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Chapter 1: Prologue: Of innocence and youki...

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The night was still as a single figure twitched slightly. Its ears moved left and right as it slowly made its way towards a small apartment complex just a few feet away. Looking left and right, the figure dashed out of its hiding place under bushes and ran on all fours to the entrance of the apartment. Sadly, fate had other ideas for the figure.

With accuracy that could only be achieved from training in the shinobi arts, three kunai and a shuriken flew through the air and impaled the figure's limbs. Two kunai firmly held its arms down while the remaining kunai and shuriken buried themselves into his legs. With a howl of pain, the figure fell face first into the ground while its limbs twitched in agony and pain.

Smirking, two shinobi's wearing the standard village vest and headband neared the squirming figure. Lifting it by the scruff of its neck, one shinobi glared evilly at the fallen figure, smirking as its cerulean blue eyes teared up and held unadulterated fear in them.

"Aw, is the little demon brat scared?" One shinobi taunted as his partner laughed in his face. The small boy who was held by the scruff of his neck whimpered as the shinobi holding him used his other hand to pull on his left fox ear which was a shimmering dark gold, even in the dark. His tail was rolled up into a ball and against his body. The other shinobi noticed the lack of tail and looked behind him. With a smirk and a harsh tug, the other shinobi unraveled his tail and almost ripped off the appendage.

A louder cry of pain filled the night air as the blond haired hanyō cried in vain to be heard by a bystander. No such luck as every passing villager either ignored it or were too busy with their own business. Sniffling, the blond hanyō could only cover his chest with its weak and malnourished arms as the shinobi kicked him in the chest.

Flying back, the hanyō closed his eyes and groaned loudly as his back hit the unforgiving concrete of the sidewalk. Straining to open his left eye, the hanyō looked up and saw his apartment. Suddenly, one of the two shinobi attacking him stood in between him and his apartment, wiping away any hope of reaching his home.

A pair of hands gripped his neck and threw him across the field that led towards the exit gates of Konoha. With a quick set of hand signs, the ground under the hanyō disappeared and without any support, the young hanyō fell into the pit. A yell of pain was heard in the pit and a floating boulder appeared from the pit.

A blond mess of hair appeared in the center of the boulder and both shinobis couldn't help but chuckle at the hopeless expression placed on the hanyō's face. Nodding to each other, the shinobis dragged the boulder containing the battered and tired body of the blond hanyō and headed for the front gates. The guards on duty only smiled as new hope filled the hanyō's eyes but were destroyed when they waved goodbye. More silent tears fell down his blue eyes as he mentally said goodbye to his home and possibly… the world of the living.

Noticing that the blond hanyō was looking back at Konoha, one shinobi sneered as he knocked the hanyō unconscious with a chop to his neck. The hanyō slowly closed his eyes as he prayed for a savior to come to his rescue.

Watching from the entrance of Konoha, both guards chuckled as they saw the blond disappear into the darkness of the forest. Unknown to them, a little girl watched in despair and anguish. She had seen the shinobis attack the poor hanyō and even went to get her father to stop them. After her father and her witness them drag the hanyō away, her father looked away in scorn and just walked away, his last words haunting the little girl forever.

"Let it be, its better this way." The little girl just watched in shock at her father, never hearing such cold words from him about anything. With one last look, the little girl joined her father as they headed home, praying for the boy's safety and his quick return home.


"Wake up demon!" A voice yelled into the blond hanyō's fox ear. The hanyō looked up with dreary eyes as the two shinobis from earlier smirked menacingly at him. The boy's eyes widened when he noticed that he was hovering a couple hundred feet over a large body of water. Looking up, he saw both shinobis smirking at him. Pain consumed his head as a punch to his face made his upper lip bleed. Another punch opened an old wound on his head, making more of the hanyō's bloodshed over his head.

Tears burst out of their imprisonment as the hanyō realized one or both of two things was about to happen. One; he was going to die and two; he was never going to be the same even if he survived. With one last pray, the hanyō felt gravity take hold of him and the boulder as it fell faster and faster towards the body of water. Drawing his last breath, the hanyō felt a rush of water cover the top of his head and darkness take him in.

Looking around, panic soon overcame the hanyō as he saw himself going deeper and deeper into the abyss. Feeling his lungs run out of air, the hanyō could only feel his head get lighter as his vision blurred. The last thing he saw was a blurry figure with long white hair hastily swim towards him.


