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Harry Potter and end of Manipulations

Chapter 1

Harry potter was lying down on the bed staring at the ceiling. The image of Sirius falling through the veil was plastered in his mind playing a loop his mind was continuously replaying. The last week since he had come home he had lain down on his bed and refused to move. He simply stared at the peeling plaster on his roof as if it was the most interesting piece of art in the world. He would move once in three days write down his well being note to order and lay down on the bed again.

Petunia on the other hand had grown increasingly worried with each passing day. This was the seventh day the boy had refused to touch his food she left in his room. He was catatonic plainly operating on the instruction given to him by those adult freaks. They had somehow broken him like they had captured her sister. He was simply going down in the same spiral which led to her death.

She was sure now that that they were chosen as the boy's guardians, simply by the virtue of being most magic hating people so that when the time came they would be glad to be rid of the orphan boy and the boy would be glad to be accepted into magical society. Every year the danger associated with the boy increased which both baffled and infuriated her. First a flying car driving freaks then, mass murdering godfather followed by soul sucking demons. The boy had screamed continuously last year in his sleep of which Dudley had informed her after the dementor incident. The incident had clearly shaken her and left her wondering if this was the kind of world was where another member of her family was going to lose his life. As soon as the thought arose in her mind she shivered. No, her mind screamed. If she can handle the raging hippo of her husband a runty Harry Potter is not going to die on her watch. He is not going to die without getting married, getting a job, a house, and kids who she is going to torment to her heart's content period.

She rose up from the kitchen table as she heard Vernon's car in the driveway. Vernon entered minutes later calling for her. She handed him his coffee and sat down on the sofa beside him. She gathered her resolve, opened her mouth when she was interrupted by Vernon.

"Has the boy eaten anything".

Petunia stared at her husband incredulously. What in the devil had gotten into her husband?


Vernon released a sigh and turned to face her. "I got a large order of drills today from a client Petunia. To celebrate, I took him out for drinks with his friend who is a psychologist. We were talking about the kids when I mentioned the boy and his behavior. He told me that the boy is most likely in depression and could turn suicidal if ignored. I don't like the boy umm but I don't want to see him die. So……………. I kinda umm invited the fellow here to see him tomorrow.

Petunia looked at him with wide eyes. When the two of them had met he was a bumbling, yet endearing date. The Vernon she saw now reminded her of those days, when trying to please her he would do crazy things his friends had suggested in wooing her.

"Oh! Vernon", she hugged him and smiled reassuringly, "you did the right thing. That boy needs an intervention; the sooner the better. When is our guest coming?"

"9 o'clock, just after breakfast."

"Sure I will try to feed the boy tonight."

That night after supper, Petunia took some hot soup and bread and went to the boy's bedroom. He was lying in the same position she had seen him earlier and an important looking owl was flitting about. She looked at Harry and hesitantly extended her arm. The owl hopped on her arm and offered her the letter tied to his legs. She took the letter and poured some soup in the boy's owl dish. His own bird was probably out hunting. The owl nodded to her as if thanking her and began drinking.

She opened the thick parchment and started to read.

Dear Mr. Potter

The enchantments placed upon you designated godfather Mr. Sirius Black's will activated one month ago. As the principle beneficiary of this will you are required to attend the reading of the will. However, all attempts to reach you via regular owl post have failed. Therefore Firedoom my personal owl had been pressed into service. He will wait for a response as long as it takes. Failure to show up will cause you to wait till you come off age in order to secure a reading again. Please tap your wand to the end of the parchment to convey the consent of your attendance.

The reading had been scheduled for the 12 o'clock, Saturday 20 July 2006. A portkey is attached to this letter.

May your vaults be flushed with gold

Bank manager Ragnok

London branch, Gringotts

Petunia looked around and spied the boy's wand lying on the dresser. She tapped the wand onto letter. A coin fell onto her palm. This must be the porty- thingy. The owl fluttered down and extended his leg and she tied the letter back up. She placed the wand and the coin back on the dresser and observed the boy.

