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"Okay, your turn Darlin" he flipped us over and was on top of me, again smirking. It was so sexy. "Except I can just make love to you now.. Mm.. I know it. Your wetter than rain in April." He lowered himself and began massaging my feet. Did it ever feel good. I felt electric shocks all over my body. I was going to lose it. Holy fuck.

He massaged my calves next. "You know, we could make the secretary thing true. You can come work for me and stop being on your feet all day at that coffee shop. I hate the thought of you always making yourself so sore and slaving away at a coffee shop when you can take it easy and work somewhere where you'll be appreciated more."

Not this again. "Jazz. I love working there. Sure the money isn't that great but the people are nice and Ange and Mike are so great."

He lifted his body to have his face in front of mine "I know, I need a new secretary though. You'd be perfect. I hate being hit on by girls and especially Jessica, why can't you take her place, temporally until I find someone, please? If you do like it you can have it permanently. Please?"

"Okay Jazz but you know what's going to happen? The whole office is going to say I'm fucking the boss so that's how I got the job."

He smiled at me and lowered himself down to where he stopped massaging me.

"Even though you are, doesn't mean shit. You know I would've hired you even if we didn't get together. Your so much better than Jessica, you elude sexiness without even trying. You also keep your clothes on in public, I would have a better image of my company."

He began kissing the inside of my thighs. I began moving closer to his mouth. He smirked at me "Your really getting riled up aren't you?" his hands held down my hips, preventing me from moving and he began slowly kissing my thighs again. He was inching closer to my centre, I'm breathing heavily, not able to take the suspense any longer.

His tongue met my centre. I came undone, the tension in my stomach was building so much I couldn't take it.. Before I had a chance to orgasm he stopped.

"Ugh, that's not fair Jazz" He smiled and flipped me onto my back.

"What isn't fair is when you aren't releasing on my dick.. that's a pleasure much better than what my tongue can give." I tensed my back and moaned. He is going to be the death of me.

Just when I thought I couldn't be any more aroused.. He used his mouth in a thrilling way.. His face moving to the lower part of my back, his mouth and tongue sucking and licking my lower back, making me even wetter then I have ever imagined. He can smell it now, no question about it, he was breathing heavily too. "You taste so good.. Mmmm smell so good" he stopped massaging my back and just began breathing deeply. "Are you ready Darlin?" he turned me around to face him.

"I've waited my entire life Cowboy" he entered me and we both moaned at the contact. He thrusted in and out slowly. "Shit, I forgot how good this feels. I won't be able to hold out for too long its been too long." It felt so good. We weren't going too rough or too fast, we were just taking it slow and making the most of our time joined together like this.

"I don't care just as long as its you" I kissed his lips and hugged him closer to me.

"Forever Darlin" he caressed my clit and I felt myself clamp down onto him.

"Fuuuuucccckkk" he groaned into my ear and fell over the edge himself.. I felt his seed spill into me… making me cum again, clamping down on his dick and milking him for all he was worth.

"I love you cowboy. I never want you to apart from me ever again. Emotionally, physically, mentally…. Never again." I planted kisses all over his face.

I felt his hand find its way to my cheek.

"Darlin.. I was dying without you. I'm sorry. Never again." he kissed me with so much passion, we fell back into horny teenager mode.

**JPOV**Some Months Later**

"Mmm. Let Me Go Jazz" she whined. She was soo cute when she did that, no way is she getting out of here.

"No, your staying in this bed all day." I kissed her head and pulled her closer.

"No seriously let me go" she began clawing at my arms.

I let her go and she ran into the bathroom.. Sick again..

I have to remember to get some inspectors at that restaurant. About 2 weeks ago we went to this restaurant to celebrate being together for 2 years, needless to say, it was a bad place. We both were down sick. Bella taking longer to get better. It was horrible. She's losing a lot of weight and there isn't anything the doctor can do. Just said to wait it out and be sure to eat regardless if she throws it back up.

I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. I held her hair back and she was moaning over the toilet, in pain. My heart broke, I hate seeing her like this, I knelt down and put my hand on her back, rubbing soothing circles.

"Are you okay Darlin? Want any water or anything? I hate seeing you like this." She moaned again and I thought I was going to cry. "Here Darlin" I scooped her up carefully, trying not to move her too much in fear she would throw up again. I took easy, soft strides back to our bed and laid her down carefully. "I'll be right back baby" I kissed her forehead and went back to the bathroom.

I raided the cabinet for the pills she was given 4 days ago, a cup of water and a cold compress. I walked back to her, only to see her curled up in the fetal position. "Darlin.. Here you'll feel a little better with this." I helped her sit up and gave her the pills. I set a cold compress on her forehead, "Do you want some food darlin? Some soup?" I felt her face, she was burning up. "No.. just some of your tonic… and I need to brush my teeth.. Please?"

"Of course Darlin.. I'll be right back, don't you dare move from this bed." I took off down the stairs and began working on my mama's tonic. It was a strawberry tonic, it worked for every sickness known to man, well the colds and flu.

I had to call Peter, I couldn't leave Bella here all alone this sick.

"Whitlock's Contracting, Peter Whitlock speaking."

"Hey Pete, Its Jasper."

"Hey Jay, you sound better. How's Bella?"

"I'm alright, Bella is still very sick. I can't leave her here alone, I hate to do this to you but your going to have to take my place today.""You leave me in a bad spot, I'm sure I can handle it. You just tend to that lovely sister of mine. I hope she feels better. Give her a kiss for me will you?""Yeah I will. Sorry Pete. Thanks again."

"Don't worry about it. Take care bro.""Yeah, love you too you big sap"

He laughed and hung up.

I then thought of my Doc. It'd be bad and she's not only my family doc. But my physiatrist but Bella needs a second opinion she's still not better, when she should be.

"Hello. Doctor Masen's Office, Alice speaking how may I help you?"

"Hi Alice, Jasper Whitlock here.. Is Dr. Masen Free this morning?"

"I'm afraid your appointment isn't for another week, is anything wrong Jasper?"

"My girlfriend is really sick and I need a second opinion. Can you please see if Dr. Masen will see her..?"

"Jazzzzzz…. Ouch!!!" That didn't sound good.

"Hang on Alice" I ran up the stairs. "Jasss…per…. It hurts… owwww" I was right by her side.. "What hurts Darlin?"

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