The sun rose over the horizon, signaling the start of a new day for all the creatures that roamed the green Earth. The poor hanyō was no exception.

Struggling to keep its eyes closed for more rest, the hanyō couldn't help but sit upright and rub sleep away from his eyes. Remembering his last predicament, the blond hanyō looked around as he saw that he was in fact on solid ground. With a happy chuckle, the hanyō thanked whoever heard his prayer. His left ear twitched when he heard the snap of a twig. Getting up to his feet, the hanyō moved to the opposite side of the clearing he was in as the sounds of more twigs snapping was heard.

"Ah, stupid demon." The hanyō went into a fetal position as he knew the voice was talking to him "Hey! The hell are you cowering for?" the hanyō risked his health looking up and see an angry looking man staring at him. He would've looked away again if it weren't for the man's interesting features.

He had white dog ears on the top of his head and had white hair over his head. His amber eyes pierced the young hanyō's soul while he cracked his clawed hands.

"Y-You… you're like me." The young hanyō managed to say. The older hanyō scoffed and placed his hands over his head.

"Hardly, you're a young kit while I'm a dog hanyō. We're nothing alike…" The older hanyō couldn't finish as the younger hanyō jumped on him and onto his shoulders, messing with his ears. "Ah, watch it brat!" Looking down over his head, the blond hanyō smiled.

"My name's Naruto, what's your name?" Naruto asked in a happy tone.

"Inuyasha, now get the hell off me." Naruto jumped off his shoulders and landed a few feet in front of him. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at the energetic hanyō in front of him. "The hell are you so happy about?" Inuyasha asked.

"I found somebody like me." Naruto answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He then looked away solemnly as he remembered something. "I don't know anyone else like me. Everyone else hates me or attacks me." Naruto said, holding back his tears. Inuyasha, while looking at him passively, was torn on the inside. "I am always alone, looking for something to eat or someone to play with. But their mommies and daddies always hit me and make me go away."

Inuyasha then noticed that Naruto's shoulders were shaking.

"Why?" Inuyasha was shocked that he asked him that question. "Why do they hate me?" Inuyasha's eye sprang open as he saw a younger him in the same position as Naruto. Tears trailing down his cheeks, ragged clothes that looked almost like they were about to fall off, and a sad aura surrounding him. Inuyasha knelt down in front of Naruto and placed a comforting hand on his left shoulder. Naruto looked up in surprise as Inuyasha's amber eyes connected with sad blue ones.

"Because you are like me… you are a hanyō; a half demon." Inuyasha then stood up and walked away. Naruto wiped his tears away with his right forearm and quickly followed after Inuyasha. Inuyasha then looked back and saw Naruto stop right in front of him. "What?"

"C-Can I go with you… please?" Naruto asked with pleading eyes.

"No." Inuyasha answered with no hesitation.

"W-Why not?" Naruto asked as he felt more tears about to leak.

"I'm not exactly the safest person to hang around with." Inuyasha was about to walk away again but a small hand stopped him when it gripped the bottom of his red hakama.

"I-I don't care. I-I don't want t-to be alone… not a-again." Naruto replied. Inuyasha scowled as he actually thought about taking the young hanyō with him. He shouldn't; being with an already targeted half demon was not safe for the growing kit. Looking back at his eyes, Inuyasha's will broke and he nodded.

"Fine, but don't complain when you're looking at death in the face." Inuyasha said, hoping to intimidate Naruto. Sadly, Naruto only smiled and nodded as he jumped on Inuyasha's shoulders and wrapped his little arms around Inuyasha's neck.

"Can you carry me please?" Naruto pleaded with giant pleading eyes. Inuyasha grunted but didn't openly reject his plead. "How old are you? I'm four… I think. How come you have white hair? And where's your tail? Are you the type of dog with no tail? Oh I once saw a cat with no tail… poor thing. And then the cat jumped up a tree and got stuck. I tried to help it down but then I remembered that I don't like cats." Inuyasha groaned loudly as Naruto's never ending questions and stories continued on, making him regret letting the annoying hanyō travel with him. After a while, Naruto started to tire and felt himself losing consciousness.

"Thank you… nii-san." Was the last thing Naruto said before sleep consumed him. Inuyasha smirked as he continued moving forward and heard Naruto's breathing even out.

