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Chapter 28: Tenten's Troubles

Guy was meeting with his students… well two of them were former students, one of them was still a Genin.

That was Tenten…

"You see Tsunade has placed us on a mission that most of us will be going on." Said Guy.

"It is not me who is going o the mission." Said Lee.

"No, Lee you are going." Said Guy.

Lee and Tenten were surprised by this.

"What about the other Senshi?" asked Lee.

"Tsunade asked Ash if it was okay to send you four out on missions if the village needed it." Said Guy.

"Really! That is great!" cheered Lee.

"Yeah… great…" said Tenten.

"Tenten, are you okay?" asked Lee.

"I'm fine…" lied Tenten.

"Are you sure?" asked Neji.

"I'm sure." Said Tenten with a certain strain in her voice.

Tenten got up and began to wander around the village.

"Hey what's wrong?" asked a voice.

She tuned to see Sakura.

"Nothing…" said Tenten.

"This isn't about Lee's mission, is it?" asked Sakura.

"No it isn't." said Tenten.

Sakura sighed and looked at Tenten, "Let's go get something to eat." She said.

"Fine…" said Tenten.

The two headed opt the Ramen Stand.

"Come on Tenten, I don't go on missions. " said Sakura.

"That's because your Tsunade's student." Said Tenten.

"Well there's that…" said Sakura.

"Just because I didn't become a Chunin…" muttered Tenten.

"Oh come on, just because you didn't become Chunin doesn't mean you ever will become one." Said Sakura.

"You're one to talk." Muttered Tenten, "You passed."

"Yeah." Sighed Sakura then she found a better example, "You could have been like Naruto."

"What's supposed to mean?" asked Tenten.

"Naruto is very strong, he might not be responsible but he earned his way to being one of the strongest ninjas." Explained Sakura, "But due to the fact that his dad might be bias, he wasn't able to compete."

"I know that!" yelled Tenten.

Tenten then stormed off muttering things.

"That could have gone better."

Sakura turned to see Sasuke watching the whole thing.

"I was only trying to help…" said Sakura.

"Considering the fact you got a promotion you weren't going to help anyone." Said Sasuke.

Sakura sighed.

Meanwhile Oceana was watching her on screen.

"So that's one of the Team Mates of Star Healer." Said Oceania.

Sora was also in the room.

"I feel sorry for her." Said Sora.

"Why?" asked Oceana.

"Haven't you seen what she goes through… it's amazing she's still sane." Mumbled Sora.

Sometime later Tenten was throwing weapons at a target, still hitting bull's eyes each time.

"IS everything alright?"

Tenten turned to see it was Lee.

"I thought you were on your mission." Muttered Tenten.

"We have yet to leave." Said Lee.

"I see…" sighed Tenten.

"What is wrong?" asked Lee, "Is it about the mission."

Tenten sighed.

"Look I get you and Neji are now Chunin." Sighed Tenten.

Tenten sighed…

"Are you feeling left behind?" asked Lee.

"Of course I am." Said Tenten.

"Do not worry, you might not be a Chunin right now, but I am sure you will be one soon." Said Lee.

Tenten glared at Lee.

Lee sighed…

"What about your classmates?" asked a voice.

They turned to see it was Sasuke.

"Every year only 9 students go on to be ninjas." Said Sasuke, "What happened to them?"

Both Lee and Tenten began to think.

"I think a couple of them died." Said Lee.

"Yeah…" sighed Tenten.

"You lived." Said Sasuke, "So you're already better than them."

"Says the guy who wasn't in the exams because he betrayed the village." Muttered Tenten.

Sasuke glared at her.

"Fine but remember this." Muttered Sasuke, "When I first became a ninja I through he was dead weight. Sakura ended up becoming the only member of our team to become a Chunin. Despite the fact when she started out the only reason she became a ninja was to get close to me."

Tenten sweat dropped.

"Seriously?" she asked.

"Pretty much." Said Sasuke.

That wasn't the reason, it was the reason from the way he saw it…

"I'm surprised you're trying to cheer her up. You of all people." Said a voice.

Sasuke and Lee both began to sweat as Oceana was there.

"It's a shame you're no longer angry about everything would have been perfect." Said Oceania.

That was when she revealed her gem and shot the beam at Tenten turning her into a monster made of weapons.

"Tenten! No!" yelled Lee.

Sasuke took out his communicator "We're at a training ground…" said Sasuke, "Don't know which one but Tenten was turned into a monster."

