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The sun beams through the window, I turn over, shit- bad idea. My eyes instantly burn from the beaming rays of light. Then it hit me.. Friday..

Work. Oh shit. Work.

I turn over on my left side, my clock reads 8:20. Great, I have excatly 40 mintues to shower, get dressed and get to work. Stupid alarm clock.

Running into the shower, I wash my face, I wash my hair quickly using my strawberry shampoo. Then, as the hot water is rinsing the shampoo out, I grab my toothbrush and paste and violently brush my teeth. Anything, to save time.

I dry myself off quickly, brushing my hair quickly and throwing it up- then putting my brush into my bag along with some mascara and some lip chap. I find some jeans, wow- they are really snug.

I have to try and go shopping, I got so used to Alice dragging me… ahh Alice, what I wouldn't give to have you shop for me right now…

I grabbed a blue blouse and ran out of my room, grabbing my bag, and speeding down the 2 flights of stairs.. Grabbing the key off the rack near the door and stupidly banging my wrist against the handle of my door. Fuck, I really need to be more careful. I yank on my door, slamming it shut and locking it quickly.

I run down the stairs (4 flights) Fuck the elevator at this time in the morning. I head down the street for 2 blocks and get into the subway terminal.

*15 mintues later/25 mintues to get to work*

Wow, waiting for this stupid train is driving me nuts. I decide to pull out a mirror and put on some mascara, finally.. I feel a little bit better.

Although, I never thought in 3 years I'd be at this point. From Forks to here.. Trying to get to my dead-end job. Don't get me wrong, I love the job, it reminds me I'm a normal working person, not just some kid with all the money in the world.

That brings me to the Cullens. After everything ended between Edward and I, the one thing I was so thankful to never have to deal with again was THE money. I hated it, it further threw the both of us out of balance. Its fine. Since what happened. I never needed anyone. I was fine on my own, never cared about being with someone else being someone's someone else. At the end of the day I could always count on myself.

Where is this stupid train? Looking at my watch I had exactly 20 minutes to get to work.


Finally the stupid train is here, stepping on, I decide to use the frame of the door to hold me up. Instead of touching the poles or sitting down, what was the point of being sandwiched in by other people? After about 10 minutes, my stop finally came, thank god I stuck close to the door- I get off without any difficultly. I quickly run up the stairs and head up to the street level.

UGH! Great this is where I hit the ground, stead two strong arms wrap around me and steady my footing.

"Sorry darlin', didn't mean to nearly knock you off your feet" a sweet southern voice rattles my already heavy beating heart.

I had to look up- and what I saw, I felt like I was dead.

He had wavy blond hair that almost fell into his eyes, a slender but defined nose, plum lips - wow would it would be like to run my tounge on those lips.. Mmm… I saved the eyes for last. They were light ice blue. Sort of like looking out on an ocean on a bright sunny day… realizing that he said something..

I was finding myself lost in his breathtaking eyes…. "Uhhh.. that's okay, thanks for not letting me hit the ground" I tried to sound calm but my body and mind were freaking out.

"Well, sweetheart, what kind of gentleman would I be if I let a pretty li' lady hit the ground?" he replied back with a sexy crooked smile.

Oh my, someone please tell me why I had to rush to work! Ugh, could I not just take him back home and have my way with him? Actually, fuck my place… I'd ride him senseless while his southern drawl is moaning my name. mmm..

"I guess not a nice gentleman.. Well um, thanks for saving me from some pain.. But I have to get to work, Thanks again" I smiled and quickly withdrew from the beautiful southern man before me and had to focus again on rushing to work.

I walk the 5 blocks quickly and make it to work with 2 mintues to spare. Taking the Ally and heading in through the back rather then the front.

"Hey Mike, you sweating back here yet?" I yell as I walk through the kitchen and make my way to the bathroom.

"Not until your beautiful self starts serving some customers, Bee.. " Mike shouts back and chuckles at me.

I start my shift like everyday, throw my hair up, clock in, throw on a my pouch, grab my pen, a pad and throw on a nice welcoming smile and start serving customers and at 9 AM theres not too many of them. So I decide to start my daily bug the cook routine.

"Hey Mike- how'd the weekend go without me?" I ask trying to open up some conversation, he gets so wrapped up in cooking that he forgets how to communicate with an actual human bein


"It was alright Bee, just wish you didn't back out on us" he replies back.

"Yeah well, I needed a weekend off. You know you guys drain the life out of me" I laugh at him.

"Right, more like you drain us. Do you know I had to walk Ben and Tyler home real drunk without you? Tyler wouldn't stop his fucking moaning about you. Kept saying he had to stick around at the bar 'til you showed up, hes a fucking panzy." He says.

"Aww, poor Tyler. He actually thought I'd show? Even though I said I wasn't going? That's your fault you had to walk them home, you always let them get too damn drunk." I inform him.

"Yeah well, you usually set us all on the right path. You better be out this weekend you know. Anyways, get out there… customer. " He then switched from Mike my buddy to Mike the cook.

I look at my watch, yup 11 Am finally some time to actually do some work instead of just coffee runs.

I head out to the front of the restaurant, and notice 2 tables occupied. One with 4 men on the left and just 1 man on the right. I grab 5 menus and 2 drink menus. I decide to hand guy alone a menu and a drink menu.

"Good morning. I'm Bella, I'll be your waitress this morning, here is a menu and a drink menu for you. I'll give you a moment to order." I warmly introduce myself to the lone man.

"Why thank you darlin', while I think about what food to order, I'd like a coffee, that way you don't have to make too many trips to me."

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