eyebrows. "You are not getting cold hands on me, are you?"

"Actually, the expression is 'getting cold feet'. My hands are fine. See?" He placed one on Ziva's face, cupping it gently. She smiled a little but her questioning look remained, heavy and permanent until Tony answered.

Tony sighed heavily. "No. I'm not...I...I just want to make sure that- that this is what you, you know... want," he finished, unsure of what to say.

"You think I do not want you," she stated.

"No! No, I don't think that at all," Tony said, surprised at her assumption. "I just wanted to- is it going to hurt you?" he asked, choosing not to drag it out.

Ziva looked at him for a long time. "No. I do not believe so."

Tony breathed a sigh of relief. "And Ziva?"


"This is....what you want. Right? You want to do this?"

Ziva rolled her eyes. Tony grinned. "Just kiss me, Tony."

He pressed his face to hers, their mouths locked in a fluxing, tight embrace. Again, their breathing became sucking and heavy with the releasing of 4 years of pent-up tension and want. Ziva tightened her legs around Tony's hips, increasing the pleasure of the stabbing feeling between her legs. She felt Tony stiffen under her. Both of their bodies shivered tightly. The rise and fall of their chests were quick and synchronized now, each of their mouths battling for domination, their midsections tightening and becomeing sensitive and slippery.

Suddenly, Tony rolled Ziva onto her back, drawing back from her and looking into her eyes, the small creases of devious smiles evident everywhere in his face. Ziva let out a laugh and leaned back up kiss him again. Tony smiled into her soft lips and coiled his arms around her shoulders, hesitantly running his course but gentle hands over her riddled shoulder blades, caressing her. Ziva closed her eyes and let out a deep, shuddering side. She leaned her head back down on the mattress, breaking their kiss for less than a second until Tony brought his mouth down onto hers again, somewhat roughly.

Ziva arched her back, pressing herself into Tony, who responded with a moan. He reached for her hair elastic and let her hair cascade over her shoulders and onto their mattress. Ziva tightened her arms around Tony's waist and drew herself even closer, which caused him to harden. Ziva could feel wetness pooling in her underwear, and as Tony's hands roamed her body, her hips, her inner thighs, he felt it as well.

Tony slipped his hands under her t-shirt, and as he gently gripped her waist, they both subconsciously held their breath, waiting for the other to confirm that this was alright. After sharing one of their famous, practiced eye conversations- swirling and hopeful pools of brown and green- Tony slid his hands up further, caressing her flat stomach, gently rubbing circles over her abdomen. Ziva shivered as chills slithered under her skin. She felt her nipples harden, and as Tony slid his hands over her breasts, he did as well. His mouth curved into a slight smirk, and in one fluid motion, Ziva's shirt was over her head and discarded onto the floor, a pile of gray fabric that meant so little but so much.

Ziva lay on the mattress in nothing but her plain black underwear. Tony marveled at her; although her formerly pearl-smooth skin had been marred by a hundred ugly scars, he still considered her a goddess.

As Tony looked at her bare breasts, she fingered his shirt , and he helped her strip it off before bending his head, slightly hesitantly, towards her chest. Ziva arched her back again as Tony laid his mouth on her collarbone and kissed it, hard. His mouth suctioned it's way down, leaving trails of tender redness in it's path, until it found Ziva's left breast. She closed her eyes as Tony massaged her nipple with his mouth, encasing it as it hardened. His tongue formed small circles round it, and as Ziva started to shake, Tony moved to her other breast, repeating the process.

Her breath was coming in deep, barely controlled gasps now. Tony moved his hands from her breasts to her face and kissed her long and hard, his lips devouring hers. Ziva's legs twitched slightly at the contact; it was all Tony needed.

He sat back up and moved down towards the end of the mattress, Ziva looking at him in confusion. He grinned but didn't say anything. Tony placed his hands on the insides of her ankles, and when he began to finger the insides of her lower legs, Ziva smiled in understanding. Tony moved his hands to the insides of her knees, massaging the soft skin. As he reached up towards the insides of her lower thighs, Ziva bucked her legs slightly. As Tony's hands continued to travel, she felt herself omit even more wetness.

Finally, Tony reached his destination. He slid his fingers under Ziva's panties, testing and feeling the wet cloth, his fingers inexplicably delighted to scrape across the liquid.

Unable to sustain any more control, Ziva reached down and quickly pulled the underwear off, tossing the black barrier onto the floor next to her shirt.

Tony felt her, his fingers exploring her folds and skin. He gently pinched her outer labia, eliciting a breathy moan from Ziva. As his fingers roamed towards her clit, he felt it swell.

"Tony...." Ziva's whisper was layered with emotion. Her hands gripped his hair violently as she pushed up towards him. The sudden change in position of Ziva's hips caused Tony's wet fingers to slip inside her. Ziva gave a soft scream as she felt her orgasm climb.

Tony smiled and bent his head towards her, moving his tongue to where his fingers had been a few moments before. He licked her inner folds, and when his tongue found her opening, Ziva's hands clenched his face.

"I need...." Ziva trailed off, the fire in her nerves disabling her voice. However, Tony knew what she meant- he slid off his boxers, revealing himself hard, hot and ready to enter.

Ziva, who's orgasm was practically destroying her nerves, pushed herself towards Tony. Although he was fully aroused, he backed away slightly, smirking. Ziva opened her mouth slightly, smiling, her eyes wide. She laughed and and sat up, grabbing onto his waist. Tony laughed and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down onto him. He kissed her, gentle and slow, as he aligned her hips with his.

Ziva pulled back a bit and looked into Tony's eyes, still smiling.

"I have wanted this," she panted, "for a very long time."

Tony took her face in his hands. "You don't need to tell me about it, kid." The look they shared was the most meaningful either could recall.

The moment Tony entered Ziva was exquisite. Their orgasms rocked each other's bodies. Their thrusts started out slow, but the strange feeling of relief that overtook them both each time Tony entered lead to faster, tighter movements, until each was panting and coated with sweat- among other substances.

After both were too tired to continue, they lay next to each other, the chests rising and falling in unison. Their legs were tangled and intertwined in the way only lovers' can be.

Tony turned his head to look at Ziva, who noticed the shift out of the corner of her eye and copied the movement. They stared at each other.

Finally, Ziva rested her head against Tony's naked shoulder, turning her mouth into his skin and kissing it.

"I love you," she said quietly, her voice muffled by skin and emotion.

Tony kissed her hair. "I know," he said, mimicking her words from earlier that night.

They smiled against each other.

After a while, Tony's breathing regulated, and when Ziva looked up from his chest, she found that his eyes were closed. She smiled and leaned her head back down, and as she fell asleep, she hazily acknowledged the bright white light on the top of the computer screen, although she didn't acknowledge that it meant the camera had been left on.

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