"Nii-san huh?"

[*.*.Time skip.*.*]

Hinata sighed as she walked towards her home. She was a year away from graduating the academy and the new year was starting in a week. She was heading home so her father could lecture her on how important it is to be the top student in the graduating class. Passing the northern gates of Konoha, Hinata couldn't help but feel nostalgia hit her as she vaguely remembered standing where she stood, watching someone being dragged out of the village about seven years ago.

She couldn't remember who it was or why he was being dragged out but Hinata only remembered feeling sorry for him. Waving shyly at the guards who had caught her watching, Hinata spotted something out of her peripheral vision. Two distant figures were slowly making their way towards the entrance of Konoha.

Activating her family's dōjutsu, Hinata gasped when she couldn't see anything beneath the cloaks the two figures wore. The only thing that she could make out was that the one on the left was about eight or so inches shorter than the other. Silently making her way behind a tree nearest the front gates, Hinata patiently waited for the figure to reach the gates. She usually wasn't this nosey but she couldn't help but want to find out who these two were. She didn't have to wait long as the two cloaked figure walked past the front gates and guards.

"Hey!" One guard said, stopping the two cloaked figures. "Who are you two and what business do you have with our village?" The same guard asked. The shorter of the two looked at the guards before radiating killing intent. Both guards faltered but recovered when the killing intent vanished.

"My brother and I seek asylum in your village; we're sick of roaming the lands without a home to return to. We wish to speak wish to speak with your hokage to set up such arrangements." The taller informed the guards. Both looked at each other but nodded towards the two strangers.

"Hold on, we need to call someone up to escort you there." One guard said as he went to the small shack stationed next to the front gates. Looking at the nearest tree, the shorter of the two figures pointed to it.

"I'm sure she can do it." Hinata gasped, wondering how they knew she was there. Deciding that staying hidden was pointless, she walked from behind the tree and up to the two figures.

"Ah, Hyuga-san, would you mind escorting these two to the Hokage's office?" The guard still outside the shack asked. Hinata nodded shyly and started to walk towards the Hokage Tower. The two figures followed after her until they were only a few steps behind her. Hinata looked back and saw that the taller of the two was aloof while looking at the sky while the shorter was looking at her.

Because of his hood, Hinata wasn't able to see anything above his nose but everything under was visible. He was smiling at her, his two canine teeth noticeable as they were sharper than most people have them. It scared her but at the same time, it took her breath away. It was a happy smile, one that showed no negative thoughts or intentions, just a plain happy smile.

"A-Ano… i-is there s-something I can h-help you with?" Hinata asked but the shorter figure only shook his head.

"Nope, just admiring the view." He said, widening his smile when saw Hinata blush furiously. The taller looked down at the shorter and smirked.

"Nice." Was his comment. The shorter scoffed as he picked up his pace and walked besides Hinata.

"So what's your name?" He asked

"Hinata. H-Hinata Hyuga." Hinata answered.

"Hinata eh? That's a beautiful name." The shorter commented. Hinata blush darkened and she gulped, wondering how she was able to stay conscious.

"T-Thank you. M-May I know y-your name?" She asked in a moment of boldness.

"M-My name? Oh it's… it's Takun; Takun Kurosaki. And the idiot behind us is my older brother Inu." Takun answered and soon felt a bump form on the top of his head as his brother hit him over the head.

"I'm not an idiot! I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you!" Inu yelled, earning a growl from Takun. Takun then noticed that part of his ear was sticking out and hurriedly covered it with his hood. Looking at Hinata, he sighed as he saw that she didn't see his ear. Though Hinata had, she was looking in front of her with a thoughtful expression.

'W-Was that…' Hinata thought before noticing that they had reached the Hokage Tower. "O-Ok, here we a-are." Hinata stuttered as she tried to smile. Both figures looked up at awe before Takun looked at Hinata.

"Thanks for escorting us." He then placed his right hand on her cheek and caressed it with his thumb. "And try smiling more, makes you look even cuter." Walking past a shocked Hinata, Takun followed after his brother and waved at her from behind. "See ya around Hinata-chan."

Hinata spent the next three minutes thinking about Takun's words. Snapping out of it, Hinata hurriedly made her way to her home with, for some unknown reason, Takun's words still ringing in her head.

