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Summary: Heather and Harold are stuck in traffic, and discuss the true meaning of Christmas.

Pairing: HeatherxHarold

Day: December 1

Disclaimer: I own nothing but a love for TDI, crack couples, and Christmas!

Ugh, I can't believe they're already playing Christmas music!" Heather scowled, turning off the radio. "It's only December 1."

"Hey! I liked that song, gosh!" her boyfriend Harold, who was driving rather slowly in the traffic, said. "And lots of people like Christmas music. Doesn't it make you feel all warm and Christmasy inside?" Harold smiled and hugged himself. Normally Heather would have yelled at him to watch the road, but there was so much traffic, it wouldn't matter if they started making out in the backseat. Not that they would ever do that. She did have standards.

"Nope. I've hated Christmas ever since I was a kid."

This made Harold gasp. "How can you hate Christmas? It's the most magical time of the year!"

Heather rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Yeah right. It's just an excuse to get a bunch of bratty kids presents they'll never use, work yourself to the bone finding a present, and when they open it, it's not even the right one!"

When she finished her rant, Harold smiled at her sympathetically. "You didn't get your dream gift, huh?"

Heather sighed, and in a rare moment of vulnerability, admitted: " When I was a kid, all I wanted was a Pretty Polly doll. They were the hottest toys on the market, and my parents searched for days without finding one. Wanna know what I got instead that year?"


"A frigging Sunset Sally bike."

Her boyfriend started cracking up. "No way! Isn't that what Lindsay always wanted for Christmas?"

"Yeah, and believe me, I would have traded with Lindsiot, but she probably doesn't even remember my name."

"I'm not sure she would want too." Harold pointed out. "You were pretty nasty to her on the show."

"I treated her the same way I treated everyone else!"

Harold could have continued, but he really didn't feel like sleeping on the couch that night, so he changed the subject. "So you hate Christmas because of one botched present?"

"It's not just the present, you idiot!" Harold didn't flinch from the insult; he was used to it. "Not getting that doll helped me realize what Christmas really is: a marketing setup used to steal money from saps like you!"

Harold shook his head. "Heather, you're missing the point. Christmas isn't about materialism; it's about being joyful and spending time with the ones you love."

"Inviting your parents to stay with us for Christmas doesn't convince me that you love me."

"I do! My parents aren't that bad, gosh!"

"Oh please! They're nerdy, they have ugly red hair, they scream gosh all the time..." Heather stopped. "Oh my God, what am I dating?"

Harold laughed; to most it would have sounded like an insult, but he knew it was her way of joking. Well, half-joking. "Come one, my parents love you! Well, my dad didn't like that comment you made on his hair piece, but my mom thought it was funny!"

"Whatever. It's not my fault he looked like he had a dead rodent on his head."

Harold laughed again, then smiled. "See, that's what I love about you. You're not afraid to be honest to people, even if they don't want to hear the truth."

Heather turned away, hiding her smile. In truth, she loved Harold too. Yes, he was a total nerd, and yes, she had lost a friend for dating him, which left her with no friends. But he was a gentleman, he took care of her and loved her, which was more than she could say for her past boyfriends, who only dated her to increase their popularity. But Harold made her feel happy, and loved, and sometimes, he even made her want to be... kind.

I'll never tell him that, though. Heather thought. That nerdling will probably just let it go to his inflated head.

"By the way, when we get home, we need to go through your closet for the church's charity drive." Harold said, preparing for the onslaught that was about to come.

"Ugh!" Heather slammed her head against her seat. "You know I hate doing that! I don't want some poor person wearing my clothes!"

"These people have almost nothing else! Don't you think they'd all like to look as fabulous as you?" Harold swung for a compliment, hoping that would win her over, but all he got was a growl. "Okay, fine, gosh! But I have to remind you, charity is all apart of Christmas. You know those Santa Clauses outside pharmacies and super markets?"

"You mean the fat losers who dress up as an even fatter loser to steal money?"

Ignoring her negative comment, Harold continued, "Anyway, whenever I see one of them, I always put $20.00 in the bucket."

"That's pathetic."

"No, it's charitable."

"Pathetic, charitable, is there really a difference?" Heather asked as they pulled into the shopping plaza.


"Alright, I'm going to the Market Basket. How do you feel about pasta for dinner?" Harold asked. The two were standing on the curb before heading off to different stores.

"Fine, just don't get the fatty sauce." Heather grinned. "Most girls put on tons of weight during the holidays, but not this one!"

"Okay. What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to Marshalls." Heather replied, patting her purse. "I want to get an early Christmas present for the only person who really matters."


"Me! Duh!"

Harold rolled his eyes, but smiled. "Alright then. I'll meet you out here in twenty minutes, kay?" Heather nodded, and Harold leaned forward to give her a quick kiss before heading into the grocery store.

Heather stared after her boyfriend, smiling. He really was such a good person. Maybe I don't deserve him. Heather thought briefly. Nah, it's obviously him who doesn't deserve me.

As Heather walked from Market Basket to Marshalls, she saw one of the Santa Clauses she and Harold had been talking about. He was ringing his annoying bell with a bored expression on his face, checking his watch every few seconds. Probably checking to see when his shift ends. Heather thought. What a loser.

Still, that didn't stop her from putting a twenty dollar bill into the bucket.

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