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Is she serious? I have to be dreaming.

Keep it together. I got out of the bed and began to pace the room. Just… keep it together. Breathe. You're okay. It's okay.

Fuck Keeping it together.

"Don't even let Caroline stop this. I don't care what she thinks. I only care about us." I nearly broke. I was close to breaking down and crying.. But I was so close to tearing apart my room and letting my red eyed demon out.. Let him inflict his wrath on the entire house.

"If your answer is no, then why the fuck are you still here with me? Huh? Why am I even wasting my fucking time thinking and planning a future with you? When you obviously don't want this to go any further? I don't know if you've realized.. we ain't getting any fucking younger!" This shit hurts. I tried to keep my breathing and my voice under control but it was becoming difficult. I took my hand and swiped everything off my dresser, some of it flying to hit my bedroom door, clattering on the floor. I couldn't even bother to hear her response, "If you supposedly love me, why cant you fucking marry me? What's so wrong about us, about all of this that's making you say no?"

She sat up and walked right over to me.

"Jasper. Calm down. I said no because I couldn't believe all this. I was actually planning to ask you to marry me. You idiot."




That was unexpected. "See look…" She walked over to the closet and digging from the bottom of her side of it. "I'm not kidding. We both have been planning this for a while. I was going to ask you last night but with your knee and you just passing out on me, I decided to wait."She threw the red velvet box into my hands, while walking away and I opened it, grabbing her arm so she couldn't leave the room.

It was white gold and yellow gold. Gold on the edges and white gold in the middle.

I snickered. It was plain but perfect, the exact engagement ring I snagged for Bella but the band was a bit thicker.

I showed her the ring I was going to give her… "Well.. Darlin.. The way I see it is… the gentleman gets down on one knee, professes his love to his one and only."She giggled and sobbed at the same time.

"You burned me the first time… you gon' do it again?"
She pushed me slightly. "No. shut up and get on with this Jasper."

Here I Go again. "My entire life, I always thought the lord was playing games with me. Just giving me things to take them away, its like I was just a child constantly being teased. I actually thought, you'd walk away from me.. That.. You would just wake up one day, realize my crap wasn't worth the time and energy and that you'd just pack up and leave me in your dust. That God would be punishing me again. Turns out I was wrong because he finally gave me you. He finally decided that I was worthy. Worthy of a woman who was out of my league. I think I finally realized how worthy I am.. and its all because of you. You make me a better person, a better man. I love you, for everything you've done for me and my family."

I took a deep breath and continued.
"You deserve a man who will be there in good times and in bad. Who will hold your hair back when your sick, who will do stupid things to make you laugh.. Show you everyday just how amazingly beautiful and wonderful you are. Who will do anything for your well-being, take you on spontaneous trips, watch girly movies just because you want to. Share everything and nothing at the same time. The other half you were always looking for to finally be complete. Let me add some chaos in your peaceful existence. Be a real man to a real woman. Let me be that man for you." I grabbed her small, soft tanned hand and whispered, "I'd be lying if I didn't say we wouldn't have some real crazy loving making nights somewhere in there too." she laughed and lightly slapped my arm with her other hand.

"Darlin, in all seriousness… Would you please do me the honour of showing me everyday your colourful, perfect world, gracing me with your twinkling smile, your beauty, your ever graceful personality and teach me how to be an even better man, better person, better lover and a better husband? Show me the meaning of happiness, make me fall in love with you all over again, every moment of every single day. Wake up to me everyday as my wife.. Darlin, Will you marry me?"

She just nodded as she slid down to the floor, where her head came in contact with my shoulder and she sobbed. "Yes." barely came out. I can't lie. I was tearing up myself. Finally! FINALLY!

We just stayed there kneeled on the floor for a while as I had her in a bone crushing hug when the happy sobbing ..between the both of us, I think?.. Began to die down.

Her small hands finally touched my chest and I inhaled a little bit. Every touch was electrifying! She pushed me onto my back, laying on top of me, her eyes were still watery, red and puffy. Her cute nose had the sniffles, her hair was in wild disarray and she had the most beautiful wide mouth smile I had ever seen. God be damned. She was perfect.
"You know, your kind of adorable right now." Her hand ran up my back and settled in my hair, playing with it.
"Really? 'Cause.." I flipped us over, so I'd be laying on top of her, my elbows supporting some of my weight. "You look absolutely beautiful."
"I love you, cowboy." Her nose rubbed mine playfully while her hand was pulling me in for the slowest, sweetest kiss I think I've ever experienced.

Eventually, Peter had to come in and just had the perfect cock block timing. Asshole.

