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New Lives L

By Emma Iveli

Long Ago… there were many warriors protecting a world. These warriors were the Sailor Senshi. One day their kingdom were destroyed and they're lives were lost. The Queen sent them to reborn in other worlds filled with Magical Creatures called Pokémon, where a battle takes lace 1,000 years, where Pirates roam the seas, crazy stuff happens all the time and ninjas fight their battles.

They are the Sailor Senshi.

They consist of Ash Ketchum, a Pokémon trainer AKA Neo Sailor Moon.

Kiyo Takamine, a Mamodo Book keeper AKA Sailor Mercury.

Monkey D. Luffy a pirate captain AKA Sailor Mars.

Ranma Saotome, a cursed marital artist AKA Sailor Jupiter.

Uzumaki-Kazama Naruto, a ninja with a demon sealed within him, AKA Sailor Venus.

Gary Oak, an up and coming Pokémon researcher AKA Sailor Saturn.

Hatake Kakashi, an infamous ninja AKA Sailor Uranus.

Portgas D. Ace, an infamous pirate who everyone thinks is dead AKA Sailor Neptune.

Uchiha Sasuke, a ninja a prestigious clan AKA Sailor Pallas

Roronoa Zoro, a pirate swordsman AKA Sailor Juno

Eido McLovin, a Mamodo bookkeeper AKA Sailor Vesta

And last but not least Ryoga Hibiki, a cursed marital artist with no sense of direction what so ever AKA Sailor Ceres.

Joining them are Setsuna Meioh, the last Sailor Senshi from the kingdom that is alive.

And Kousagi Tendo the duel reincarnation of the king and queen of the kingdom.

However there were other Kingdoms on other planets around and who knew, perhaps they're Sailor Senshi were reincarnated as well.

Chapter 1: Back in Action once Again!

It was a quiet day on the Road… to the next gym.

"I'm hungry!" whined Ash.

"You've been hanging out way too much with Luffy and Naruto." Said Dawn.

"No I haven't." whined Ash.

"We're not too far away from the nearest Pokémon center." said Brock.

"Really! Great!" said Ash, "Let's go!"

And so the headed to the Pokémon Center.

Meanwhile in the World of the Mamodo Battle. Eido was sleeping on the couch when someone kicked him.

"Ow who did tat?" asked Eido waking him up.

He looked to see it was Koko looking so angry.

"Yo were doing so good too." Said Koko, "Why did you quit your job again."

"Train." Said Eido, "Now let me rest… I need it."

"Oh really what did you do yesterday." Said Koko.

"He learned another spell." Said Hyde entering the room, "It was the second time this week."

"Wait… then.." said Koko.

"We have four spells now." Said Hyde with a smirk, "So today it's okay if he's a lazy ass."

"Oh Doll… Megumi… I love those nurse's outfits." He moaned in his sleep.

"Okay… I didn't' need to hear that." Said Koko.

"Neither did I." sighed Hyde.

Meanwhile in the World of Pirates... there was a massive fight going on…. Between crewmembers.

"Shut up you shitty swordsmen!" yelled Sanji.

"Want to try it crap cook?" asked Zoro.

Okay… starch that… it was just a normal everyday fight.

"I think I've already gotten tired of this." said Kuina as she watched them.

"Yeah… it get old after a while." Said Aeries.

"Hey do you guys know where Luffy is?" asked Usopp.

"I think he might be trying to do an elaborate breaking attempt again." Said Aries.

Everyone sweat dropped when they heard that.

Meanwhile I the World of Chaos, Ranma, Akane and Kousagi arrived at the Snack Shack.

"Welcome to snack shack." Said Cerulean with a slight bow.

"How has everything been?" asked Kousagi.

"It's been fine." Said Cerulean.

"But for some reason everyone's been advising me not to talk to customers unless I have to." Said Aoi who was pouting at the counter.

"No one wants to hear about your tow fungus!" yelled Ruby.

"But come on! It's a funny story!" said Aoi.

"This is a restaurant! That kind of story is inappropriate!" yelled Ruby.

Aoi began to pout.

"Try not to listen to her... seriously." Said Aquamarine.

Ranma, Akane and Kousagi began to sweat drop when they heard this.

Meanwhile Naruto was pouting outside of the Hokage's office. Why?

It's simple. Just two days after the final battle with the Rainbow Brigade it was announced that the next Chunin Exams would be taking place. However due to certain reasons The Reason was a very confusing one involving "I need to get used to having a son while being Hokage… I don't want to be biased." Naruto was not allowed to participate… that and there wasn't any room on any teams… Both Sakura and Hinata were gone. But Sasuke stayed due to his punishment for running away.

However since it has been two weeks since they left the group that lost in the preliminaries had returned… which consisted 5 of the 9 that made it to the second round… which consisted of Team Guy, Team Kurenai and Team Asuma (with Sakura taking Shikamaru's place).

