With an Argument Like That... He Can't Lose

Characters/Pairings: Turkey, Greece, Japan, France and Germany. No Pairings.

Summary: Greece finally wins an argument that Turkey can't beat.

Because: I read the newspaper… and think of Hetalia. *failure*

Warnings: Written in about five minutes flat in between Chem and Pre-Calc a while ago. XD

"I ain't the one carryin' a glorified stick around with me wherever I go, am I?"

Japan sighed. Another world summit, another useless fight between Greece and Turkey.

Greece flinched, brandishing said "glorified stick" towards Turkey's head dangerously.

"What did you say, jerk?!"

Turkey's eyes widened at the proximity between his nose of Greece's cross, and this was definitely one of those times when he was thankful for having worn his mask.

"Ha, like you could beat me in a fight, you mama's boy."

"What did you say about my mother?!" Turkey smirked and Greece lowered his cross in favor of glaring at the Turk.

"At least I'm not so full of myself that I wear a mask twenty-four seven." he commented nonchalantly.

Turkey's smirk pursed into a sour frown.

"Yeah? Well, I ain't followed around by a bunch o' flea bags."

Greece fixed him with an even harder glare and remained silent for a moment, leaving Turkey to relish in another victory of wits.

Then, the Greek spoke.

"Well, at least I'm in the EU."

Turkey fell to the floor, spluttering, and Greece smiled peacefully.

Greece: 1, Turkey: 0

France and Germany looked down at Turkey and shook their heads disapprovingly.


A/n: Turkey's been trying to get into the EU for a while, and still is. Greece, however, is in the EU, so I mean, he had to have used to this argument at least once. I enjoy entertaining this idea waayyy too much.

And I have no idea where Egypt vanished during this. I swear he was there...