Seven months later…

"YOU LIKE THAT!? YOU LIKE IT!? DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE!!!" Fox shouted as he shot the ever loving crap out of the revived and somehow able to breath in space head of his mortal enemy Andross. Yet even stranger was his ability to suck Fox in like he did on Venom. The Arwing's breaks and reverse thrusters were going full blast but he was still drawing in closer and closer. Until.

"NOT AGAIN!" Andross shouted when a bomb flew right into his mouth and exploded.

Fox looked around hoping to see Slippy or Peppy who had saved his sorry butt but instead he saw another friendly face. "FALCO!" Fox shouted.

"Hey Fox." The still sore avian grunted. "Here take these." He said and three boxes from his ship came towards Fox's. Fox shot them without somehow blowing up the bombs inside and then he flew right into them somehow not blowing them up in the process as well.

With his new set of bombs Fox continued blasting Andross but Andross once again did the only thing he did well, suck.

"God, it's like a nine year old can beat you." Fox sighed and launched a bomb into Andross' mouth. This time the bomb actually exploded the giant head. Fox sighed. "ABOUT DAMN TIME!" he then shouted and sped as quickly as he could back to Suaria. When he got there the pathetic excuses of minions were actually celebrating the fact that he kicked all their asses and killed dozens if not hundreds of them.

"Yeah, yeah I'm awesome." Fox said flipping them off from the Arwing. "Now where is that vixen?" Fox said and began to look all around for her but there was no sign of her nor any signs of a ship. "DAMN IT!" Fox shouted and began his somewhat victorious trip back to the decaying Great Fox.

Somehow Star Fox managed to make it by with odd escort jobs and an underwear ad that Fox had to do once or twice which he absolutely hated because the female director had him do the take over and over and over and over and….

"Hey guys." Fox sighed as he stepped onto the bridge of the Great Fox.

"WAY TO GO FOX!" Slippy shouted and went to hug Fox but with a quick and easy Judo throw Slippy was on the ground.

"Yeah, yeah I'm awesome." Fox sighed.

"You did good Fox." Peppy chuckled. "You saved Dinosaur Planet, saved a people from extinction-"

"In my opinion it might have been a good thing if they had gone extinct." Fox growled thinking of Tricky "NO I DON'T WANT TO PLAY!" Fox shouted after having a flashback of when he was pinned down by an aroused Sharpclaw and Tricky wanted to play tag. In the end Fox blew the Sharpclaw's brains out before any sick ideas could go through its head.

"Saved the girl and killed your mortal enemy for the final time." Peppy said not hearing a word Fox had said and shouted. He usually rambled on and on even after Fox and Slippy had left the room leaving only Rob who had shut off his robotic ears.

"Speaking of girl where did she-" Fox said but the door opened and he stopped hoping it was her.

"Yo." Said a rather bitter and angry voice that Fox wasn't looking for.

"Hey Falco… how are things?" Fox asked standing up just in case Falco tried to kill him with his bare hands after he learned what Fox and Katt did with each other.

"Pretty good… I'm back for real this time." He said moving towards Fox.

"Well that's great! We got your roo-" Fox said but couldn't finish when the air ran out of his lungs. Fox fell to his knees and held his organs in after Falco's barbarous punch.

"Now we're even Fox." Falco said.

"I thought we were even after the thirtieth time?" Fox groaned and got back up.

"Oh hey Fox we got a message from that Krystal girl-"

"PLAY IT!" Fox shouted half trying to get through the old hare's deafness and half because of his excitement.

The blue vixen's head appeared and the first words she said were "Hi Fox, I-"

"General Pepper here-"

"PEPPER GET OFF THE LINE!" Fox shouted when Pepper's ugly head replaced his beautiful vixens.

"But your fee, the Earthwalkers-" Pepper said but was cut off.

"CAN WAIT! NOW GET OFF THE LINE!" Fox shouted and pressed the end call button on the projector.