"All right! I'll be there soon!" came Ash's voice.

"Sasuke!" said Lee.

"Right!" said Sasuke.

"Pallas Cosmic Power!"

"Healer Star Power!"


Oceana shuddered…

"Sorry I forgot if I have seen that transformation but it's really creepy!" she said.

"what is that supposed to mean?" asked Sailor Star Healer.

"Nothing! Nothing! Never mind." Said Oceania, "Deal with them!"

The Tenten monster gave a nod then began to shoot Kunai at them.

Both of them began to dodge.

"Tenten! I am sorry!" said Sailor Star Healer.

"Star Sensitive Inferno!"

The attack hit the Tenten Monster.

"All right!" said Sailor Pallas, "Icy Wind Shuriken!"

The attack hit her and froze her then struck the ice hurting her.

However the Tenten monster managed to recover and sent out large Shuriken at Sailor Pallas.

"Golden Sparling Shuriken!"

The attack blocked the Tenten monster's Shuriken. As it turns out Sailor Venus, Neo Sailor Moon, Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Saturn and for some reason Sailor Juno arrived.

"Uh… Zoro what are you doing here?" asked Sailor Pallas.

"I don't want to talk about it." Muttered Sailor Juno, "And if anyone asks I did not get lost."

"You guys are docked and island and you got lost again, right?" asked Neo Sailor Moon.

"No… I didn't!" lied Sailor Juno.

"He did…" mumbled Sailor Saturn.

That was when the Tenten monster turned her arms into sword and ran over to attack them but Sailor Juno managed to block.

"Be careful! That is Tenten!" called out Sailor Star Healer.

Sailor Juno managed force her back.

"Supreme Thunder Cannon!" called out Sailor Juno.

The attack hit and the Tenten monster was unable to move.

"Ash, it's your turn!" said Sailor Saturn.

"Right!" said Neo Sailor Moon.

"Moonlight Crystal Drop Healing!"

The healing hit the Tenten monster turning her back into Tenten.

That was when Sailor Mars, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Galaxia appeared.

"Oh Zoro! You're here!" said Sailor Mars, "Were you here the whole time?"

"Yes! I somehow ended up in the leaf village." Lied Sailor Juno.

"Oh, okay." Said Sailor Mars.

Sailor Galaxia and Sailor Neptune both sighed at Mars' response.

Meanwhile, Tsunade was looking at the team listings.

"What's wrong?" asked Arashi.

"It's Tenten, I just realized she wasn't placed on Guy's team for the next mission." Said Tsunade.

"Was it an oversight?" asked Arashi.

"No… it was wasn't." said Tsunade, "She's the only one in the group is didn't make Chunin."

"Oh yeah…" said Arashi.

"But I think I know of a way to make it up to her." Said Tsunade.

Back at the training ground Tenten managed to wake up.

"What happened." Said Tenten.

"You were turned into one of those monsters." Said Naruto.

"But you are fine now." Said Lee.

"I can't even remember anything." Mumbled Tenten.

That was when an ANBU appeared.

"Excuse me Tenten, but Lady Tsunade and Lord Arashi wishes to see you." Said the ANBU.

Tenten headed to the Hokage tower and to find both Hoakges waiting for her.

"Oh good we needed to talk to you." Said Tsunade.

"What is this about?" asked Tenten.

"We noticed that you are unable to go to certain missions with your team." Said Arashi.

"It was I who noticed it." Muttered Tsunade.

"What ever…" muttered Arashi.

"Anyways." Continued Tsunade, "Even if it is a time of great importance it has been decided, you will go on missions with either Kakashi's team, Azuma's team or Kurenai's team…"

"I see." Mumbled Tenten.

"Oh I get it, you're upset that you're the only one in your team who didn't get a promotion." Said Arashi, "IT could be worse."

"How can it be worse?" asked Tenten.

"Ever hear of Akado Manabu?" asked Arashi, "He's 38 and still a Genin! You could be him right now!"

Tenten glared at Arashi.

"If that was your attempt at cheering her up it wasn't that good." Mumbled Tsunade.

Tenten sighed.

"Look Tenten… don't rush it." Said Tsunade, "Just wait and you will become a Chunin. It might take years but you will become one."

"I know…" sighed Tenten.

Tenten left the office.

Unfortunately this was not something she will get over any time soon… No matter what anyone says or does…

Sometimes… these things just happen…

Next Time: The Straw Hats are still on the new island. However the people on the island are a little too pleasant. Is there something going on with the island or no? Find out next time!