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Summary: Six couples come together to celebrate Christmas, and gain a few surprises.

Pairings: This chapter features my six favorite couples. Why? Well, you all know that my OTP is NoahxCourtney, but I've gotten some PMs from people asking for my top five. So why top six? Well, after that, the people start to repeat. Anyway, It starts with my favorite pairing, then second, and so on.

Day: December 25

Disclaimer: See every chapter of this story

"So, to be clear, we can't open our presents until everyone comes?" Noah asked as he sat at the counter, watching Courtney scurry around making last minute adjustments. He tapped his fingers in a bored way, staring longingly at the tree and, more specifically, the gifts under it. He had a good feeling that "Santa" had brought him that book he'd had his eyes on for a while, and he didn't want to have to wait for a bunch of idiots to invade his home before he could open it. Or before Courtney could open the present he got her, which he was really excited for her to open.

"That's correct, Noah," Courtney said in an annoyed way, shoving the french toast into the oven, "Now make yourself useful and find that holiday album your mom got you last year."

"I gave it to a Martian on my last trip to the moon."


He rolled his eyes, sighing. "Fine. In all honesty, I returned it."

Courtney groaned. "Great. That's the only Christmas music we had!"

"Didn't you record yourself playing some Christmas songs on your violin?" Noah reminded her.

She blushed, and looked away. "Well, yeah, but I honestly don't think it's good enough to..."

"Yes it is."

"Okay! I'll go get it!" She ran into their bedroom. Noah rolled his eyes, smiling. It was so interesting to him how the tiniest bit of encouragement made Courtney believe that anything she did was perfect. Some people, like some of the fans of Total Drama Island, found that annoying. To him, it was just Courtney being Courtney.

I guess that's love for you.


"I can't believe your dragging me along to spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Loser!" Heather complained loudly, glaring at Harold while he drove. He had learned to block out her rampages a long time ago. It was better for his ears and sanity.

"It's not just going to be Noah and Courtney, gosh!" Harold replied, seeming calm compared to his fuming girlfriend. "There's going to be some other people from the show, like-"

"I don't care whose there! I hated everyone from that show!" Heather said, then mumbled, "I almost wish you hadn't flown your parents home early."

"Hey, I did that as a present for you!" He sounded sort of annoyed, and began clutching their other presents to his chest. "Though it's not as good as the other one I got you..." He started smiling in a way that creeped Heather out.

"Harold? stop smiling, you're freaking me out!" Heather insisted. Then again, Harold did a lot of stuff that freaked her out; his nerdy video games, his snoring, his many disgusting allergies, his snoring... Where was she? Oh yes. Still, with all the stuff he did that creeped her out, they had been together happily since the third season of Total Drama, when Harold finally realized that him and LeShawna was never going to happen again. and it was about time too; that little crush of his was starting to get on her nerves. Not that she was jealous, or anything. Like she'd be jealous of someone being with a nerd. In fact, that was her now, wasn't it? And though he creeped her out, she never regretted being with him.

I guess that's love for you.


"Would you stop fidgeting, Malibu? It's just Princess and that nerd. It's not like we're spending Christmas with the Prime Minister or something." Duncan said nonchalantly as he strolled with Bridgette down the hallway, checking the piece of paper again for Courtney and Noah's apartment number. Bridgette, meanwhile, kept looking around and wringing her hands with a nervous expression on her face which, Duncan had to admit, was kind of cute.

"Yeah, I know. It's just... I haven't seen anyone from the show except you in a long time." Bridgette confessed. "Besides, Courtney's your ex-girlfriend, and she said that she invited Geoff too, so..." To her surprise, Duncan burst out laughing.

"You're worried about meeting up with our exes?" He chuckled. "Seriously?"

Bridgette glared at him. "I really don't see how that's funny."

"Of course you wouldn't, you're a chick." Duncan started to explain,"See, you girls get all nervous about meeting your exes, but us guys couldn't care less. Sure, Princess was pissed for a while, but she got over it when she started dating Egghead. And Geoff..." Duncan stopped, because he didn't know. He hadn't seen Geoff since the show had ended, and from what he had heard, he had taken his and Bridgette's breakup pretty badly. He didn't how he'd feel when he saw his ex-girlfriend and his best friend together.