He was always small for her age. They have never actually starved him but she knew that she could have taken better care of the boy. The reason was that she was never sure of whether she was being watched or not by the freaks. Last year Dudley had confirmed that their cat-crazy lady neighbor was one of them and her worry increased. So they had been carefully watched over for almost all the years they had the boy. However, this only hardened her resolve. They were his legal guardians in this world and there was no way she was neglecting the dire state the boy was in. Even Dudley hadn't bothered the boy in the whole week, casting thoughtful glances at his door. So, his godfather was dead and judging by the state the boy was in, his death was not a peaceful one. For someone hunted by a mass murderer a similar godfather must be a particularly good protection. The boy had 'Harry' she reminded herself, had taken the loss hard.

She opened a water bottle and poured the contents down Harry's throat. He sputtered gasping for air and gulped down a lot of it and quickly sat up staring at her wildly. Had the situation not been so dire, she would have laughed at the half drowned cat appearance he exhibited. She placed the bowl in his hands and said, "eat". He gave her an incredulous stare then the same look to the bowl as if trying to remember what to do. She finally took pity on him and fed him with her spooning soup in his mouth and him gulping it down dutifully. The boy looked ravenous and quickly finished the soup; the wild look in his eyes never faded.

Dudley, then came in carrying another bowl. At the sight of his mother he stopped and the mother and son stared at each other. Then he took the empty bowl from his mother's hands and placed a nearly full one. She started feeding Harry again and Dudley quietly settled in the wobbly chair beside her. When the bowl was half finished Harry started to shake his head. Dudley then took the bowl and tipped the contents of the bowl in the food-dish of Hedwig. Harry lain down on his bed and closed his eyes. Dudley pressed his massive palms on the side of Harry's head where the scar was and started to rub soothing circles. Within minutes the boy was asleep. As she watched her son interact with such familiarity with her nephew, she realized this was a routine her son did everyday; perhaps ever since the boy had come back.

Dudley gave her a sidelong glance and collected the dishes. Petunia followed her son to the kitchen where for the first time in her life she watched her son working in the kitchen. He made tea and placed one steaming cup in front of her. She took a tentative sip. The tea was quite decent.

"He doesn't even scream anymore." He said in a quiet voice.

Petunia looked at her son. He was going to be seventeen this year. With a jolt she realized that next year he will become an adult. She had looked at her son with pride many times but now was the time to acknowledge that he had matured. She nodded.

"His condition had worsened every year. Those freaks don't even care as long as he goes to their school."

Dudley looked at her with a serious expression on his face which would have looked comical in any other situation." He told me last night about one other school in France and one in Russia." A throat being cleared behind them warned them about Vernon standing there. He poured himself tea and took another chair at the table.

"There are other schools ?" Vernon asked. Dudley nodded.

"France is too close for comfort and Russia poses language problem. Any schools in America?"

"No idea," Dudley paused," but they send letters by owls don't they". An idea had formed in his head quickly.

The next morning the whole family was up before 7. Dudley had coaxed harry into a bath and by 8 the breakfast was finished. Everybody sat in the drawing room. Harry was leaning heavily on the side of his low chair while Dudley was running soothing circles through his hair. The motion had mostly calmed down a panicking Harry who for a while had a haunted look in his eyes again. Petunia had braved the attic this morning looking through her sister old trunk and found a book of interest 'Sixteen : the start of a pureblood's life'. As Harry was going to be sixteen soon she thought the book might help. Through the morning she had read a few chapters and was both horrified and amused at the contents. The book was quite explicit for a teenager. However the real gem was the chapter on heritage. She called Vernon and Dudley as she read from the book.

The creature heritage had been a long standing tradition in magical society. It is a well known fact that a witch or wizard with creature heritage receives magical boost and some magical attributes of the creature. The maturity begins shortly before their sixteenth birthday and culminates on the birthday… during this time the individual may exhibit extreme to partial distress……. The gifts developed by the purebloods can range from enhanced senses to near complete transformation into the magical creature…………..

As she opened the next page an old envelope fell out. Dudley picked it up smoothed it open and started to read the first parchment. His eyes went wide as he read the contents and reached for the contents of the next sheaf. His mother looked at him curiously. Dudley finished the letter took a deep breath and passed the parchments to her. Petunia took them and as she read she started to tremble slightly. She took a deep breath and gave the documents to Vernon.