"Jeeze Fox, hanging up on the General? Is something going on between you two foxes?" Falco sneered.

"Shut up Falco!" Fox snapped and pressed the play button on the Krystal's message.

"Hi Fox, I really appreciate-" Krystal began to say again but.

"BUFFERING?" Fox shouted then started hitting the projector with the blaster he brought along with him despite the General's displeasure but since he did bring it with him he saved Sauria in less than a day as to the weeks it would have taken with a stupid stick ironically called a staff.

"-what you did for me." Krystal continued but it had to buffer again.

"I wonder what that means, giggity giggity giggity goo!" Falco chuckled.

Fox went beet red. "NOTHING!" Fox shouted.

"I'm just sorry we didn't get much of a chance to-" buffering.

"Oh for the love of God!" Someone said from the door Falco had previously came in through.

When the blue vixen stepped through the door Fox's heart practically jumped out his chest. His voice deserted him as well as his nerves and his old habit of stuttering around pretty women came back.

"Oh uh… h-hey K-Kryst-tal." Fox said with a nervous idiotic smile.

"Hello Fox I wanted to-" The real Krystal began until she was interrupted by her holographic clone.

"I'm just so sorry we didn't get much of a chance to talk. I'm left with just one more thing to do."

"Oh now it works?" Krystal sighed. "And after all that careful planning." She sighed quietly to herself. "Well anyways I wanted to thank you in person."

"It was n-n-no probl-lem." Fox stuttered slowly but surely becoming a cherry with red fur.

"My sensors indicate that Fox's temperature is rising and that he is also getting a-" Rob said but Fox switched him off before he could reveal the last embarrassing fact.

"Getting a nice room for our guest to sleep in!" Fox said in desperate attempt to cover his ass or in this case slight erection.

"No I can't stay." Krystal said, softly letting him down.

"Oh but we insist." Peppy said stepping in to save Fox who was now fidgeting because of the tightening in his tight flight pants. "You've been in that crystal for almost a day! You need to rest and recover your strength."

Krystal thought it over. "Well I guess if you insist I can't refuse. Come on Fox come show me that room." Krystal said taking Fox by the hand. She practically had to drag him through the ship and as that happened Slippy and Falco began laughing when they turned Rob back on.

"- an erection." Rob finished which thankfully Krystal didn't hear.

'Oh God her hand is so soft! And she's so pretty! I can hardly keep my mind clear. Oh what am I going to do?' Fox thought to himself.

Krystal giggled. "You can show me where my bed is Fox." she said after reading his mind.

"What? Oh y-y-yeah. Follow m-me." Fox said and began to speed walk to the large guest bedroom which had been converted from Falco's old bedroom. When they got there Fox opened the door and showed her the room. "Here's your room stay as long as you want!" he said then tried to run off.

"Fox!" Krystal called out to him causing him to stop in his tracks. "Aren't you going to show me around?"

"Uh of c-course!" Fox said and walked back trying to hide the embarrassment on in his face. "This is your bed, this is the closet, this is the dresser, this is the bathroom, this is the desk and mirror, this is the whip- THE WHIP?" Fox shouted when he realized it was one of Katt's whips.

"Oh a whip." Krystal said taking it out of Fox's hands. "Wow this is incredible craftsmanship! I bet you could rip someone apart with this!" Krystal said getting excited but when she saw the look on Fox's face she put it down. "Not that someone should or anything." She giggled nervously.

"Yeah right." Fox said then headed for the door. He was almost through it when he stopped. He couldn't just leave right now, that would be rude and he might wreck his chances. "Hey do you want something to eat?"

Krystal shook her head. "No not right now, thank you though."

"Okay well I'll see you-"

"What do you want to really ask me Fox?" Krystal asked knowing full well what he wanted to ask.

"What?" Fox gasped.

