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Chapter 4

He woke to the smell of sizzling bacon and some other delectable treat for the breakfast. His aunt Petunia was not quite upto Dobby's delicious standards and she had been forbidden to even try and step foot in the kitchen for breakfast. For lunch and dinner however Harry and Petunia were allowed to help in.

Dudley poked his head in his door. "Hey squirt, wake up if you want the breakfast or I am going to eat all of it." The only response he got was a groan and a pillow thrown in his face which he ducked.

Harry opened his eyes and got out of the bed grumbling. It was actually quite funny that he was still woken up for breakfast at sharp 7 o' clock in the morning even if he wasn't going to be the one cooking it. The absence of watchers and the truth of the family had worked wonders for the familial relations with his relatives. They were no longer something he wanted to be desperately rid off.

Harry's relatives had easily settled in their new home. They had been eager to test themselves for magic at the American ministry and found out that strong bindings on their familial magic had stopped them from manifesting magic as they were indeed weak witch and wizards. They weren't very powerful but were easily at a level which required them to be trained. Due to their late introduction into the magical world tutors were provided courtesy of the ministry. They now tolerated each other with humorous disdain quiet common in a normal American dysfunctional family. Their training as the pureblooded family thanks to the American ministry was going splendidly. His name was changed to Alexander Le fay, one of the minor forgotten pureblood families lost in England due to squibs. It was also a cadet branch to uncle Vernon's original magical family which he was happy to adopt. Dudley had become Caspian Le fay, Petunia was renamed Andrea Le fay nee Morgan, while his uncle had become Theodore Le fay. He was the officially the younger son in the family.

He shuffled into his bathroom and removed his earring. The perks of not being unwanted anymore had led to a huge change in his status in the family. In his new house he had his own well furnished room en-suited with a he took a good look at himself. He now looked the same yet different Harry. He had become quiet tall, thanks to his inheritance and his growth spurts. His body had begun to fill out quite nicely courtesy of the combined mothering attempts of Dobby and Mrs. Weasley. He no longer worked his way to exhaustion as he was prone to do at the Privet Drive and he was enjoying his life well; no thanks to anyone he had left behind. The golden ring that Dudley had seen in his eyes had disappeared. However his eyes have developed fierce vision and he no longer needed glasses. His features have sharpened too. The baby fat had melted off from his face throwing his angular features into sharp relief. It wasn't possible to recognize him if he casually crossed his old acquaintances in the street, even without his earring.

He freshened up quickly and put the earring back on. The normal look for his altered appearance blurred into existence. He now looked like a dirty blond haired teenager with blue eyes and a medium build; somebody who wasn't easily recognizable in the street and easier to forget.

He went down to the kitchen. All his relatives were already up and sitting at the table. He took a bite of the toast and poured himself some tea while he was waiting for his friends to arrive. He was scheduled to go shopping with his friends and Dudley today.

For the trio of Ron, Harry and Hermione the new environment was an open challenge. Hermione had changed her appearance but not her muggleborn status. she now looked like petite blond with green eyes. While Blood purity issue wasn't as strong here as it was in Europe, on the ministry's suggestion officially she had become a ward of the Le fay family. She was now renamed as Paige Williams. The elder Weasleys have become, the Whites a broken branch of an old pureblood family from Greece. They have also split up the family. Ron and Ginny were listed as Whites while the Bill had registered as a seperate head of the house, Morgan which covered the rest of his brothers. Ron was now called Andrew, Arthur had become Malthius, Molly was Relena, Bill was Samuel, Charlie was Zeus, Percy was Noel, Fred was Angelo, George was Anthony and Ginny was now Alexis. However, they all lived together.

As the days had passed the Auror cover had been relaxed but not completely removed. The three families were impressed with the level of professionalism shown to them. The British Aurors had a lot to learn when it came to normal surveillance it seemed. Even with the constant security provided by the Aurors, they had quite a fun time with the White family living so near to them. The twins were as exuberant as ever. They were looking towards opening a new shop in the Chicago wizarding district; however they wanted to work with precious jewels this time. Even Harry had been impressed with the capital they had managed to raise from a single joke shop funds which were now being used to buy uncut precious stones.

The arrival of Andrew (tall, blue eyes and brown hair) and Paige led Alexander (Alex) and Caspian to hurriedly finish their breakfast and go out for yet another day of wonderful treat in the Chicago wizarding district. They shopped, they browsed and normally Alex reveled in the elusive anonymity of the American wizarding world. The life here was fast paced and everybody worked regardless of their gender or age.

From all the members of the Dumbledore's army no one else had been accepted into his new school. Harry, Whites and Hermione had made it in due to their threatened status and the funds offered by the American ministry to have the honor of boy who lived residing in their country. As its reputation stood, the school was extremely elite and the training was rigorous. Dudley had chosen to be home schooled for this year as he had a lot of magical education to catch up on. If he felt comfortable he would be schooling with them next year.

For the lunch they chose a small café at the midsection of the street where they sat under bright umbrellas, happily gossiping. Harry ran his eyes over the other patrons when he spotted the Delacour family sitting a few tables away. Bill had left Fleur behind but it seemed that the Delacours have come to America for a vacation. Mrs. Delacour was a vision in itself dragging eyes of the males in the vicinity. Alex eyed the young girl sitting beside Fleur. Her name was Gabrielle as far as he could remember. He hadn't seen her in two years and she was a beauty now. She looked about thirteen. As he scrutinized her face he spied a letter in his hand which carried a symbol he was quite familiar with. It carried the insignia of the American Elite school. Alex smiled. It seemed to him that he was going to meet the young Ms. Delacour again and quite soon.

"Hey Alex, you are not by any chance staring at the Veelas ?" Andrew playfully remarked.

"Hmm."Alex was happy ogling the girls and seemed oblivious, which led to a giggling Paige and a smirking Caspian. Andrew grinned maliciously and dumped his cold drink into his lap. Alex yelped.

" What the hell Andrew."

" Stop staring and listen to us." Alex frowned and turned his attention to his best friend.

"We agreed to meet Angelo and Anthony to discuss their new designs. So we have to scope out the competition today. So it's jeweler's shops after lunch for us. In the evening we are going to look at the new brooms in the market. I think you should look for a new broom if you aren't taking your firebolt out for the games."

Alex nodded. He had decided to keep his Firebolt in his new vault at the American Gringotts. No way he was going to let any damage come to Sirius's gift.

They finished their lunch quickly after that and returned browsing through the shops.

The departure of Weasleys and Grangers was a shock to Dumbldore's plans. The Order was quiet baffled as all the three important families have disappered overnight, without emerging anywhere else in the world at ministrial records. It was a foregone conclusion that the three families have gone in hiding, possibly together. There was neither hide nor hair to be found of any of the members. He was grinding his teeth together trying to find the ungrateful disobedient Potter child. Who knew what his new inheritance was. He was barred from the inheritance records as the family records were sealed and accesible only to the family members. Voldemort after his apparent unmasking at the ministry had once again gone back into the shadows, but he knew. The whispers of the things to come were dreadful. He and the wizarding England needed Harry Potter.

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