"How does the defendant plead?" Judge Maven

"Guilty." Buddy replied, which received a fair amount of shocked faces as well as a few gasps. Even the Judge was rather taken aback.

"Very Well. Buddy Pine, I hereby sentence you five life terms in maximum security prison. Case Dismissed." Following the statement the judge brought the gavel down.

Buddy glanced back to view Mr. Incredible and Rick Dicker. Violet was still in critical condition, otherwise she might have been here.

Rick sighed standing up. "Buddy. You did the right thing." He whispered. "Maybe on good behavior you could-"

"Don't." Buddy snapped. Just as the officers snapped on the hand cuffs. "I belong in there. You know it, I know it. The whole world knows it." He said before looking to Mr. Incredible. "You saw what I am still capable of.." He whispered.

Mr. Incredible could only nod in reply. Violet only awoke from her comatose state days before the trial.

"Just take care of yourself in there." Rick called as Buddy was pulled away.

Buddy gave a curt nod. "Just find Vigo. And if it's not too much to ask, maybe request him to be placed in the same cell block as me." He called before being escorted out.

"How are you feeling today Violet?" The NSA Therapist, Dr. Ward asked.

"Same as last week I guess." She mumbled back looking out the window. Dr. Ward shook his head.

"Could you please clarify?" He asked again.

"I thought you guys were supposed to solve people's problems. Not make them." She muttered, shooting him a glare. With this response Dr. Ward removed his glasses.

"Violet. I've told you already. You can't visit Mr. Pine. You are still under effects of the Stockholm-"He paused, not daring to say Syndrome out loud again. But this girl was certainly suffering from its effects. She justified everything that man did. The kidnapping, assault, rape, and the attempted murder. "Listen Violet. I just can't allow you to see that man again." He said closing his note book.

"Doctor. I get it. He is a super villain, but he isn't a bad guy! He just needs help! You are trying to help me, and I want to help him!" She shouted in frustration. "Can I at least see Rick?" She pleaded. Maybe he would listen, her mother told her that Rick did have a soft spot for him.

"Unfortunately you can't. Rick is away. They are closing in on Veto's whereabouts if that pleases you at all."

Veto. She still couldn't believe he had escaped while Buddy was sent to prison. Her eyes went back to the window. Somewhere in the world Veto was hiding. It really could have been anywhere. Rich, brilliant and a murdering sociopath. The world was his oyster.

"…Buddy found him once." She whispered not even bothering to look at the doctor.

"Violet, we can't keep doing this. How are to make any progression if you keep bringing him up?" Violet shot another glare at him. Defeated by the Super's stubbornness, Dr. Ward rose from his seat.

"Well Miss Parr, maybe next week we can show some progress." He said packing up his things, just as he headed out the door, a small figure scurried in.

Violet blinked as Edna hopped right into the seat that the doctor occupied only seconds ago.

"Edna? What are you doing here?"

"I lied darling, of course. How else would I be able to see my favorite niece?" She said with a smug grin.

For the first time in weeks a smile erupted upon Violets lips. Her eyes soon made their way to a box in Edna's hands with a 'Get Well Soon' card on top.

"Edna- is that-?" But before Violet could ask anymore the box was thrown onto her lap.

"Oh darling, I insist! You can't continue doing your super work in the nude can you? That's quiet the barbarian thinking, you must of got that from your father." She said with a smile.

Without delay Violet opened the box to take in the suit. It was perfect. Primarily Violet with a solid black stripe running down the sides. Black gloves that went to the elbows and boots that went to the knees.

What surprised her more than anything else was the cape.

"Edna... I thought you didn't do capes..." She asked looking to her in surprise. In response Edna jumped to the bed and took the suit back.

"I never do capes! Never! This is a cloak! Pfft! Cape." She spat as the showed the hood. "It's detachable darling, so if you don't like it, you could always lend it to someone else, of any size darling. It's made of the same elastic durable material as your mother's suit. You could hide a bus, a small house, a dozen dogs, even a man. Once your suit mimics your invisibility, the cloak mimics as well." She said with a wink.

Violet sat back looking at the cloak. "Edna… did you... did you make that so I-"

"So you could rescue people, yes darling of course!" She beamed with pride. "Now what are you waiting for, go! Go and rescue those who are incapable of saving themselves!" She shouted.

This caught a few of the medical staff's attention, but they didn't think too much of it. All of them assumed it was a pep talk, which would make things better on their end.

Violet smiled before hugging Edna. "Thanks Aunt Edna." Edna smiled back. She wasn't one for contact, but she always made an exception for her favorite Supers.

"Don't mention it darling… Now go try it on. Let's see how it fits..." She said with a wink.

Violet smiled rolling out of bed and dashed into the bathroom, throwing the suite on. The cloak was a stunning feature, somehow she felt more like it belonged to a villain's wardrobe as she pulled over the hood. But she knew she would be labeled that soon. She was going to commit a crime. A crime that had been considered impossible.

She was going to break Syndrome out of prison.

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