I started this a while ago. I have about 5 chapters written up. I was thinking about Leah, and wondered what it was about her that allowed her to changed into a wolf when there obviously had never been a female before. So my crazy off the wall mind, came up with this. Hope you enjoy it. Once I post what I have written already the updates won't be that frequent. But my friend told me she loved this, and I have never seen anything like it on fanfiction so I hope you like it and tell my what you think.


Chapter 1

Bella slammed the door to her truck. Damn thing was too slow. Her day had sucked. Edward was still ignoring her. A month! He had been igoring her for a month! Exactly one month! She opened the front door and had to stop and lean on the door frame as a wave of dizziness passed over her.

She shook her head and headed to the fridge to start her father's dinner. An hour later and she set the bowl of speghetti on the table right as Charlie walked into the house.

"Smells good, Bell." He said. She forced a smile for him as he sat down to eat.

She gripped the counter as she went to turn around as another wave of dizziness passed over her.

"You ok, Bells. You don't look good."

She snapped her head up at her father and a growl built in her chest. "I'm sick of people asking me if I'm ok. I'm fine, damn it. Just eat your dinner I'm going for a walk." She snapped out.

She grabbed her coat off the wrack and walked out the back door and walked down the trail towards the woods. She got to thinking about everything since she moved here. Why didn't Cullen just let her die? He just had to save her from that damn truck. She was so mad she was trembling. She dropped to her knees as fire ran up her spine. The fire built in her till it felt like she exploded. Then she was fine.

Bella opened her eyes to see everything crystal clear. What the hell happened? She took a step forward and stumbled. Bella looked down. Instead of hands she saw two big black paws. What the hell was she? She let out a whimper that sounded more like a whine and took off. She couldn't go home, she was a monster. How would she look at Charlie again?

She didn't stop running till she came to a creek. She crept over to it and looked at her reflection. Her eyes widened. A huge black cat stared back at her. Her coat was sleek pitch black. Her eyes were a golden brown with a slit for a pupil. She was bigger than a normal panther, though. Almost the size of a horse.

It was too much and she collapsed.

Sam was getting ready to go patrol when his phone rang.


"Sam, it's Billy."

Sam leaned against the counter, and watched as Emily lifted her head to look at him curiously. She still had some bandages on the side of her face and on her neck where the skin was still too thin.

"What can I do for you, Billy? Jacob isn't ready is he?"

"No, it's nothing like that, it's just well, chief Swan's daughter went for a walk a couple days ago and hasn't come back yet. He has a search party out looking for her, but no one can find her. I was wondering if you could head over there and pick up her scent?"

"Yeah, oh, and one more thing, for the last couple days I've been hearing thoughts when in wolf form. I know you told me to expect that, but no one I know has changed yet."

"What have they been saying?"

"Nothing clear. It's almost as if they have reverted to their animal instincts. Sort of like when I was missing when I first changed."

"I don't know, Sam. I do know Jared and Paul are really close. Keep an eye on them."

"Right, I'll be going. I'll let you know if I find anything."

Sam knocked on the Cheif's door and he answered all red eyed. Sam could see a lot of people standing around the house.

"Good afternoon, chief Swan. I'm Sam. Billy sent me over to help look for Bella."

The chief nodded and let him in. Sam walked around the house and then out the back door. He couldn't risk changing there were too many people out looking for the girl. He followed the scent into the woods and then it stopped. Sam frowned. It made no sense. Why would the girls scent just stop? He walked around and frowned when he found a different scent. It smelled of freesias and.....cat? It smelled like a panther? He had never smelled one before, but that's what his brain was telling him.

Sam followed the scent for awhile before it disapeared into the creek. He looked around and seen cat tracks on the bed of the creek. His eyes widened as he took in the size of them. They were almost the same size as he was in wolf form. What the hell was going on? He had to go back since he lost the scent but he would deffinatly take this up with Billy.

Bella didn't know how long she had been out. She had sat in a tree and watched the searchers look for her. A couple times she had thought she heard a voice in her head, but she shook it off as her going crazy. When she was sure no one was around, she jumped down and walks back to the woods behind her house.

Maybe if she tried to change back she could? She had been too freaked out to do it before. She closed her eyes and wished with all her might to be human again. She started to think about how if felt to be human and then she felt a tingling all over.

When she looked again she seen her feet and almost lept for joy. Of course then she noticed that she was naked. Maybe she could go back to being a cat. She tried to change and couldn't. What the hell?

She shrugged her shoulders and snuck upto the house and seen Charlie was passed out on the couch. She slid the window open and slowly, and quietly she slid in the house. She was almost surprised by her grace, she felt almost....feline? She shook the thoughts from her head and tip toed up the stairs and got clothes. Then she climbed out her bedroom window and jumped into the tree and shimied down it.

She smoothed down her clothes and opened the front door.

"Dad? I'm back!"