"Hey, get the hell up lovebirds. Come on outside when you're presentable looking. And That means a shower Jay!" His fading laughter was more like maniacal. This couldn't be good.

After I helped Bella up, I held in the screams of burning, searing pain that were threatening to come out as I stood up. Fuck, come on. You can do this. My knee was locked into place during our carpet rendezvous.. My fists clenched together as I began the slow process of straightening my knee. The fire that was building was completely unbearable. I was close to tears.

Finally, my knee straightened out with a snap, my knee cap apparently being popped back into place and I found myself no longer able to hold in the pain. I groaned and cried out in complete agony.

"Oh my god. Aaaaaaah."
My eyes fluttered open and through my teary eyes I could see Bella through my blurry eyes.
Her hands on my shoulders, "What… what do you need? Whats wrong?"
"Top shelf, bathroom. Pain killers."
She bolted to the bathroom. I heard the door fly open and then shut.
"How many?"
"Fuck. 4 of them."
Soon as I took them, here was ms. mighty mouse again, carrying me to bed.
"Honey, I'm fine. Its okay. Knee just locked up is all."
"You scared me. For a second.."
"Shh.. It's okay. I think I scared myself by calling out. Heh."
She rubbed my back.. We sat there not saying a word.
"So much for being our perfect morning."
"Hey, its still perfect. You're here. Now, go get your fine ass in that shower."

"Yes, sir!"
I knew there was one more thing that needed to happen before we got ready to go downstairs.

"Hey Darlin.." She stopped mid step and turned to face me, "I'm really sorry.. Beyond sorry for goin' off like that. I had no right to do so. I shouldn't have let my emotions get the best of me. Can you forgive me?"
She looked down at the floor.
Oh No.I held my breath. Any punishment, would be deserved.

"Of course I forgive you. You can be a real asshole about it though. Jeez. Although, I do understand why you went off like you did. Its not easy trying to deal with some members of your family and I can understand why you jumped to conclusions. Don't worry Jasper. Anything you dish out, I'm sure I can handle.. And if not, I've got Peter Sr. and Jr. on my side.. Oh and Charlotte. She'll handle you better then your father and brother could."

She laughed as she left the room. "Oh and clean up that mess you made!" then the bathroom door was locked and the shower turned on.

"Yes Ma'am."

I cleaned up my mess and stripped the bed, putting new sheets on it and pilled the dirty ones with our dirty clothes before taking the whole thing downstairs to the washing machine. I threw the first load that was done into the dryer. Charlotte's doing no doubt, since the other men in this house can't do laundry to save their damn lives. I flipped the machine on and headed back upstairs where I heard tooth brushing happening.

"Yeah Darlin?"
"Go ahead and hop in, I'm going to get the laundry started, do you want anything to eat while I'm down there?"
I walked into the bathroom, sinful in grey underwear. Damn. I just stood there, taking it all in.
"Uh.. Yeah."
I cleared my throat, "I, uh… I did the laundry. Don't worry about food. I'm sure it's all outside. Just get yourself dressed before I delay our morning any longer."
"Not that I'd mind but.. We do have something to announce."

Damn it. Damn it. That's what I forgot. I walked over to the floor, where I had put the ring and walked back in the bathroom, slipping it onto her finger and planted a nice wet one on her. Haha.

"Eww. God Jasper! Could you be anymore disgusting?"
"You liked it. Course I can. Get in the shower with me and I'll show you just how disgusting I can be."
I gave her a slow kiss and winked for good measure and her face was just beat red.
"Shut up and shower, stop tormenting me. Jerk."
"You started it." I whined playfully.
"You've ended it." She had a point.

I began my shower as I heard her huff a moment later, she was brushing her teeth again. I was silently chuckling my head off as I tried to get the hell out of the shower as quickly as possible. If Charlotte came up, we'd have an even bigger problem. Even though I already had one of my own.

I dried off and got dressed in record time for Bella to be finished with her hair. She wasn't really wearing any makeup. A simple sliver chain around her neck, a red blouse with a white wife beater underneath and black shorts. I opted for my usual jeans and a white dress shirt, nothing underneath. It wasn't see through so I really didn't need to "dirty" another shirt.

I couldn't resist. My arms found her body, my hands on her lower back and at the base of her neck respectively. I leaned in, my tongue and lips exploring her mouth and lead her over to the bed. Fuck breakfast. We could see them later.