Inside the tower, Takun and Inu patiently waited in front of the Hokage's office as the Hokage was finishing up a meeting he held with some jonin. His secretary had said to wait but Takun wondered how much longer he could go without losing it. Getting tired of waiting, Takun burst into the room and was about to say something but was soon pulled out of the room by Inu who saved him as many kunai and shuriken were thrown at the door way.

With a sigh, Inu let go of Takun who was thankful for his brother's quick thinking and reflexes. Entering the room, Takun looked around and saw many jonins eyeing him suspiciously along with their Hokage. Rubbing the back of his head with his right hand, Takun smiled cheekily at them.

"Yo." He said. The Hokage coughed into his left hand, getting everyone's attention.

"It appears that we will have to continue this meeting at a later time. We still have two weeks to decide; sufficient amount of time to make up your minds. Now if you don't mind, it seems that my other appointment is getting a little restless." The jonin's chorused a "Hai" before walking or disappearing out of the room. Inu then entered the room and his red cloak swirled as he made to sit down. Takun's orange cloak also swirled as he sat besides his brother.

Hiruzen sighed and messaged his temples, wondering why he had agreed to take up this old job again.

"So, from a letter sent to me by the guards, you two seek asylum in my village." Hiruzen informed them. Both nodded.

"That's true old man; we need a place to call our home!" Takun bellowed. Hiruzen cocked an eyebrow at Takun's disrespectful words.

"I would show some respect to the person who held the sake of a home in his hands, wouldn't you say so?" Hiruzen said but was surprised to see Takun shake his head.

"You wouldn't do that to me old man, we have history." Takun said with a cheeky smile. This shocked both Inu and Hiruzen who was wondering just how right in the head this twelve year old boy was.

"I have never seen you before in my life. While I may be aging, I would not forget someone as disrespectful and bold as you." Hiruzen retorted. "If you leave now without another word, I'm sure Suna would…" Hiruzen stopped short after seeing Takun remove his hood over his head, showing him his golden blond hair and dark golden fox ears. His azure, slit pupil eyes stared at beige eyes with nostalgia.

"Are you sure you don't remember me, old man?" Naruto asked with sarcasm. Hiruzen stood and walked to Naruto and held his face with his two wrinkled hands.

"N-Naruto… is that really you? I haven't seen you in over seven years. What happened to you?" He asked but the sounds of growling filled the room. Looking to the side, Naruto and Hirunzen saw Inuyasha remove his hood as while with a scowl on his face, his snow white ears and hair surprising Hiruzen.

"He told me that he was attacked and then left for dead. I found him underwater in a waterfall not too far away from here." Inuyasha then focused his glare on Hiruzen. "If I hadn't found him, he'd be dead right now!" Inuyasha yelled. Hiruzen looked to Naruto for support of Inuyasha's claim and nodded.

"It's true. Seven years ago I was attacked by two shinobis. I… I don't remember their faces but after brutally attacking me, they knocked me out and dragged me out of the village. They woke me up and then threw me into the waterfall. Nii-san was able to save me before I drowned and I've traveled with him ever since." Naruto said.

"Ya getting this old man?" Inuyasha asked, ignoring the glare Hiruzen gave him. Dropping his hands to his side, Hiruzen looked away from the two brothers with a sigh.

"I will see to it that you two get a home here. Since you were born here then there's nothing more to it Naruto but your brother, however, is another story." Hiruzen said but Inuyasha waved it off.

"Whatever, just what do I have to do?" He asked in a bored tone. Hiruzen walked back to his desk and pulled out some papers from the bottom left drawer of his wooden desk. Passing it over to Inuyasha, Hiruzen sat back on his chair, taking out his pipe and adding the right amount of tobacco to it before lighting it.

"Just sign these things out and we're done. Also, are you a shinobi? Have any ninjutsus or jutsus of any kind?" Hiruzen informed and then asked. Inuyasha read the papers before quickly signing it, though not without having trouble writing first.

"Nope, no nin-whatever you said. I don't know anything about that stuff. I'm content with just using my own demonic energy, natural strength and speed to fight." Inuyasha answered as he handed all the paper work back to Hiruzen. "I'll fight for this place but there's gotta be something in it for me." Inuyasha said.