He wanted to who returned due to a meeting with the Hokages and over view of who was in the finals.

The door opened he found that they were Tenten, Ino, Choji, Kiba and Hinata.

"Naruto!" said Hinata hugging her boyfriend.

"I missed you." Said Naruto hugging her back.

"So Neji, Sakura, Lee and Shino are in the finals." Said Naruto.

"That's right." Said Shikamaru.

"I hope Lee doesn't make Chunin." Sighed Tenten.

"How can you say that about your teammate." Said Ino.

"Think about it… if he becomes a Chunin then he'll wear the vest." Said Tenten.

That's when everyone go the mental image… everyone shuddered.

"The transformation would be complete." Said Naruto.

"Never say that again Naruto!" yelled Kiba.

Meanwhile Setsuna arrived at her apartment with a sigh. She took out her test papers and began to grade them.

That's when the bell rang unexpectedly. She went over to the intercom.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Candy Gram!" said the person on the other end.

"That voice." Thought Setsuna buzzing the person in.

She unlocked the door and the person entered the room. It was a beautiful woman with golden hair that turned red as it went down. She put into a ponytail that was tied with a pin red bandana.

"It is you." Said Setsuna.

"Long time no see Pluto." Said the woman.

"It has Galaxia." Said Setsuna.

Meanwhile in a mysterious room. Three people appeared. One of them was a very tall woman with long brown hair, one a man with very messy red hair and the last was a girl with blonde hair put in short curly pig tails.

"Your highness… I believe it's now the time to strike." Said the brown haired woman.

"Yes." Said a mysterious figure appearing with a garbled voice, "Go Oceania fight for me."

"Yes, the first one I will strike will be the Mamodo Partner of Mercury." Said the woman named Oceania.

Meanwhile on the Thousand Sunny. Luffy was sleeping on the Lion's Head.

In his dreams he saw a lot of weird images… involving three mysterious figures and a dark Shadow… and strange beams turning ordinary human into monsters.

Luffy then woke up with a start.

"There you are… I was looking all over for you." Said Usopp.

"Oh really." Said Luffy.

"What's wrong?" asked Usopp.

"I had a vision." Said Luffy, "One of my weird psychic visions."

"Are you sure… remember that dream you had about the flying hotdog." Said Usopp.

"I didn't' say that was a vision… I just said it was really cool." Pouted Luffy.

Back at Setsuna apartment.

"So that's what you're trying to do." Said Setsuna, "So have you thought of an alias yet."

"Yes, I have… but it's a little lame." Said Galaxia.

"What is it?" asked Setsuna.

"Star Galaxy." Answered Galaxia… err… Star.

"Um…" said Setsuna with a big sweat drop

"I warned you didn't I?" asked Star.

"Yeah you did." Said Sestina who sighed.

Meanwhile in the park, Kiyo decided to check up on Zatch since the day was over.

"Oh you're playing with Naomi." Said Kiyo.

"Save me Kiyo!" cried Zatch running to him.

Zatch began to hug his leg while crying.

"Okay, oaky… just get off my leg." Said Kiyo getting the boy off his leg.

They continute on their way home.

"SO how was school?" asked Zatch.

"Okay." Said Kiyo with a shrug.

"That's nice." Said a voice.

That's when Oceania jumped from the sky.

"Who are you?" asked Zatch.

"My name is Oceania… is good to meet you… Sailor Mercury." Said Oceania.

"A new enemy." Said Zatch.

"That's right." Said Oceania, she lifted her hand, a strange blue gem was glowing in it, "Now!"

That's when a blue light hit Zatch. HE transformed into a monster.

"Zatch!" yelled Kiyo.

"Aren't you going to transformed and alert the others?" asked Oceania with an evil smirk.

Kiyo gritted his teeth.

"Mercury Cosmic Power! Make-up!"

He transformed into Sailor Mercury.

"Everyone! There's a new enemy! And she just transformed Zatch into a monster! Please I need your help!" called out Sailor Mercury.

Meanwhile in Setsuna apartment Star heard this from Setsuna communicator

"So you are right… there is a new enemy." Said Setsuna.

"All right! Time for the Glazy time to shine." Said Star with a wink.

"This might be the first time I've seen you on a threat that wasn't earth shattering." Said Setsuna with a sweat drop.

"Yeah…" laughed Star.

Back with Sailor Mercury… The Zatch Monster unleashed an electric attack, which Sailor Mercury dodged.

"Remember if a human turned monster is killed the person it was dies too." Thought Sailor Mercury.

That's when Sailor Vesta and Hyde appeared.

"So that the new Villain." Said Sailor Vesta.

"Yeah." Said Sailor Mercury.

"She's kind of hot." Said Sailor Vesta.

Everyone who heard this sweat dropped.

"Remember the only way to save Zatch is to fight him." Said Sailor Vesta.

Sailor Mercury sweat dropped.