"I'm a telepath, I've known that you wanted to ask me something for a while now so go ahead." Krystal said as she sat on the large, soft, new mattress. It had to be new because of the things Fox was afraid Falco did on his old one.

"A t-t-telepath?" Fox stuttered hoping she didn't read his mind entirely or else she might know about what happened eight months ago. "Okay then… would you like to… j-join S-Star Fox?" He asked then shut his eyes waiting for the backlash.

Krystal smiled and got off the bed. She slowly walked towards Fox and before he knew it she kissed him on the cheek. "I'll join… only if you strip for me."

"What?" Fox whispered.

"Back on my home planet the men would strip to the women and through their movements their fullest intentions were visible. If you do a good job I'll join Star Fox..."

A few hours of mindless sex later…

… 'I'll be damned! If I hadn't earned how to strip I'd never have her in my life! It's almost like some tall, idiot decided to atone for his torturing me… either that or fulfill a fan's request. Oh well.' Fox thought and kissed the cheek of the naked, sleeping vixen lying next to him in the bed when suddenly the door opened.

"Ah it feels good to be back in my own roo- WHAT THE HELL?" Falco shouted.

"Get out of here Falco!" Fox shouted back.

"Damn it Fox! That was my bed!"

"No this is your new bed, I had to buy a new one-"


"Threw it out-"


Fox blinked. "He he, oops."

"Honestly I'm back for one day and already I want to leave!" Falco bitched as he left the room. By now Krystal had woken up.

"He is rather loud isn't he?" she said and then licked his cheek. "Sorry I missed some of that chocolate stuff from earlier."

"It's no problem, I'll get more if you want." Fox smiled.

"That would be wonderful and when you get back I'll show you how much Cerinian training pays off in not just battle but the bed… room." Krystal said when Fox ran out of the room to go get another bottle of chocolate syrup.

When he got into the kitchen he grabbed the chocolate, butterscotch, caramel and strawberry. "I wonder if she's ever had any of these? She never had chocolate and licked it off anywhere she put it." Fox said out loud but then the realization hit him that he, like Krystal was stark naked. "Oh shit." Fox said and then ran as fast as he could back to his room without getting caught.

When he got back Krystal was sprawled out on the bed in another sexy pose. Her legs were kicking in the air, her head in her hands and her delicate form shone on the blue sheets that Fox had to catch his breath for a minute before talking.

"I got the… stuff." Fox said as Krystal slowly got up. Not a single inch of her womanly frame was hidden from his greedy eyes. He gazed at every inch of her with wondering awe and love.

"Good now get on the bed-"

"Fox there you are!" Katt's voice said as her pink face popped up on the large TV screen. Both foxes froze in fear and didn't move but Katt shrugged their nakedness off. "So Fox I see you found someone?"

"Err yeah… Katt this is Krystal, Krystal Katt." Fox introduced.

"Wow she's pretty." Katt said making Krystal blush. "Maybe I'm going to have to pay you a visit?"

"You wouldn't leave me would you Mistress Katt?" another voice asked but was not seen on the TV.

Katt turned around. "No Fara I wouldn't leave my favorite pet. In fact I think you should come to-"

"Uh well actually Katt-" Fox began but was cut off.

"We'd love to have you over." Krystal said. "Drop in anytime."

"How about now?" Katt asked as Fox's bedroom door opened. Katt walked in while the bound vixen Fara crawled in. She had a collar and a leash on her neck and Katt was the one holding the leash.

'Thank you God! OH THANK YOU!' Fox shouted in his head to me, his gawd.

So in the end Fox got a better reward then he expected, through all that suffering he actually made a profit and learning to strip for money actually paid off. I hope you enjoyed the final chapter of Star Fox: Male Stripper. It was a fun story to write and one of my favorites. All in all it was for you the fans and please forgive Fox for calling you idiots and forgive me for warping Star Fox to my own twisted ideas. Anyways hope you enjoyed, have a good one! ~~~ XxSanitarimxX ~~~