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One-Shot: Edward and Bella

Summary: Edward and Bella have been best friends forever but Bella has always felt more for Edward. When planning on going to the winter dance together, will sparks fly or will Edward just still feel for her as friends. All Human

( I know this story ideal is used a lot maybe, but I want you all to know that everything I wrote was from myself and no one else, and I put a lot of work into this.)

"Alice!" I groaned. "Will you please stop buying me more clothes? I thought we were looking for dresses and that's it!"

"Oh Bella you know even when we go dress shopping we need to buy more clothes for you, because you always seem to find some mysterious way to loose or get stains on the clothes that I buy for you." She said while using air quotes.

"And impulse we're looking at new clothes for you anyway because you're closest is still too small and you need more colors and clothes! Also there is a great sale today and we can't miss out!" Alice exclaimed.

"Ugh" I groaned. "Please Alice can we just look for a dress because I would love to find the perfect one for tomorrow." Giving her a pleading look, while she gave me a knowing one.

"And if everything is on sale today we could find my dress at a great price and you know how I hate having you pay for everything!"

"Oh fine, but you owe me big next time when we go shopping, because we did not just waste gas and time for you just to get one item of clothing today!" Alice said as she was finally giving in for a first.

Smiling and thanking the gods we were finally heading our way to the next store. Thinking to myself, I was excited to find the perfect dress, because you see I've been wanting to get a perfect dress because me and my best friend Edward are going to the winter dance tomorrow night and I have always felt more for him.

When I also found out I loved Edward, I started having the need to impress and make myself look more presentable in front of him more often. So I knew I shouldn't be arguing with Alice for buying me more clothes, because she was only just trying to help me look nicer.

Arriving at the next store, Alice immediately pulled me to a rack of dresses to find that would perfectly fit me to help me find this perfect so called dress that I had wanted. After Alice had found some dresses that she thought were suitable. She pulled me to the back of the store to the dressing rooms.

Then shoved me into the first open stall that she could find and leaving me with about ten dresses.

The first dress I tried on was a deep red color, with spaghetti straps. The dress was tight around my figure and the bottom of the dress went down below an inch of my butt, which was too short for my liking.

Exiting the dressing room to show Alice, she tells me to try on the next one for better luck, because by the look on her face I knew she was displeased with the dress also.

Trying on the next dress, I find it to modest for my liking. It was a short sleeved black dress that went down to my knees, with a huge read bow around the waist.

Finally giving up on that dress, I finished trying on the last of the dresses, but found they weren't that great either. Next I started trying on the very last dress that I found there that I hadn't noticed before, and by trying on this dress I found that it was too stunning beyond words.

The dress was a blue satin wedding dress, bride dress gown. The dress was strapless and floor length, it also had silver and white floral beading around and up the waist and chest of the dress. The bottom of the dress then riffled out to the ground. (Picture on profile.)

Exiting the stall, I went to go see Alice, knowing she will be pleased with it also. Finding Alice at the front of the dressing room she notices me, and I slowing see the look of pure joy and satisfaction creeping up onto her face.

"Oh My Gosh Bella! I knew that dress would be perfect! EEEEE! The dress is beautiful and you look so hot in it! Edward is going to have a heart attack when he see's you in that dress!" Alice burst out in excitement, and know my true feeling for Edward while saying that.

Next thing I knew the redness of my blush was creeping up my face, so before Alice would see I try to turn away for her not to notice but it's too late and Alice starts giggling.

"Oh Bella! What are we going to do with you?"

"Oh be quiet Alice it's not my fault what choice of words you decided to use on me." I huffed.

"Ok, Ok, I'll stop now, so go change now so we can get some supper and then head home because I have to set out my dress, shoes and make up for tomorrow night also and I also need to find those silver high heel for you and you better not argue on my choice of your shoe wear,"

She said while she noticed the horror starting to creep on my face.

"Because you still owe me big on getting out of shopping earlier!"

Changing out of the dress I hand it to Alice so she can start paying for it, and then change back into my clothes.

While leaving I make sure I have everything. Alice was finished with paying for our items so we started to head out.

Heading out we stopped at the nearby Subway food place. While we were there I got and Italian herbs and cheese bread sandwich at a 6-inch with roast beef, ham and turkey with lettuce, light mayo and pickles with a big chocolate cookie with a soft drink.

While Alice got a 6-inch Italian herbs and cheese with cheese roast beef and turkey on it with lettuce, mayo, pickles, cucumbers, tomato and onions. Then she also got a chocolate chip cookie with a soft drink.

Getting our orders we sat at nearby table and we both start eating, and Alice also in the mean time is chatting away about the latest fashions and new gossip that has happened. Then she starts telling me about another new clothing sale that she had noticed that was coming up. While I just kept nodding and smiling in all the right places for her, too let her know I was tell paying attention to what she was saying.

When we were both finished eating, we started to head back to Alice's house because I was sleeping over and the dance was the next night so she wanted the whole day to play Bella Barbie on me as she calls it and to also make sure I get my beauty sleep so I wouldn't have raccoon eyes in the morning also. And she also knew she could watch me to make sure I was sleeping cause for some reason she has always have a 6th sense for that.

Leaving the parking lot I started feeling the exhaustion of the day had kick in. And then I had started slowly drifted to sleep.

The next thing I knew is that I am being lifted out of the car. Slowly opening my I eyes I find myself looking into Edward's emerald green eyes, and finding myself lost in them.

"Hello sleepy head, did Alice tire you out again?" Edward said softly.

"As a matter of fact she did." I said groggy.

Edward laughed softly and started to carry me up into the house into the living and set me on the couch and sitting next to me. I then lean my head to Edward's shoulder while he wraps his arm around my shoulders.

"So did you find you're so called perfect dress?" Edward said teasingly

"Yes, I did." I stated "And you won't get to see it until we leave for the dance." I said rather smugly.

"Awe why not? I really wanted to see it." He said while pouting just a bit.

"You will get to see it and it will be before the dance so stop pouting ok, and now let's get ready for bed because we both have a big day tomorrow." I said. While lifting myself from the couch out of Edwards grasped.

"Ok." Edward said softly, and also getting up from the couch. "I'll see you the morning then Bella, have sweet dreams and don't worry too much about the dance tomorrow, my silly Bella, you will be just fine."

"You too Edward, goodnight and don't let the bedbugs bite." I replied softly to him, wrapping my arms around and giving him a hug, he returns the favor, and then headed off to bed, as I did the same.

Heading upstairs I make my way to Alice's room, in the house. Changing in to sweat bottoms and light blue t-shirt, I then head to the bathroom in the room and brush my teeth and then wash my face. Saying goodnight to Alice I then head to my sleeping bag next to her bed and slip into it, I then fall into to a deep sleep, not having any dreams for the first time in a long time.

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