Chap 1

A/n: this is my first attempt at a story so give criticism but don't say something you wouldn't say to your language arts teacher . Anyways this story is based on wicked a book and musical. I got this idea when I was on a bus in Guatemala and listening to the wicked soundtrack then got an idea for this story. This story is not about Beryl and serenity but it will feature them. I'm planning to make a sequel but first I have to reread the second wicked story. I'd like to thank Serenity2012, princessserenity1979, and luna345 for inspiration, keeping me entertained at 2 in the morning, and giving me inspiration to be able to make up stories during chorus class to keep me awake . PS I suck at spelling and grammar is not my strong point, so sue me, if you catch errors in that regard remember nobody's perfect. Enough rambling on with the story

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor moon or the Wicked theme. But I do own Aryel.

"There's something I have to tell you"

"What is that my love, Selene"

"I'm ……. Pregnant"

"That's great Selene"

Then the King of the moon lifted his wife, the queen up into the air and into their private chambers.

Meanwhile a similar conversation was happening between the royal maid and general at the terrain castle.


"What Isabelle"

"It worked"

"What Worked?"

"I'm pregnant"

His coffee dropped out of his hand and on to the royal pet washer's head.

"What really"


Jumping up for joy he started doing a Venus chicken dance. Isabelle joined him, enjoying the merriment of the news.

"Just breathe, in out in out"

"Easy for you to say you aren't In LABOR"

"Get me a stretcher she's in labor"

This was the chaotic scene as the royal family was about to gain a new member. Eventually the king managed to get his frantic wife into a birthing room.

"In out in out in out" King Eric chanted

"She's almost here" The royal physician shouted"

"She's almost ready to debut her face to the world" cried Cosmo the queen's friend, pet and most trusted advisor.

Finally after what seemed like eternity in a torture chamber a head popped out.

"She's out"

"Look at her"

"Look how lovely"

"She looks like her mother"

"No father"

"No she looks like Cosmo the cat"

All heads turned to look at the aging court jester who has not been the same since his time as a prisoner by the dark kingdom.

"What will you call her" the physician asked.

"Selenity is her name" Cried the queen

Suddenly a bright white light shone down on the baby and when the light faded a pure white crystal shone in the light, it was shaped like the moon. The mystic silver crystal nestled itself into the young princess's heart.

"Oh my god I'm in labor"

"Hold on Isabelle hold on"

"Get me a room NOW"

"Yes sir"

"Eventually they found a room and the servant doctor ran in the room"

"That's it dear just push"

"You don't have an impatient child on your hands"

"I see a pinky"

"I see a curl"

"It's a girl"

The baby cooed as she felt her mother gentle warm embrace.

"She's perfect"


"What's happening, whose there"

The light flickered back on but hanging in midair was a soul shivering black crystal; then a yellow crystal appeared. They seemed to fight over the infant. One minute later they merged together and pushed their way into the child's heart.


"It's hideous"

The fight had changed the baby's skin purple and her hair bright red.

"I don't want it anymore"

Isabelle then threw the child with such force it took a MLB catch to keep her from death.

"Shhh child your ok" comforted the royal shoe advisor "your mother is a bitch but I love you, no matter what you look like."

Four weeks later

The terrain king had forced Nessa (royal shoe advisor) to hand over the baby, which he promptly handed the baby back to Isabelle. She finally gave the baby a name…………. Aryel.