I've had total writers block on this chapter for about nine/ten months so I've written this crappy little chapter in the hopes of losing it.

James Potter sat watching Harry unwrap one of his many Christmas presents, or rather he sat watching Harry attempt to unwrap one of his presents. The seventeen-month-old child wasn't exactly doing very well at the job; James eventually took pity on him and gave him some help.

It was less than two months after the attack on Godrics Hollow that had left James's wife, Lily, dead. He had managed to sort out the house that now looked reasonably tidy. He had, had to buy all new furniture and other things. Sirius and himself had managed to rescue very little from the house. James had busied himself so much with sorting out the house and looking after Harry he had barely had time to mourn Lily even though he thought about her every second he was awake.

Between the two of them they eventually managed to open the present, a toy broomstick, Harry seemed more interested in the snitch covered wrapping paper than the present itself. He sat ripping the paper into smaller pieces before throwing them up into the air. The broomstick lay forgotten on the floor next to him.

"Well next year I'll just buy you a roll of wrapping paper." James said watching the giggling toddler on the floor next to him throw paper in his hair. James picked up the next parcel and handed it to Harry, who picked it up and started ripping at the paper delightedly, when he was distracted by a knock at the door. He got up and walked over to the front door and was greeted by.

Two large snowballs in his face. " Hello Sirius, nice to see you too" He said sarcastically.

"How did you know it was me." Said Sirius sounding surprised.

"Who else greets me with a snowball!"

"I do apparently," Said a voice easily recognisable as Remus's.

"Yeah but that's Sirius's bad influence rubbing off on you."

"Hey" Sirius said indignantly. "You're a bad influence on him too." James moved out of the way to let them in.

"So why are you here." James asked shutting the door behind him.

"To see my favourite Godson" Sirius replied promptly.

"He's you're only Godson, Sirius" Remus reply with a bemused expression on his face.

" That doesn't mean he's not my favourite." Sirius replied walking into the living room where Harry was still wrestling with his presents. "Do you want some help with that Harry, do you?" He said addressing Harry who wasn't listening to him.

"I'm convinced dear Padfoot's getting broody." Remus said laughing at Sirius who was now sitting on the floor with Harry. "Before we know it he'll be married and settled down." Remus suddenly realised what he'd said when he looked up at James. "Sorry I wasn't thinking."

"It's fine," said James who was looking at the floor.

"No it's not."

"It is I promise." James said finally. "Really I'm fine." Remus was still looking apologetically at James after all how long had it been since his wife had died, how insensitive could he be. James sat on the floor next to Harry and Sirius, Remus joined him. Harry had started throwing the ripped up paper at Sirius who of course had retaliated by throwing it straight back at Harry. "Sometimes Sirius I wonder which one of you two is only seventeen months old and which one of you is nearly twenty two." Remus said laughing at Sirius. You've waited long enough please review, please.