She moaned into my mouth as my body roughly met hers. This was long overdue. For both of us. I left her mouth and began my trip down her neck and opening her blouse, she was already grinding into me, just as ready as I was… Her soft finger tips working on the buttons on my shirt, starting from the bottom to the top, soon as the buttons were all undone, her hands slipped inside my shirt and grasped my shoulders roughly as I shrugged my shirt off. Damn. "Jazz…" She grabbed me even harder, walking backwards faster. "Ooooh Jazz…" I was still exploring her collarbone that was left exposed by her shirt. She fall back, pulling me with her. "Jazz.. Please.. " It all came out in breathless moans.

I just grunted as her hips really found the right pressure against my dick.
"Yee-ss dar-lin." I thrusted back into her even harder, making us both moan in ecstasy. My lips found hers again, I kissed her roughly, sucking and biting her sinful lips. So damn irresistible.

"Oh god. As much.. As I'd love to do this… we really need to get downstairs."
"You cannot be serious"
I groaned as my head moved to above her shoulder, onto the pillow behind her.
"I am." Her arms were encouraging me to get up.
"Damn woman, you're worse then Peter. You're suppose to encourage me, not discourage." Reluctantly.. I peeled myself off of her and fixed my clothes.
She took a minute to run her hands over her shirt and to breathe, "I'm sorry, I'll make it up to you."
"I'll be expecting you to."

We made our way downstairs when she stopped me slightly.

"Would it be horrible to say, I sincerely hope Caroline isn't here?"
I laughed. "I was just about to think the same thing. It's not bad. I don't blame you at all darlin."
She laughed and we finally made our way down the stairs and through the kitchen, towards the back of the house, outside where everyone was.

"Good morning!"

"Good morning everyone." I didn't see Caroline on the deck, thank goodness.

"I was wondering how long you'd keep her hidden. We're all friendly here. Come on over Sweetheart, there's a seat next to me." Good ol' Chucky, smiling like a goof, plate full of food and still making people feel welcome instead of stuffing his face.

Bella laughed a little as she made her way over to Chucky. I opted for the seat near little David who was quite happy with throwing his pieces of mangled up toast and fruit everywhere.

"Hey little man. Gimme a high five Davey" I stuck out my hand and he squealed loudly before doing a funny burp- giggle and throwing a piece of apple my way. "Okay.. Looks like I've got to teach you some things.. Silly boy." I picked up the apple piece and made a funny face at him, he squeeled again and got me in the forehead with some toast.
"Ha-Ha. Yeah, that's uncle dumb dumb isn't it?""Peter, don't get me started." I laughed.
"Now, keep those bad thoughts to yourselves. If anyone is going to teach him about you two, its going to be me."

Breakfast was spent in silence for the most part, due to everyone being too hungry to make conversation.

When breakfast was just about completed, Bella had cleared her throat. "So, Chuck.. Where's Caroline?"
"She had a meeting with some lady about her flowers. Honestly, I didn't care much for it so I decided to get the hell out and join ya'll for breakfast.. Again, I do apologize for her, she really shouldn't get into ya'll's business. If it counts for anything, I think you are fantastic and I'm still wondering how you put up with that kid. God knows no one else can"
Chuck started laughing, absolutely killing himself.
"You don't need to apologize.. I wonder how he puts up with me though. I guess we were just meant to put up with each other." We shared a look.

Why don't we tell them now? You think so?

"Yeah, the only two who could do so, 24/7." Charlotte laughed. "I'm kidding, Trust me. There isn't anything to put up with."

I cleared my throat. The laughter had died down and Davey was mumbling quietly to himself, still flicking little bits of apple onto the ground.

"I, uh.. Hoped to do this a little differently but ya'll are here and I guess this is going to be as perfect as it'll get."
"What are you going on about?"
"I was thinking the same thing Dad."
"Oh hush. Will you let Jasper get what he needs to say out loud? It's like you done forgot your manners.""Thanks Charlotte."
I stood up and walked around the table, grabbing Bella and putting my arm around her."I know we're missing Rose and Emmett but I honestly can't postpone telling you the happiness and excitement I feel, nothing can distract me from how I feel so.. I just wanted y'all to know that.. This morning.. I asked Bella to make an honest man out of me and be my beloved wife."
"And I accepted."
Bella was absolutely beaming, we were just unbelievably happy. She lifted her hand and showed off her ring while blushing.

We were congratulated and bear hugs were going around like a bush fire, little davey shouted and cried over the onslaught of noise that erupted from the table, Peter being the loudest, Dad was crying.. Bella and Charlotte all but collapsed on the ground thanks to Bella grasping on my back and arm tightly.

"What the hell is all the noise about?"

Oh Damn.

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