"You have to be a shinobi to fight for this place. Either you enter the academy like all the others who have the skill to be a shinobi or you prove to me that you are more than eligible to handle your own against one." Hiruzen alleged. Inuyasha smirked as he leaned back on the chair.

"Sure, I'll fight one of your shinobi, bring them on!" Inuyasha challenged. Hiruzen smirked at the challenge.

"I see, well then in a week's time, you will fight against a shinobi of my choosing. If you win, then you'll be permitted to join our ranks as shinobi however, if you lose then you will join the academy students in learning the ways of the shinobi." Hiruzen stood and held his right hand out. "Agreed?"

Inuyasha's canine teeth became visible as he stood and shook Hiruzen's hand.

"You bet!" He said, applying a little more pressure than necessary to Hiruzen's hand. Returning the favor, Hiruzen let go then sat back down.

"So what of you Naruto?" Hiruzen asked.

"I know enough to be an average student. I was able to attend many villages' academy in my travels and learned enough. Though I gotta say, the academy in Kirigakure is insane! Did you know they expect you to kill your own classmates to graduate? Wait, that's not how it works here right?" Naruto asked, a bit fearful for his classmates. He was put to ease when Hiruzen shook his head.

"We do not do that, it's too barbaric in my opinion. At any rate, even if you do have an adequate knowledge, you still need to attend the academy, if only for formality." Naruto pouted but nodded his head. Inuyasha laughed loudly and pointed at him.

"Sucks for you!" He shouted through his laughter. Hiruzen coughed in his left hand again in a vain attempt to cover up his own laughter.

"Yes… well, if that is all, you may leave now. My secretary will call for a shinobi to escort you to your new homes soon." Standing up, Naruto and Inuyasha bowed and exited Hiruzen's office, both mumbling insults to each other as they did so.

After they left and closed the door, Hiruzen breathed out heavily and closed his eyes, taking a puff out of his pipe. Even after eight years of absence, Naruto still knew just what to do to cause a commotion.

"Kid still hasn't lost his touch eh old man?" Sarutobi didn't have to look back to know who spoke, the smell of cigarettes in the air was all that was need to identify the new comer. The sound of a lighter clicking and the smell of a freshly lit cigarette only further proved his guess. "Even when he only gets hurt, he still finds a way for the council to get involved and now… well you should already know how they're going to react to the news of his survival."

"I know Asuma, but what other choice do I have? I must inform them of his survival if I want him to attend the academy." Hiruzen turned to look at his rogue son. He found it hard to believe that his son came to visit for a simple 'hello'. They have had many arguments in the past, which led Asuma to join the Twelve Guardian Ninja before returning to Konoha for good. "So I suppose you aren't here for a simple hello are you?"

"Not really, just wanted to know how the meeting went; after all, you did start it without me." Asuma said. Hiruzen closed his eyes and replayed the meeting in his mind.

"We have not finished discussing; it was interrupted by Naruto and his older brother." Hiruzen recapped.

"So we still don't know who will get what genins?" Asuma asked. Hiruzen shook his head.

"No and now that Naruto has returned, I doubt it's going to get any easier. With him now entering the academy, it might change everything that's already been set up. Shikaku is right about being Hokage; too troublesome." Asume gave a faint chuckle at his father before looking outside the window and into Konoha as he gave one last puff to his finished cigarette. Flicking it out of the window, Asume jumped onto the window sill and was about to jump out.

"If that's all…"

"Actually Asuma, there is one more thing I'd like you to do for me." Asuma cocked an eye brow at his father. "Not anytime soon but not too far into the future." Hiruzen turned around and faced his son with a sly smirk.

"What are you doing in a week?" Asuma cocked an eyebrow, wondering what exactly was going through his father's mind.


Inuyasha and Naruto slowly walked behind their shinobi escort in silence. Not wanting to start the glares of hatred, they decided to keep their hoods over their heads and deal with the odd looks the villagers gave them. For Naruto, they were a major improvement.

However besides the fact that they were not only subjected to odd stares, they were annoyed by their escort. Nothing about him was out of the ordinary except for his lopsided silver hair; mask over the bottom half of his face and his headband which was over his left eye.

Currently, his nose was stuck into the orange book he carried and seemingly saw the villagers walking in his way because he gracefully was able to avoid them with no problem. Again, it wasn't that that annoyed the two brothers; it was the fact that he ignored them and if he didn't, he'd play it off saying he hadn't heard them correctly or at all.

