This is a bit short but I think the prologue shouldn't be very long.

Prologue- Fear

The night sky settled in as the dying sun flickered out of existence. This was my world, a world of night and surprise; the only time in my life when the blindfold can be removed and my eyes are allowed to wander. The roof that Raffin and Coda had put me on this night was just as guarded as all of the other ones.

It's annoying when you're not able to leave the presence of the royal guard without sneaking past first. To be protected all day and night just because my Grace doesn't allow me to look into the eyes of innocence, a feat that causes them to run in fear. Why doesn't my adoptive mother help out; she knows that I despise being treated like a little girl. Especially when I can kick half of the men's butts in this land with a blindfold on.

It's not so much that I am strong, but I am trained and as quick as a viper. Strength means nothing to me, as long as I possess bravery and the ability to make my opponent shake in fear I can win

The stars flickered brilliantly above me, the light causing my sight to go blurry for a fraction of a second. But it was a fraction of a second too long...A shadow of a man appeared as if by the flick of a switch. I had time to see that he was small but well built. I knew at that decimal of a second I was sunk, sunk and stuck...

"Well, I thought I trained you better Silva... I'm very disappointed in you." This was all I heard before I blanked out.

Well, that's it for the prologue... I hope for you to read the rest when I write them . Onto Chapter 1 if it's there when you read this!