Author's Note: In a previous one of my stories – entitled Turning Point – a reference was made to a blackmail photo involving JJ and Reid during Christmas 2005. I had no intentions of writing this "party" that I had referenced – but I got so many requests that I could no longer resist. The story of what had happened during Christmas 2005 quickly grew in my head, until I could no longer ignore the urge to write it. I figured that, today being December 1, and that after Episode 100 everybody could use bit of a Christmas story, I would post it.

Note: Remember, this story takes place in the past – around Christmastime, 2005. Gideon and Ell are still there. Sorry that it means no Prentiss or Rossi for you guys – but at somebody's persistence, there is an upcoming one-shot involving Christmas Trees, Candy Canes, and JJ/Rossi. (-cough cough- You know who you are. It has been asked for and so it shall be written! My Christmas gift to you. :)

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The Telling of Christmas 2005

"You've got to be kidding me." Elle Greenaway stated, a deer in headlights staring at the medium sized ball room she'd been ushered into by one Jennifer Jareau. Her dark eyes were wide in looking at the bare room before them. She turned her head towards the woman – whom until three seconds ago she'd considered to be her friend – with narrowed, dark brown eyes.

The fair woman stood with her hands placed on her hips, facing the room with determined eyes. "Hey, look, it won't take that long." She turned back towards her friend with apologetic blue eyes. "Besides, I'll buy you a drink afterwards." JJ made the promise with her head tilted slightly to the side. The only other object in the room besides the boxes and bags next to Jennifer Jareau's feet was the giant Christmas tree in the far corner of the room.

Elle sighed, but made no move to run like hell from the room. "I can't believe you roped me into this."

Jennifer Jareau only smiled; a glint of mischief in her eyes. "The BAU has never had a Christmas party before, Elle." She shook her head and her blue eyes immediately took on a more somber note. "After all that we've seen this year, I can't not give them that." The woman sighed. "I think we could all use a little Holiday spirit."

Elle sighed – she knew all too well what the BAU had been through. It was too easy to lose the holiday spirit among murdered victims, autopsies, case files, and UnSubs. "This is a complete surprise for everyone?" The profiler asked before shrugging her shoulders slightly. "Not like any of us have anywhere to go on the 23rd."

It was currently the twenty second of December – somewhere around eleven PM. Cases were slow this week – most of their work had been reports. JJ had approached her friend in the break room, claiming that she needed help with a 'project'. For a reason now beyond her own comprehension, Elle had agreed. JJ had picked her up – effectively ending any chance for the profiler to escape the clutches of their determined media liaison.

"Garcia is going to have to be in on it." JJ answered. "She's going to have to email everyone for us." The liaison laughed. "I'll corner her tomorrow at work."

"Like you did with me today?" The profiler asked, again narrowing her eyes at her friend.

JJ's lips twitched in a smile. There was a hopeful light in her eyes. She turned that light on her friend, hands clasped before her in a playing, begging gesture.

Elle's shoulders slumped in defeat, and JJ's eyes lit up even more. The former woman's eyes went to the bags and box's by her friends feet. She sighed once more. 'You knew that I was going to help you, chica. You took my car."

JJ grinned. "Your car is sitting in your driveway, waiting for you when you get home. All I did was insist to drive you." She picked up one of the boxes in her arms, shoving it towards Elle. "That may or may not have been part of the plan." Elle took the box in her arms, groaning. Looking down, she saw the box to be full of something glittery and silver – tinsel.

The liaison was in rare mood today – playful and high spirited in the coming holidays, removed from the pressure and horror of her every day job. "Out of my way, woman on a mission." JJ pushed past her friend, a bag of tree lights in her hand; she was headed towards the giant tree in the corner of the room. Elle didn't fail to notice that there were several gift bags beneath the tree.

Elle followed JJ, holding the box of tinsel. "The idea of you on a mission is scarier than most UnSubs I've met." She teased, setting the box of tinsel down by the tree.

JJ grinned while placing the first string of lights onto the tree. "Did I ever tell you I almost electrocuted myself the first time I tried to put tree lights on? I was thirteen." The woman admitted, reaching upwards to throw on the second string of lights.

Elle shook her head, an amused smile gracing her lips. "If you electrocute yourself right now, I'm going to be the one doing the paperwork. All night, chica."

"I'll try, but I make no promises." JJ said, biting back a laugh. Elle handed her the next looping string of multi-colored lights. The air in the rented ballroom smelled like Christmas trees and hard wood floors. She hadn't felt as free as she did now since she was a child – the holidays usually did this for her, but for the past few years she hadn't been able to celebrate as she'd liked. Now that she had the chance to do exactly that – and share it with her fellow co workers – she didn't plan to miss out on it.

Getting Elle to help was step one. She hadn't seen enough happiness from the woman since she'd joined the bureau.

The profiler handed her another loop of lights, which she hung on the tree – having to stand on her tip toes to do so. "I hope you know I'm going to get you back for this." Elle said, and JJ turned back to laugh. "I'm serious. Quite. Serious."

"I'll hold you to it."


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