Naruto was trying to stop Inuyasha from beating Kakashi into next week, succeeding at first until they reached a decent sized apartment complex. Looking at it again, Naruto smiled when it was similar to his old apartment. However, it was a lot more… well kept and didn't have the words 'Monster' or 'Demon' spray painted on the side.

The sounds of a thud were heard as Naruto turned to see his brother on the floor, his left leg hanging in the air. Naruto's ears twitched to the left and he looked that way to see the silver haired jonin leaning against an electrical post. Momentarily looking up from his book to look at Naruto, who had taken off his hood, his only visible eye opened wide before relaxing and looking at him with a bored expression.

Naruto raised his right eyebrow while examining the jonin. It happened so fast that Naruto was starting to doubt that he had even looked surprised. He seemed pretty strong though, maybe even stronger than his older brother, if he were ever to take it serious. Another thing that caught Naruto's eye that spoke volumes of the jonin was the book he currently had in his hands. With a scowl, Naruto glared at the jonin.

"How do they allow you to read that stuff in public?" Naruto asked. Kakashi eyed him suspiciously before closing his book.

"How would you know anything about this book?" The jonin asked. Naruto looked away and 'hmph'ed.

"You don't need to know how I know. Anyways, that's not something that should be out in the open. Its obscene content and vulgar text should be kept away from young eyes." Naruto said with assurance. The silver haired jonin appeared in from of Naruto and his right eye was looking right into Naruto's left eye.

"That's how I feel too… so how do you know of its obscene content and vulgar text?" The jonin asked again. Naruto however didn't falter as he looked at the jonin in the eyes without fear or doubts.

"I have my ways." He said with a mischievous smirk. The jonin kept his gaze on him for another while before standing up straight and opening his book again.

"Well here's your keys; Hokage-sama said it's on the second floor, 216." Then, with a sigh, the silver haired jonin started to walk away, one hand on his book, one hand in the air as a form of good bye, and two eyes glued onto the pages of the book.

"Well, good luck with that and have a nice stay here in Konoha." The jonin then disappeared from sight after turning to the left onto a new street. Looking at him as he left, Naruto blinked multiple times before walking up the steps to the second floor. Inuyasha had stood long ago and followed after his younger brother.

After reaching the second floor and finding the room with the label '216', Naruto and Inuyasha stepped into the room and saw that it was empty. The small living room seemed sufficient enough to have two two-seated couches and a small table. The kitchen, which was to the right of the front door, had a refrigerator on the far left corner and a microwave to the left of it. The far right corner of the living room had a door, which by Naruto's guess, led to the bedrooms.

Naruto looked at his brother who walked into the apartment and smelt the air around him. Ignoring him, Naruto haphazardly threw his cloak into the living room and checked out the bedroom. After opening it, Naruto sweat dropped to see a medium sized bedroom and a door to the left leading to the bathroom. With a sigh, Naruto walked in but tripped over his feet when Inuyasha pushed him out of the way.

"Like hell I'm sleeping in this room with you." Inuyasha declared as he walked into the room for a better look. Naruto stood and quickly kicked his brother against the wall.

"Then you can sleep outside like the mutt you are!" Naruto yelled, his voice going a little deeper. Inuyasha recovered and growled.

"What'd you say?!" Inuyasha said in a loud voice, not yet yelling but just bordering it. Naruto got in his face and sucked in some air.

"You can sleep outside… like the mutt… YOU ARE!" Naruto yelled. Inuyasha snapped and grabbed Naruto's head and locked him in a headlock. Naruto struggled to free himself but he had no strength to get his older brother off him. Remembering something he learned from Kumo's academy, Naruto made a hand sign and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Inuyasha was surprised when he was suddenly surrounded by a cloud of smoke and it was until Naruto had kicked him out of the room and slammed the door shut that he figured out he had been had. Looking at the closed door, Inuyasha's sensitive ears heard laughter behind the door. Inuyasha growled loudly as he banged on the door.

"Open up, ya stupid kit!" Inuyasha yelled but all he heard was louder laughter.

"You said 'Like hell I'm sleeping in this room with you' and this way, you won't sleep in this room with me; we all win!" Naruto yelled in the safety of his new room. Inuyasha's vein popped out as he banged harder on the door.


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