"and Geoff what?" Bridgette asked, sounding concerned, since Duncan was basically implying that he didn't know if Geoff was over her. Heck, Bridgette herself didn't know that yet.

In answer, Duncan just shrugged. "I guess we'll find out when we get there." He continued walking faster, as if trying to escape the conversation. Geoff had been one of his best buds on the show, that was true, but he'd always been jealous of the fact that Bridgette had liked Geoff instead of him. Sure, he had liked Courtney, but he only originally went after her because she was Bridgette's friend, and he could get closer to her. When that didn't work, he kept going out with her to make her jealous, and around that time he had actually started to fall for Courtney. Still, he couldn't get the surfer out of his mind. She was even more of his opposite then Courtney: sweet, kind, gentle, basically all of the things that he hated. He still couldn't explain why he had been so happy when Geoff and Bridgette broke up, and even more excited when Bridgette and him got together.

I guess that's love for you.


Meanwhile, Geoff, whom Duncan and Bridgette were both so worried about, was already at Noah and Courtney's door, trying to cheer up his sulking girlfriend.

"Come on, babe, Noah and Courtney are cool! I mean sure, they could party some more, and someone should slip a chill pill into their coffee, but other than that they're cool!"

Gwen sighed. It wasn't that she didn't like Noah and Courtney; she and Courtney had more or less become friends in the third season, and though she had never really talked to Noah, she didn't have a problem with him either. Still, something was bugging her. Maybe it was just because she still felt a little achey from the flu she had just gotten over. Or maybe she had just wanted to spend Christmas alone with her party man. Wow. That was something Gwen never thought she would think.

"Hey," Geoff whispered and leaned down next to her, concerned. "If you still aren't feeling well, we could go home."

That sounded perfect to Gwen. But, she knew how much Geoff was looking forward to seeing his friends from the show. And Gwen wouldn't mind seeing them too. So, she said:

"No, I'm fine. Let's just get this over with."

Geoff grinned, patting her on the shoulder. "That's the spirit, babe!" He rang the doorbell, quietly humming Jingle Bells. Gwen smiled at him.

It was hard for Gwen to remember a time when Geoff wasn't a part of her life. After Geoff and Bridgette's nasty breakup between seasons two and three, Geoff had started texting Gwen, sharing his feelings with her. Gwen, who was often annoyed by people acting sappy and lovesick, felt genuinely bad for him, and tried to help him as best as she could. She had even snuck a cell phone onto the plane in the third season, so she could talk to Geoff, who wasn't on the show. The rest, as they say, was history. a history that, so far, was four years in five years in the making. And though she sometimes was reluctant to admit it, for some reason, Gwen loved every minute that she, a goth, spent with a preppy party boy.

I guess that's love for you.


A few minutes after Gwen and Geoff arrived, they heard a rapid procession of loud knocks against the door. Courtney took a deep breath before she opened it; she knew what was coming.

"HI COURTNEY!!!!!" Izzy yelled, glomping her to the ground. "E-Scope and Zekey have arrived!"

"So we can see." Noah said somewhat icily, helping his girlfriend up. Izzy didn't even blink an eye at his comment, while Ezekiel shuffled around uncomfortably in the doorway, buried under presents.

"Um, Izzy, could you give me a hand here, eh?" He asked, shifting the packages so they wouldn't fall.

Izzy laughed and walked back to him, giving him a hard slap on the back. "Oh my Zekey, my lazy Zekey. I spoil you, you know that?" She still didn't take the presents.

Ezekiel sighed, trying to get a better grip. In truth, he didn't mind carrying everything... too much. Growing up in the country had made him stronger than "city folk", as his parents called people like his girlfriend. Still, it would have been nice if Izzy helped him, since she was the one who insisted on buying marshmallow guns for everyone. Thankfully, Geoff stepped in to help him while Izzy went around hugging everyone.

"Thanks, eh." He said, putting his remaining stack beneath the tree. Geoff barely had time to pat him on the shoulder before Izzy hugged him to the ground like she did with Courtney. Ezekiel started cracking up, especially the happy expression on Izzy's face and the angry one on Geoff's. The angry face was one that he saw a lot in context with Izzy. He himself knew why Izzy annoyed people, but she never annoyed him.