"What is it?" asked Sailor Vesta.

"Nothing." Answered Sailor Mercury.

"Don't worry… his new found seriousness is creeping me out too." Said Hyde.

"Flaming Drill Torpedo!"

That was when the Zatch Monster dodged.

"Please… we're not like the rainbow brigade." Said Oceania.

"Space Sword Cutter!"

"Icy Wind Shuriken!"

"Golden Spiraling Shuriken!"

The three attack hit the Zatch Monster sending him back to the ground.

""Naruto! Kakashi! Sasuke!" said Sailor Mercury.

"Don't worry… All we have to do stall them until either Ash or Kousagi gets here." Said Sailor Uranus.

"Just wait for it." Thought Oceania.

That's when the Zatch monster got up and aimed a lighting bolt at the group that's when someone jumped in front of it and took it. It was Sailor Mars and of it had no effect.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"You!" yelled Sailor Mars.

"You know her?" asked Sailor Juno as she and Sailor Neptune joined the scene.

"I saw her in a vision I had today." Said Sailor Mars.

Everyone sweat dropped.

"What?" asked Sailor Mars.

"It's just that we're still getting used to the fact that your psychic." Said Sailor Juno.

"Oh… okay." Said Sailor Mars with a shrug.

"Is that so… that's interesting." Said Oceania.

"Hey!" yelled a voice.

That was when Neo Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Ceres and Sailor Cosmos Moon arrived.

"You really think we won't be able to stop you?" asked Neo Sailor Moon.

"I'm sure you won't be able to stop me." Said Oceania with an evil smirk.

She raised her hand, once again showing the jewel on her palm. She sent out an energy wave that hit both Neo Sailor Moon and Sailor Cosmos Moon. Both of them fell to the ground.

"I can't move." Said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Neither can I." said Sailor Cosmos Moon.

"Good… now you will be destroyed by someone who was once a dear friend." Said Oceania.

"Oh really?" came a voice.

Someone jumped down from a, the person was wearing an armored dress that was golden, she also wore a golden helmet, there was one thing that caught everyone's attention, the gold sailor collar.

"You it can't be…" whispered Oceania, "You're Sailor Galaxia."

"That's right! And here I'm a good guy!" said Sailor Galaxia.

She raised her bracelet, "Galaxia Healing!"

A golden beam came form the bracelets, and Zatch returned back to normal.

"Zatch!" cried Sailor Mercury.

Oceania glared at everyone, "You'll see… my group will try something again." Said Oceania, with that she disappeared.

"I guess we should explain things." Said Sailor Pluto gaining everyone's attention.

Sometime later, Kiyo had just came from Setsuna's room.

"He's sleeping." Said Kiyo.

"Good." Said Setsuna.

Everyone looked at Star who laughed nervously.

"I guess I should explain why I'm here." Said Star.

"Gee, you think." Said Zoro.

"You see I sensed the enemy a while ago… and I felt… that it was time to awaken them," said Star, "This dimension's Star Lights."

"So the Star Lights were reincarnated in this dimension." Said Ash.

"That's right." Said Star, "You see their home planet Kinmoku was completely devastated much like Crystal Tokyo… their Princess Kakyuu much like Neo Queen Serenity before sent them to these worlds to be reborn as men."

Kousagi noticed Star's hands shaking when she told the story… like she was restraining herself from crying.

"It's because they preferred being men… isn't that right?" asked Kakashi.

"That's right…" said Star, "Oh yeah… some of you went to the different dimension where the Star Lights were still around… right…"

"So you're planning to reawaken them, right?" asked Ash.

"That's right… I don't know who they are or what worlds they're in. But I know I they will be a big help for you… because we don't really know how this new enemy operates." Said Star.

"So wait… then they will have the costumes of the one from the other Dimensions?" asked Eido.

"That's right." Said Star.

"I do not envy who ever they are." Thought Ash, Eido, Zoro, Ranma and Kakashi with big sweat drops.

"I am not going to take an active in searching for them however there are two things I'm going to do. Only awaken them in their presence or if in any danger from the enemy." Said Star.

"Oh that's good." Said Ash.

Star nodded.

"So where are you going to stay?" asked Luffy.

"About that." Said Star, "Luffy… there's something I want to ask you."

Luffy blinked, he wondered what was it going to be.

Meanwhile in the mysterious HQ…

"So…" said Oceania, "I failed."

"Ha!" said the young man who turned to the shadowy figure, "I would like to prove my abilities tomorrow."

"Very well… tomorrow is when you will strike." Said the shadowy figure.

"Good." Said the young man.

And so for the Sailor Senshi a new enemy had appeared but who knew what would happen… only time would tell…

Next Time: An old friend of Ash's shows up for a visit... however due to twists and turns unexpected things happen! Could he be the first Star Light? Meanwhile Star goes to live in one of the worlds. Which one? Find out next time!