What If?

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James Potter glanced at his watch and swore. It was nine o' clock and he was meant to have been home from work three hours ago. He finished his last piece of paperwork, threw down his quill and walked towards the fireplace in his office, grabbed some floo powder from the jar on the mantelpiece, threw it in the fire and called out.

"Godrics Hollow" He stepped into the emerald green flames he felt the familiar sensation of being pulled down a plughole. James closed his eyes, he felt himself being thrown out and he put out his arms to stop himself being flung face first on the floor. He stood up and to his confusion he found himself back in his office. He tried again and found himself back in the same place. Totally confused James pulled his wand out of his pocket and apparated to the end of his road. He couldn't apparate straight to his house due to the safety measures himself and his wife Lily had put up around their house to stop Voldemort killing them and their fourteen month old son Harry.

As soon as he arrived in the street he knew something was wrong, he turned round and saw his house or what was left of it, the building looked as though a bomb had hit it. James ran towards his house fearing the worst.

"Lily, Lily" James called searching through the house. He went deathly pale as he saw his wife lying on the floor her eyes shut.

"Lily, please wake up" He said checking her pulse. Nothing. "Lily please" He sobbed onto her chest. Suddenly he heard a baby cry. "Harry" James called through his tears. He ran over to where the cries were coming from. "Shh Harry." He said as he saw his son lying, crying on the floor, he picked him up. "So he didn't get you then." James cradled the small infant boy in his arms "Nasty cut he gave you" James said looking at the lightening bolt on Harry's forehead. James went back over to where his wife laid and picked up his wand which, he had dropped by her side. He apparated to a flat in London and knocked on the door. His best friend, Sirius Black opened it shocked to see James their holding Harry.

"James what's wrong?" said Sirius looking concerned. James burst into tears onto Sirius's shoulder. Sirius was even more shocked at this because he had known James since they were six and he had only seen him cry twice once when he was fifteen when Lily (who was then his girlfriend) had dumped him and again when he was eighteen when Voldemort had murdered his parents.

"Voldemort attacked the house, I was late home and he killed Lily." Sirius stood there stunned.

"That scum of the Earth traitor, I'll kill Pettigrew I really will." Sirius growled. Harry started to cry again.

"Shh Harry please stop crying shh." James said desperately trying to stop his only child from crying. It wasn't working.

"James give Harry to me and come inside." James handed Harry to Sirius and followed him into his flat. Sirius shared a flat with his fiancée Sara Flynn. Sara was also Harry's godmother. The flat was a tip. This wasn't surprising seeing as the two people who lived there both could have easily won the most untidy witch/wizard of the year award if there had been one. James knew Sara was at her mother's house that week because Sara had done nothing but complain for the past month about it. Sirius was still trying to stop Harry from crying.

"James, shouldn't one of us go and tell Professor Dumbledore what's happened?" Said Sirius tentatively not sure what James reaction would be.

"Yeah I'll go" Said James trying to pull himself together.

"No I'll go you stay here and look after Harry, I'll only be gone a little while." Sirius walked over to the fireplace and threw in some floo powder the flames turned the emerald colour they always's did, he stepped in the fire and called out Chocolate Frog and disappeared.

James sat there for a minute before the realisation of what had happened suddenly hit him and he realised his that whole world had just fallen apart that was when he started to cry again.

When Sirius got back about an hour later he found James and Harry both lying asleep on the sofa. Sirius debated waking James up to tell him what Dumbledore had said but decided against it, he looked so peaceful.

Sirius walked into his bedroom and sat on the bed. He still couldn't believe what had happened, Lily, the same Lily who had turned Snapes hair red and gold just before the Gryffindor Vs Slytherin Quidditch Final, who had always let him copy her Charms homework, was gone. Dumbledore had told him to go to the house in the morning and see if he could rescue anything from the wreckage, which had previously been his best friends home. Then another thing Dumbledore had said surfaced in Sirius's troubled mind, Voldemort was gone the terror who had struck fear into the heart of every witch and wizard in the country was gone all because of a one year old baby. He knew he should be happy he had been trying to get rid of Voldemort since he left Hogwarts but try as he might he couldn't find a shred of happiness in any of his thoughts.

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