I guess that's love for you.


Only ten minutes later, all of the couples had arrived: Heather, Harold, Duncan, and Bridgette, as well as the final one...

"Oh my gosh, Cassie, Nathan! It's so good to see you!"

Lindsay enveloped Noah and Courtney in a big hug, pressing her chest against Noah's. He looked at his obviously annoyed girlfriend, as if to say why did you do this to me?

"Um, hi Lindsay, Trent." Courtney greeted calmly, trying to gently push Lindsay off of her. Trent, meanwhile, was still standing in the hall, shaking his head and smiling while he held his guitar.

"Hey guys," He came in, high fiveing the guys and kissing the girls on the cheek, "Merry Christmas."

"Todd and I are so excited to see you guys get your presents!" Lindsay gushed, "Gregory, you are going to love the new cowboy hat we got you- eep!"

Lindsay's hands flew to her mouth, while Trent's flew to his fore head. Duncan, of course, was cracking up at the awkwardness, while Gwen shifted uncomfortably. Geoff, however, had a big grin on his face.

"I'm so sorry, Todd! It just slipped out, I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay, Linds." Trent chuckled, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I don't think Geoff minds." They both looked to see Geoff grinning like a five-year-old.

"Thanks, man! I needed a new hat!" He swung his old one on his finger, only to find that it fell in half. "You see? Thanks, Linds!"

Lindsay beamed, but noticed Gwen looking uncomfortable.

"Greta, what's wrong?"

Gwen shrugged. "Nothing." But Lindsay knew it wasn't nothing. See, she might not be that smart, but she had what her grandma used to call a twelfth sense. Or was it sixth? Anyway, it was obvious how awkward Gwen felt spending Christmas with her ex-boyfriend and his new, undeniably hotter girlfriend (not that she was bragging... ) It had been a surprise to everyone; Lindsay and Trent had only started going out a few weeks ago. When Courtney had called looking to invite Trent, she was shocked to hear Lindsay on the other line. She'd said that she only wanted to invite Trent, but he wouldn't go unless Lindsay was invited too. But even though their relationship was new, Lindsay had already heard the rumors from the fans of the show; that Trent was too smart for her, and that he was only with her for her body. Maybe that was true, maybe it wasn't. The point is, her high school guidance counselor had said that she didn't have any problems with self-steam, or something. Sometimes, though, she wondered why Trent had chosen her over a smart girl like Gwen.

I guess that's love for you.


After a few minutes of trying to make small talk with each other, the twelve young adults decided to skip to opening presents. Lindsay and Trent went first, him getting music books and song sheets, and her receiving lotions and makeup, as well as a Sunset Sally bike (which Heather was thanked for by being given a large, unwelcome hug.) Finally, it was time for their presents to each other.

"Oh my gosh Todd, you are going to love this!" Lindsay clapped her hands excitedly while Trent took off the wrapping paper. Inside was a small name tag with Trent printed neatly on it.

"Now you can wear it, and I can read it and remember your name!" Lindsay explained. "Do you like it?"

"Yeah, this is awesome." Trent smiled and pinned the tag to his shirt. "Okay, now open yours."

Lindsay didn't need to be told twice; she attached the wrapping paper until it was gone, revealing a long black box. Inside was gold necklace with a charm in the shape of a music note. Lindsay squealed.

"Oh my gosh! This is perfect! Thanks... Trent." Lindsay paused to check his name tag. Trent smiled and kissed her, resulting in aws from the others, including, Lindsay noticed, Gwen.


While Izzy and Ezekiel began unwrapping their presents, Gwen went to get cranberry juice in the kitchen. Lindsay, noticing this, followed her.

"Hi Greta. can I talk to you for a sec?" Lindsay asked, interrupting Gwen from her juice pouring. The goth looked up, confused.

"Um, okay. Shoot."

"What? I don't want to shoot you!"

Gwen sighed. "I mean, start talking."

"Ok, okay! Well, um, I just wanted to make sure that things are good between us. You know, that it's not too awkward."

Gwen raised one eyebrow. "What's not too awkward?"

"You know, me dating Trent. your ex."

