Toris, this morning, had been looking forward to his first day of second grade so strongly. He had smiled as he pulled on his book-bag, he had smiled as his mother helped him pack his lunch, and he was still smiling as he got off the bus.

But the smile was gone now, like a falling star. He was staring curiously (read: fearfully) to the child to his left. Why… why was he wearing a scarf when it was late summer? He would never know. But that wasn't what made him shiver. The scarf-wearing wonder had a mechanical pencil that he was writing all of the rules obediently in.

Toris was copying it, too, like he was told, but he kept glancing to his side. The boy was now chanting something along the lines of, "Kolkolkolkolkolkol~" very vividly to himself, and it was an eerie sound.

Toris gulped thickly. But that wasn't all, he soon realized. Now, the kid paused as he listened to the squeaking of his pencil. Then he sighed heavenly. "I love that sound…" Sharply, he turned to the Lithuanian beside him, nearly scaring the boy out of his skin. The Russian continued, "It almost sounds like the pencil's screaming, da? And I could stop it anytime… but I'm not going to…" He faded off into silence, and Toris thought that was all, when those amethyst eyes were suddenly staring into his. "I wonder what you sound like when you scream, da?"

A scream rose up his throat, as if wanting to present himself to the Russian, but Toris stopped it halfway, as he let his hand rise slowly in the air. "Miss?" He asked, ever politely, "C-Can I change seats?"

A/N: Ha ha ha, this idea came to me in math class. I was using a mechanical pencil, and it was squeaking. My friend leans over and tells me to stop torturing my pencils... and when I made a "?" face she said, "You're making it scream, stop it!" Ah, what would I do without her? xD And then I thought it was something Russia would do, make his pencil scream... eh, I dunno. x3 First time writing Ivan, and I don't think I did too well, he's so different....