She heard a thump and a groan. She was surprised that she could hear his heart pick up and his breathing start to get hard. She tried to listen farther and found that she could hear the waves crashing on the beach down at La Push. Wow. That was like a thirty minute drive.

"Bells? Where have you been? We've been worried sick."

"Sorry, Charlie." She was shocked to hear her voice. It almost came out as a purr. She looked up at her father and he was looking at her shocked. He took a step back and looked her over. She now stood about even with him. That made her about 6'?

Charlie took a step closer to her and put his hand on her head. Bella thought his eyes were going to bug out.

"Dad? Are you ok?" He took a couple steps back and looked like he was trying to catch him breath.

"Dad, do you want me to take you to the hospitol. You don't look good."

He waved his hand but gripped the kitchen table. "Bells...Bella....did anything happen while you were gone? Anything weird, unexplainable?"

Bella straightened out and narrowed her eyes at her father. "What are you talking about, Charlie?" She demanded. Her hands started to tremble a little bit. Her father eyed her warily and walked into the living room. She followed. Charlie walked over to a book shelf and pulled out about 5 books. He set them down then turned back to the shelf. Bella watched him stick his finger in a little hole in the back of the shelf and pull out a board.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

He didn't answer, instead pulled out a very old book that was in a cubby hole that looked like it was falling apart. He motioned for her to follow him and they sat on the couch.

"Bella, have I ever told you that the Swans have been here since the 1700's?"

She shook her head no. He grunted and opened the book. There was a very, very old drawing of a bunch of men shaking hands.

"That was our ancestor James Swan, shaking hands with the chief of the quileutes, Blackcrow. Which became the surname Black."

He turned the page and old picures were there.

"These are the ancestors of Swan and the Chief. They were great friends. In every generation of Swans and Blacks, they are always best friends. I never really knew why. There is a legend that James told to his children and they told to their children. The Swans come from France. It was said that in the 1500's one of the Swan's, a female, was visiting a friend in the royal forest, which is now called Exmoor. She was taking a walk one day when she came to a cat like beast. She said it was the size of a horse. What was more was that there was a man standing over this beast. He was pale, and his skin sparkled in the sun. He had blood red eyes. He had the beast's blood dripping from his chin.

Swan yelled at the man and told him to get away from the beast. She didn't want such a beautiful animal to just be killed. The man came at her and threw her into a tree. He then broke almost every bone in her body, but Swan wouldn't give up. She somehow dragged herself over to the Cat beast and layed herself over the bleeding animal.

"No one really knows what happened next, for it was passed down from generation to generation. But it was said that the cat beast was so gracious to Swan for trying to save his life at the expense of her own, that the cat beast gave his life for Swans. The blood of the cat beast mixed with Swans and Swan felt all her bones healing. She felt strength which she never felt before. She stood up and was filled with such rage at the man for killing such a graceful animal, that something in her changed. She was able to take on the form of the cat beast and rip the red eyed man apart.

"She went back home to France, but she kept changing into her cat beast form to make sure none of the red eye people came back. She soon learned that her female children upon hitting puberty were able to changed too, and they all had different cat forms. All had the same strength and size but had different coats. Some were leapards, some panthers, some lions.

"James Swan and his wife and 3 daughters and 1 son came here in the 1700's after his family got slaughtered. He had heard tales of Wolf Men and wanted to see if they would take him in and help him protect his family. All the woman of his family got killed off and he didn't want his daugters to get killed too. The chief agreed to help him, but the Wolf Men only changed when the red eye men were around. James soon found out that his daughters were the same way too, only that France always had red eye people around. So the Swans and Blacks have always stuck together because they made a treaty with each other to help out each other's pack if any of them should ever change again.

"James daughters ended up getting married and refused to keep the family name. We have no way of knowing who is related to the Swans. About 70 years ago, a family of what we called red eyed men and the Quileutes called cold ones moved here to Forks. My grandfather told me the story that his friend Ephriam Black stopped talking to him until he cornered him and told him that he wasn't leaving till Ephriam told him why he stopped talking to him. It turns out that Ephriam and two other Quileute boys changed to their Wolf forms. The cold ones didn't have red eyes since they ate from animals and they made a treaty. The Swans only had men at the time so none of the changed.

"Bella, I never believed these stories. I thought my grandfather told them to me to get me scared of strangers or to keep me in line. You are the first female from the Swan line. You are related to James Swans son. I'm guessing there is some strange things going on down in La Push right now. I know your a bit over whelmed, but do you have any questions?"

Bella just stared at her father. Cat beasts? Wolf men? It was like some kind of science fiction novel.

"So, you telling me there are werewolves in La Push? And I'm...what? A were...cat?"

"Yes, when you get angry you change. You have all the enhanced scenses a cat would. Have you noticed you walk with the stelth of a cat? Even in human form?"

"Yeah, oh...what are the red eyed men and the cold ones? What are they supposed to be?"