"And that's awkward how?"

Lindsay shuffled her feet uncomfortably. "Well, when we got here, you sort of looked uncomfortable. So I was wondering if we're okay."

Gwen smiled, shaking her head. "Lindsay, we're fine. I'm totally over Trent."

"But when we got here-"

"I know. I was just surprised, because I didn't know that you too had gotten together."

Lindsay grinned sheepishly. "It's kind of recent."

"Exactly. Look, Trent was my first real boyfriend. I don't regret breaking up; I just want him to be happy, like me." Gwen glanced past Lindsay to the living room where Geoff was laughing at the cowboy hat he had gotten for Ezekiel. Lindsay followed her gaze, smiling when she noticed the target.

"You're happy with Geoff?"

Gwen smiled. "Yeah, I guess I am." Catching herself saying something mushy, she shook her head. "If you tell anyone I said that..."

Lindsay shrugged. "Don't worry, I'll probably forget in five minutes." The two girls laughed. "Seriously though, you guys make such a cute couple!"

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She had to work to hide her blush as she walked back to the living room, where Ezekiel had just opened his present from Izzy.

"Two twelve packs of candy canes!" Ezekiel exclaimed, hugging Izzy. "Thanks E-Scope, eh."

"No problem, Zekey!" she cheered, grabbing her present. It was a toque similar to his, except that it had E+I bedazzled on it. Izzy squealed.

"Oh my God, Zekey, this is the best present ever! Now I don't have to steal your hat all the time, because this one's way cooler!" She gave him a big kiss and slapped the toque on her head while Ezekiel tried not to faint.

"No problem, eh."


Next, Gwen and Geoff opened presents. when Gwen tried to sit next to the tree, Geoff steered her away.

"No way, babe! You just got over your flu. Do you know how many germs on that tree from all the people touching it?"

"Hey! I'll have you know I disinfected every ornament before I put it up." Courtney called out angrily.

"Come on, sit over here and I'll bring you your gifts." Geoff sat his annoyed girlfriend down. Bridgette shuffled closer to her, gushing:

"That is so sweet how he doesn't want you to get sick again."

Gwen rolled her eyes. "Sure, sweet is one way of putting it." Geoff passed her the first present, which was the unavoidable marshmallow gun from Izzy and Ezekiel. The others passed in a daze for Gwen until finally, all that was left was the one from Geoff. When she opened it, she saw a short, square box, obviously intended to hide what was inside. Lifting the cover from the box, Gwen gasped at what it contained: a car key.

"Well, I guess that explains the '67 Mustang parked behind our house." Gwen said with no surprise in her voice. Geoff's mouth fell open.

"What! You knew?"

Gwen shrugged. "Yeah. You didn't really hide it that well." She kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks, though. How many extra shifts did you have to take?"

He grinned. "None, babe. I just told Petey I would take bathroom duty for the next three months. Can I open my present now?"

She rolled her eyes and nodded. In an instant, Geoff was flying at the wrapping paper, almost tearing apart the mix tape inside.

"It's for you to play at your parties. You need a new playlist." She wrapped her arms around him. "What do you think?"

"This is awesome, babe!" He thought for a moment. "Wait a minute... this is all goth music, isn't it?" In response, Gwen only grinned. To get her talk, Geoff began tickling her sides.

"Hahaha! You know me too well!" Gwen panted, laughing and pushing his arms away.


Once the tickle-fest was over, Duncan and Bridgette received their gifts. None interested either of them that much, (the marshmallow gun had lost its novelty), until finally they exchanged presents to each other. Duncan was thrilled, of course, when he opened a black Gibson Les Paul guitar. But it was Bridgette's gift that excited him the most: a single key.

"Um, Duncan, did you and Geoff coordinate on gifts? Because I'm fine with the car I have now." Duncan smirked at her.

"Nope. The keys Gwen got are for a car. This," he gestured to the key, "is for our new apartment."

Bridgette's eyes widened, and she spun around to face Duncan. "Wait. Our apartment?"

"Yeah. It's in a different building, a lot nicer than yours. It has a swimming pool too." Duncan caught himself starting to ramble, so he got to the point. "So, what do you say, Malibu? Do you want to live with me?"