They stared at each other with wild shock running through all of them as they realized the full extent to which their lives had been manipulated by magical bigots of Britain.

Lily had been working as an assistant in a law office during the war efforts against Voldemort. Some fifty years ago a law was passed by magical Britain which gave the ministry power to bind the accidental magic shown by borderline squibs. These children and many squibs were then banished into the muggle world and they were almost always lost.

Lily's careful research however found astonishing results. With each passing generation the probability of magical offspring increased in the squib's families. More often than not their children were labeled muggleborns and their parents deemed muggles whereas they really were squibs. The instance of two banished squibs finding each other and marrying had a high probability somehow thought to be influenced by their compatible natural magic. Lily had tried to prove her research but the data were hard to come by in the war torn Britain. She accidently compared Petunia and Vernon's family records with the magical tapestries of lost families. Both Petunia and Vernon's ancestors were located though with a different last names. Her final research was proved by studies of Lily's blood and a lock of Dudley's hair she had as a souvenir. Shrunk copies of the tapestries were the conclusive proof that cinched it for them. Lily had written her final conclusion at the end that finally, she had found the reason her sister had married Vernon Dursley.

Petunia's lips had twitched upon reading her sisters parting words. The date on the letters told her that they were probably the last words Lily had ever written. She most likely was waiting for her owl to come back from hunting and left the letter pressed in the book. She never got the chance to post the letter as she died the next morning. So they were all squibs, the rejects of the magical world with bound magic. Lily was probably the only one powerful enough to tear through the enchantments placed upon their ancestors.

'That meant that Harry was a pureblood wizard going through his magical majority. Oh! God. She had no one to help them. Emotional trauma probably added to the stress. The poor kid was in a lot of pain.' She had gained a lot of insight in the magical world in the last hour than in her whole lifetime. The nerve of that manipulative old many-named bastard coot to have abandoned her nephew at a time like this.

"Dudley get Harry some aspirin quickly. "

Dudley goggled at her," I gave him two after breakfast as I have every six hours since he came back. Think I should up the night dose though."

Petunia had by now crossed her potential to be shocked by the behavior of males in the family. Instead she struggled to press her lips together to trying not to laugh.

"Why don't we ask the doctor to prescribe some general painkillers? He will be here in a few minutes."

The reminder jolted Vernon out of his post wizard ancestor induced stupor. He collected the letters carefully and placed them in the drawer. Then he pried the book out of Petunia's hands and started reading. As he finished a car honked in the driveway. He returned the book to her and went to receive the visitor. She hid the book in the drawer and locked it. Now was not the time to expose Harry to anyone even a doctor. Suddenly she got a very bad feeling. She streaked towards the door which Vernon was about to open and screamed, "No."

Vernon paused his hand on the door and rushed to her. "What's the matter, Pet?"

"Think how many psychologists accompany a friend to place a drills order, talk about kids and spare time for an unknown kid on a weekend….none Vernon. The magic on the property is warning us. Don't open the door and never invite a stranger in this home again. We have powerful magic protecting us. We have to be careful." For the first time in her life she had appreciated a blocked eyehole.

They quickly turned off all the lights in the house and retreated to the master bedroom. Dudley was already there with Harry sleeping on the bed. His tense set of shoulders were poised for a fight.

"After the last years attack his godfather came to see me."she ventured.

"Wait, the killer," Petunia nodded," go on"

"He told me that if we invite someone who is on the bad side the magic will warn us but since the invitation had been given the wards would be prone to failure and in case that happens....."

Petunia pressed a button on the switchboard and before their very eyes the things in the house began to fold upon themselves. All their belongings shrunk and zoomed into a small carrier bag. The whole thing lasted seconds and the house was now bare. Vernon grabbed the case, while Dudley held Harry in his arms. Petunia took out the key which she had hoped never to use in her life.

Crash! The house suddenly shook. She grabbed Vernon and Dudley and whispered,' don't let go. Atrum!'

They disappeared in a swirl of colors.