Ok so this is my first all human twilight story. I wanted to write this after I watch the movie my sisters keeper, it wont be just like that movie but it still made me want to write this kind of story. Well I hope you enjoy it, im not sure if I will have a happy or sad ending yet, so enjoy!

Visit to the doctor. You're healthy. Well you feel healthy. But…one person can make that thought change. Im Isabella Swan, but I go by Bella. I was fifteen years old when I was diagnosed with leukemia.


I was sitting in one of the waiting room chairs in the forks hospital waiting for an annual check up. I was with my dad, but all I wanted was to be with Edward Anthony mason, my boyfriend/best friend. I loved saying his full name, it was so awesome, anyway he was almost a year older then me, could drive and was perfect in everyway! We only recently became boyfriend girlfriend, but I have loved him for years. He was away for the weekend camping with his brothers and I missed him terribly, he was all I could think about. His smile and voice took my breath away all the time.

It seemed like I had waited hours when a lady finally called my name to come back. I got up and followed her, she got my height and weight, and I waited for the doctor.

"Hello Isabella, how are you today?" my overly cheerful doctor asked as she came in the room. "hello chief swan," she said noticing Charlie in the corner. He nodded in acknowledgment.

"Im fine, please call me Bella." She nodded and wrote something down on her clipboard. Next she took my temperature, checked my breathing and looked in my ears.

"okay, everything looks good, we just need to take a blood sample," just then a man with light green scrubs walked in. "this is josh, he will take your blood and a throat swab. I will be back In a few." With that she left the room.

"okay, this will pinch a little," just said as he pulled out a needle. Ugh! I hated needles, I looked away as I felt the slight pinch of pain. Then it was over, he took my blood and did the swab that I also hated having to do and left the room. I waited patiently and about twenty minutes later the doctor came back in the room with a sad look on her face.

"um…Bella we need to go to the second level and talk to a special doctor," she wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

"ok…why? Whats wrong?" I asked slightly afraid of her answer. She looked down at her paper and bit her bottom lip that seemed to be slightly quivering. This cant be good.

"yeah, whats wrong?" my dad asked, worry ringing clear in his voice.

"im not sure, just go see Dr Bennett and he will find out. Ok?" she said looking down. "chief swan you should probably wait here." She said as we were heading or the door.

"why? Im here father." He mumbled angrily. I told him it was okay and left the room confused.

I followed the directions she gave me and found myself walking into an oncology office. I took a deep breath and walked in, a lady at the front desk asked if I was Isabella and ushered me into Dr Bennett's office. When I sat down a man walked in and shook my hand saying he was the Dr and all that, and then he sat down and got a professional look on his face.

"Im terrible sorry to have to tell you this…but it appears that you have chronic lymphocytic leukemia…" he continued talking but I couldn't hear him. After he said the word leukemia my mind went blank. I…had…leukemia? That can't be, I was healthy, and no one in my family had it. I didn't understand. Dr Bennett reached across the desk and grabbed my had. "Im sorry, I know this is a lot to take in. Come back tomorrow and we will discuss it more, okay?" I nodded my head slowly and got up. He wrote a bunch of stuff on a piece of paper and handed it to me saying again that he was sorry. I walked out of the office and found my dad.

"What happened?" he asked right away. I still couldn't talk so I just handed him the paper work. He gasped causing me to look up. His face went from sad to slightly…angry. "This cant be right!" he yelled and stopped off towards the office I had just come from. I sighed and headed out to the car.

I sat down in the cruiser and pulled out my phone.

"Hello, love." A beautiful voice answered on the other end. "What's up?" he asked after a moment of me not talking.

"Edward?" I whispered into the phone.

"Yes? What's wrong?" he sensed my tone of voice and immediately got worried.

"Are you far away?" I asked hoping he wasn't and he could come home and hold me.

"No, do you need me to come home? I can, I could be home in a half an hour." He said in a rush. I nodded and then realized he couldn't see me.

"Yes, please come home right now. I need you, I have to tell you some…news." I said as a tear rolled down my cheek.

"Ok…are you ok? Im on my way now, what's wrong? Your scaring me love." He said rushed again. I sniffled and took a deep breath.

"I will tell you when you are here. Please drive careful though, I don't need you getting in an accident." I said with a small hint of sarcasm. He chuckled and said he would be there soon, and hung up. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself and looked over to see Charlie walking to the car with a defeated look.

"Don't worry bells, everything will be okay." He leaned over and kissed the top of my head before driving home. Twenty minutes later there was a loud knock at the door. I ran to answer it and Edward walked in a hugged me.

"Are you okay?" he asked looking me over. I pulled him to the couch and sat him down.

"Edward I just had a doctor appointment and my usual doctor sent me to see Dr Bennett…in the oncology department." His eyes widened at the mention of oncology, he knew what that was, he wanted to be a doctor. "He said I have leukemia" I saw his eyes mist over, slowly he shook his head before he leaned in and hugged me.

"Bella," he said into my hair before kissing it. "you will be fine, I know you. You will get through this! I will help you, I'll be here for you every step of the way, okay?" he said with nothing but sincerity. I nodded and he leaned in a kissed me.

Telling Renee, my mom, was the hardest out of everything so far. She broke down on the phone and we talked for a few hours. The next day Edward, Charlie my dad, and I went to see Dr Bennett. He told us about treatment and everything, and my new life began.

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