"Oh my God, yes!" Bridgette jumped on him, knocking him to the ground in a hug. Everyone else cheered, and Geoff turned to Gwen.

"See, that was the response I was hoping for when I got you the car." He explained teasingly. Gwen rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, well I was hoping for a boyfriend who could find a better hiding spot for his girlfriend's presents. Besides, I don't jump."

"Not yet, anyway. Ow!"

Noah had to give him a Band-Aid to cover his bruise. While he was in the kitchen applying it, Duncan approached him.

"Hey man. Those chicks are all going nuts over Bridgette's key."

Geoff grinned. "Yeah. It's weird, you know? Of all the people for you to settle down and live with, I never expected it to be my ex-girlfriend."

Duncan snorted. "Don't tell me your still hung up on Malibu." He was remembering his conversation with Bridgette earlier, and was getting worried about his friend's answer. That wasn't necessary, however, because Geoff looked at him like he had two Mohawks.

"What? No way, man! I'm with Gwen, everything's cool. It's just weird, you know?"

Duncan nodded. "Yeah, I hear you. I felt the same way after Princess hooked up with that egghead over there." He held out a fist to bump. "We cool, dude?"

Geoff bumped his fist against Duncan's. "Yeah. We're cool."


Heather and Harold opened their presents next. When Heather opened Harold's gift to her, her mouth flew open and she blinked a few times. It was a Pretty Polly doll; the one she had always wanted as a kid. Harold smiled at her.

"So, do you like it?"

She glared at him, pointing the doll in his face. "You got me a doll? After I specifically asked for that diamond watch at Kay's?"

"I thought you would like it! You said you always wanted one as a kid."

"Yes, as a kid. Not as a twenty-two year old!"

"Fine then, gosh!" Harold reached for the doll. "I'll take it back."

"No!" She snatched the doll away, soon realizing her mistake as Harold grinned. "I mean, uh, I might as well keep it since, uh, no stores are open today for you to return it."

"Sure, sure." Harold replied, still grinning. Heather glared at him.

"Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady the Fifth, stop smiling like that, or I'll return your yellow trust killing whatever it is on Ebay."


Finally, the hosts themselves received their presents. As he had calculated, Courtney had gotten Noah the book he'd been wanting for so long. He waited with baited breath as Courtney opened the last gift of the day. It was by the far the smallest gift, but, at least for Noah, it was the one that had the the most meaning.

Courtney opened a small, black box, revealing the most beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen. When she turned around, Noah was on one knee.

"Noah," She said breathlessly, "is this an..."

"Engagement ring? No, it's a pretty pink pony."

Courtney glared at him. "Well? Don't you have something to ask me?"

"I think the ring speaks for itself."

She grinned evilly at him. "Oh no. If I'm going to marry a smart mouth, I'm going to need to hear him actually ask me."

"But you just said you're going to marry a smart mouth, so that's basically a yes."

Courtney gaped, hating that her own words had been used against her. Noah just smirked.

"Please Noah? I've dreamed of this moment since I was a little girl."

He sighed, giving in to her pout. "Fine. Courtney, will you marry me?"

"Well since you asked so politely..." She said, teasing him. Noah groaned.

"Of course I will!"

She placed the ring on her finger and helped her boyf- er, fiance off the ground, immediately wrapping him into a kiss while the other couples cheered.

"Aww, that was so sweet! Now I need to plan my dress for the wedding." Lindsay gushed. Trent laughed; he loved how Lindsay was planning already.

"Yay! E-Scope loves happy endings!" Izzy yelled, jumping into Ezekiel's lap, nearly knocking him over.

"Excuse while I puke." Gwen deadpanned while Geoff cheered. However, she was soon cheering as well; his happiness was so contagious.

"Don't get any ideas, Malibu." Duncan warned his surfer girlfriend. " You got an apartment from me; that's all you're getting for a while."

"That's cool. I wouldn't want to marry you anyway." Bridgette retorted playfully, laughing at the look on Duncan's face.

"Great. I got a doll, and Courtney gets an engagement ring." Heather muttered angrily.

"Just wait until your birthday." Harold muttered to himself, smiling.

Later, when all twelve of them met again, they would agree; that was the best Christmas any of them had ever had.

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