'We'll do it all
On our own.
We don't need
Or anyone.'
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol.

Chapter One - Perfect.

The overcast October sun seeped through the upper deck porthole of the S.S. Tipton and warmed the classroom where Zack Martin sat alone at his desk, counting his money and lost in his own thoughts of triumph. The ship softly lolled against the harsh waves where it rested at the Californian dock, while the voices of all the other passengers out on the deck echoed throughout the room, adding to Zack's impatience as he waited for the revelation of his punishment for his latest scheme.

The familiarity of the scene then increased as Zack gazed up at the sudden noise of the classroom door opening. Shortly following this came the entrance of Mr. Moesby, who looked more or less torn limb from limb, along with Miss. Tutweiller who was obviously trying to hold in her laughter at the unfortunate shredding of Moesby's clothes.

"Nice look, Mr. M.," Zack commented in sarcasm.

Moesby growled under his breath while Tutweiller averted him from jumping over the desk and strangling the blonde haired teen.

"Zack," she started, sounding slightly unsure of herself, "what could have possibly made you think it was ok to post a bulletin on the internet saying that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were staying on the ship all weekend?"

"It's Hollywood, baby!" Zack replied, "Plus, look at all the money I got from the girls trying to come aboard and meet them."

Moesby frowned and snatched the cash out of Zack's hand, "Well, all I got for forcing the mob ashore was a ripped jacket and the loss of my favourite pocket hankie!"

"There is another problem here!" Tutweiller cut in, interrupting Moesby's rant. She directed her attention back to Zack, "While you were off on your little escapade today, rather than attending class, you missed a surprise test that I sprung on the class."

"It's not that much of a problem," Zack argued, "I probably would've only gotten a 'D', anyway."

"Well, just to be sure of that, after some discussion, Mr. Moesby and I have decided that while the rest of your classmates will be spending their Saturday exploring L.A., you'll be staying here doing a make-up test."

Zack's jaw dropped, "What? Aw, come on, Miss. T., you can't be serious."

"I'm afraid the both of us are powerless to be otherwise," Moesby interjected.

Zack sank down into his seat in disappointment, ignoring the smile of cynicism lying across Moesby's face.

"Perhaps you'll remember this next time you want to pull a such a reckless hoax."

Rolling his eyes at Moesby's need to get in the last word of the painful lecture, Zack leapt up from his seat and eagerly went to take his 'hard earned' money back from the ship manager.

"Uh, uh," Moesby scolded, snapping his hand out of Zack's reach, "I'm sure there is a much more worth while charity of some description that you would be pleased to make a small donation to."

Zack scoffed in further disbelief of how wrong his so called 'perfect' plan had turned out. "Fine," he spat, marching angrily towards the door.

"See you in the morning," Tutweiller called to him as Zack made his heated exit, "nine a.m. sharp!"

Bailey Pickett sighed in relief at the sensation of the cool evening breeze blowing through her long, blonde hair. She looked out across the ocean from where she stood on the ship's upper most deck, all the reds, oranges and yellows from the horizon's sunset filling her vision with warmth.

"This was a great idea," she spoke as she felt a pair of arms slink around her waist.

Tilting her head slightly, Bailey smiled as she made eye contact with the bright, blue orbs of Cody Martin from where his chin sat rested on her shoulder.

"I told you - there's nothing more beautiful than a Pacific sunset."

Cody took his arms away from Bailey's sides and leaned back on the deck railing, "Well, I can think of one more thing."

Bailey's grin grew wider as she giggled her silly little shy giggle at the sweet compliment from her boyfriend while he took her hand and pulled her in towards him. Cody closed his eyes, Bailey's adorable laugh still ringing in his ears, as he placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

"This is so perfect," she murmured, her forehead pressed against Cody's.

"And it's only going to get better."


Cody smirked and spread his arms out, gesturing to everything around him, "It's Hollywood, baby!" Bailey laughed again while Cody pulled her back towards him, "The whole city is ours."

"Oh, Cody."

"Oh - Zack?"

"Zack?" Bailey spun around in confusion to find Cody's brother making his way across the deck with a camera in one hand and a power saw in the other.

"What are you doing?" Cody shot accusingly at his twin.

Zack hesitated for a moment, "You know those situations I get myself into sometimes, and then when I start explaining it to you, you end up just blocking your ears saying you don't want to know?"


"This is probably one of those."

Cody scoffed and grab onto Zack's shoulder before he could attempt an escape, "Zack!"

"Ok, look, I was just going to climb up into the crow's nest."

"That's been closed off ever since that girl Olivia had her adventure up there!"

"Well, yeah, I know that now," Zack agreed, tearing away from his brother's grip, "Moesby and Tut aren't letting me off the ship tomorrow 'cause of the whole R-Patz thing, but I wanted a kick arse picture in front of the Hollywood sign for my blog. So, I figure if I can get down into the hull of the ship and then cut my way up to the ladder for the crow's nest, I should be able to get a pretty good shot."

"No!" Cody instantly protested.

"What do you mean no?"

"There is a reason it's been closed off, 'ya know. It's dangerous! If you had just gone to class instead of hosting some phoney Twilight party, you wouldn't be in this situation, anyway."

"Cody's right, Zack," Bailey jumped in, "You could get really hurt if you climbed up there."

Zack groaned in annoyance, "I've already had one of these lectures today, thank you."

"Just promise me you won't go up there?"

Zack sighed and locked eyes with his brother, trying his hardest to knock down the protective wall that Cody was obviously striving to build around him.

"Ok, fine," Zack emitted in defeat, "I promise I won't go up there."

"Thank you," Cody said, taking Bailey's hand as the two made their way to the elevator, "You should probably get studying for that make-up test tomorrow."

Zack nodded, "Will do, bro."

Zack held the smile on his face in place until the elevator doors closed and both Cody and Bailey had disappeared behind them. Once they had, the older twin uncrossed his fingers from behind his back and gazed up and the highly perched space above him.

"I'll get a better shot in the morning."

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