"So you are up for this right, Invisi-Girl?" Rick Dicker asked a young Violet Parr, who seemed more then up to the task she was presented.
"You betcha' Ricky!" She nearly shouted, but she didn't want to come on as too excited. Rick, just gave a gruff as his reply.
"..Alright, but be careful. You come back with so much as a bruise and your dad might bust in a few heads here." He warned, really not wanting to have to clean up after Mr. Incredible all over again.

This was it. Violet's time to break away from her family's reputation and start her own legacy. No longer in Mom and Dad's shadow. On her own. And it was about time too! Seven years since the return of the Supers. Seven years of fighting along side her family, and as great as that was, she wasn't a kid anymore. She was 21. And heck if you can drink legally, then you should be able to do just about anything at that point. Violet was soon brought back into the real world as several files were dropped onto Rick Dicker's desk. She jumped and glanced at the secretary who seemed to move almost as fast as Dash. Rick sighed looking over the pile. "Every time you clear out papers, more come in just like that.. Do me a favor Violet but when you do start saving us all from those clowns that call themselves villains do try not to make to big of a mess..."

The moment that Violet got to her apartment she immediately went to pack her things. This was perfect! A stealth mission. Her talents could finally be used for something other then protecting her family. She grabbed some of her heavier clothing. Rick warned her it would be chilly where she was heading.

"What kind of villains meet in the snowy mountains anyway.." She asked out loud to herself. "But eh, at least it's not some tropical island.." She replied to her own question as she tucked in her super suit, which had been modified due to her break away from the family business. It was still similar to her family's design, but instead of the red, yellow and black coloring it was now purple, white and black. the 'i' for Incredible was no longer there, but a capital 'I' replaced it standing for 'Invisible' Violet was just nearly finished packing up when her cell phone rang.

She took it out and looked at the caller I.D and it read back as 'Mom'. "Oh great.." She moaned, already knowing what the conversation held in store but she answered it anyway. "Hey Mom." Violet spoke into the phone. A moment later her mother would reply.
"Hey Vi! I just got off the phone with Rick, Congratulations!" She beamed at her oldest child, which made Violet gush a little.
"Thanks mom, did dad hear yet?" She asked, more nervous of him not letting her go then anything else.
"No he's still out 'Working'. You know.. with the holidays things get so busy.." Her mother replied to Violets relief. She'd be out of town before her dad would hear.
"Yeah I know, robberies,pick up more, I know.. and what does Dash think about me being on a mission and not him?" She asked. Even though she had moved out, her and Dash still had some sibling rivalry.
Helen Parr laughed gently. "Oh Dash was so jealous I thought his head would pop off!" and Violet laughed in response as her mother continued. "Well Vi, I just want to wish you luck and remember, if you need anything, and I mean ANYTHING, we'll come help you out alright sweetie?"
Violet smiled and nodded. "Alright mom, thanks. I love you."
Helen smiled. "Love you too Vi, Bye." And with that the conversation was done and Violet double checked that she had everything.

Violet took in a deep breath of the cold mountain air, fully dressed in her super suit. She never noticed until this moment just how dirty the city's air was. She could really breath out here. She smiled at the sight of her own breath and looked down at the map she had been given for this mission. This supposed base, was somewhere hidden in the middle of the forest. the NSA had gotten a tip that there was a get together for villains, which struck Violet as odd. What would they talk about? God she was just glad she would be a spy and not have to deal with a dozen monologues.
"You just go in, listen, come back and report Violet, nothing more" She recalled Rick telling her for the fiftieth time. "She sighed and nodded before running off for the woods.

For some time it seemed like she kept walking in circles. It'd be a miracle if she found this supposed hide out before dark, which the sun was threatening to go out on her. She was about to pull out the map again when she heard voices ahead. As a gut reaction she went invisible before checking out the source of the voices. She stopped and uncloaked herself when she was safely hidden behind a lard oak tree. About fifty feet ahead of her were a set of three males, all standing in front of a large rock. The were all talking and boasting to each other, and it was obvious she had found the hide out as they kept saying things like. 'I would of gotten away with it too' or 'If I had one more shot!'. Violet tried her best not to giggle at the mention of her family defeating one of them She remembered it clearly. The Zoo Keeper. His name was lame, and his get up was obvious.

Before she could reminisce on the event, the boulder the men stood in front of suddenly opened up to them. "Now or never Vi.." She whispered to herself before she turned invisible and ran for the door. Getting inside just in the nick of time. She made sure to stay a safe distance away from the villains ahead of her, but at a close enough range to follow them to where ever they were heading. It seemed that they had already been here before because they managed to walk though brightly lite halls that never ended. Finally voices began to catch Violets attention and they arrived to a large conference like room. She had never seen so many villains together at once, nor in her entire life! Everyone her family has ever fought, that wasn't in prison, plus many more.

Violet slowly made her way deeper into the potential death trap of a room, careful not to bump into anyone, and she had a few close calls, but she managed to make it to a corner where she could see everything. What were they all doing here? I mean it's not like these people would simply get together for the sake of getting together right? Many other thoughts came into Violets mind until she heard a set of doors open on the other side of the room. The room fell silent, which sparked her curiosity. What in the world would make some of the worlds biggest Drama Queens shut their yaps? But when Violet saw the answer, she wished she hadn't asked. She almost screamed, but held it in with all her might. She had to be dreaming. No, not a dream, a nightmare!

Across the room from her stood the first person had ever truly feared. Syndrome. There he stood, with the same smug grin, and his flaming orange hair, spike up in almost the same fashion as before, only shorter now. He lost a lot of weight though, making him look more of a man and less of a child now. He no longer wore a costume, but a business attire. Black slacks, shoes, white shirt, black tie, yet he wore a mask over his eyes like before. The only thing that showed Violet proof that he had been injured at all from the plane incident was a scar, running over Syndrome's left eye, which was no longer human, but robotic. Violet stared at Syndrome in disbelief.

She should call her dad. Get Rick and the NSA down here ASAP. She should of done a lot of things, but all she could do was stand there, shaking. She felt sick. How could any of this be! The NSA should of picked up on it if he survived. They froze all his accounts! They searched his island after wards. They should of nailed him! Yet there he was. Syndrome had now moved to the center of the room, all eyes were on him. And Violet understood. They were here for him. He grinned at the crowd of villains.

"Welcome!" His voiced boomed. "Welcome welcome fellow masterminds and scoundrels alike!" He said looking around. "Now before we get started.." His gaze suddenly moved to Violet's exact position. "Who would like to welcome Invisi Girl to our party?" And just like that everyone's eyes were on her, or at least where she was standing.

Violet swallowed hard. Houston, We have a Problem.