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Note : This story started as a really twisted dream.. (Imagine, Optimus Prime or Bumblebee as a sub O.o, and I ain't talkin' the sandwich from Subway), but for some reason, it seems to magically be staying in the 'T' rating. Hmm...

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Summary : A strange young woman with secrets attempting an undercover mission is interrupted by several strangers. She suddenly finds herself running from people claiming to be military, for numerous possible reasons, and bringing a friend along for the wild ride. Definitely AU, with mostly canon pairings.

Warning : Mentions of torture, pain, possibly graphic scenes, tons of sparkling cuteness, and language. May not be suitable for some audiences, parental discretion is advised. ;) LOL

Rating : Will probably label it 'T' for now, but rating may change.

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(Scene/POV Changes)

One final note... Please go easy on me. I read TONS of Transformers fanfictions, but this is the first multi-chapter fiction I've attempted, that has a plot. Also, my muses tend to die out within the first few chapters. My muse so far is holding, but only time will tell if it'll continue to do so. Hope you enjoy!

(????'s POV)

Looking into the mirror, I grimaced, giggled, and ran a hand through my long, pitch black locks. I tamed down my wild hair, before turning to my eyes, adding another roll of the mascara brush to lengthen and darken my lashes, making the blue in my eyes stand out. Then I puckered my lips and added a nude lip gloss. Twirling slightly, I smirked before walking away.

As I entered the living room, I braced one foot on my coffee table, and pulled on my knee length black leather boots, straightening them a little, before standing up straight.

"Alright. One last check." I looked down, raised an eyebrow, and tucked my badge under the strap of my black leather corset top, before pushing up my bust a little and grimacing again. "Huh, gotta love undercover missions."

A strange tingle ran through my heart and I shuddered a little.

Or not. With a sigh, I shook my head, before making sure my microphone was secured under my other arm strap, grabbing my keys and heading out. If it hadn't been for that damn Mission City incident, I wouldn't... Then again, that wasn't an 'undercover' mission. I frowned as I closed my door behind me and locked it before heading to my little black Honda Civic. Terrorist attack my ass.

Oh, I knew what really happened, and I don't really know how I managed it, but I'd gotten away from all the people taken away to be 'quarantined'. For all I knew, they were out there looking for me, but I wasn't about to hide in the shadows because of some really advanced robots some country made for war purposes. Japanese. They had to be Japanese.

The drive was short and quiet, and I pulled into a large, almost empty parking lot across the street from my destination. Then I grabbed my cell phone from the glove compartment.

At location. Heading down now - B

I snapped my phone shut and exited my car as I stuck it inside the top of my thigh high, just under the edge of my short skirt, smirking as the bouncer smiled and waved. Waving back, I walked over. "Hey Larry."


A smirk crossed my features as I wandered down the stairs. 'B' was my code name whenever I arrived at this place. I had a reputation, with all the undercover missions I'd taken on in these down and dirty places. Most self-respecting cops wouldn't bother coming down here, but I knew someone had to do it.

I was 'Mistress B', a dominatrix of sorts, but instead of getting a thrill in hurting my subs, I treated them with just enough compassion to keep them coming back for more. I didn't like hurting people, and I think some part of that came out in my guise, but others also knew I could and would protect myself, and my 'toys'.

"Mistress B."

I nodded at a blonde girl in a one piece, rather revieling dress, who was lightly tugging a leash attached to the collar around a man's throat, his eyes glued to the floor like they were supposed to be. She was a former student of mine, who knew who I really was, what I really worked as, but kept it to herself. "Rika." I tapped the boy's chin and watched as he sluggishly raised his head, wary of greeting me. Good boy. "A new toy?" My heart hummed awkwardly as I leaned in and looked up at his face. "Hm, a cute one." But looks kind of young.

"He's a good sub." She smiled fondly. "A kiss, Danny?"

He nodded quickly. "Yes, Mistress." Leaning down slightly, he placed a quick, chaste peck on her lips before pulling back and looking back at the floor again.

No hesitation, no wince, and no sign of true discomfort in his eyes. I smiled, knowing he was a willing sub, which you had to watch out for down in these places. "Very nice." I nodded at her, before passing a light touch over her shoulder, kissing her forehead, and walking past. I tapped my one strap lightly, acting like I was adjusting it, my eyes roaming the room.

It was as loud and boisterous as ever. People were making out in some areas, showing off their subs in others, dancing in yet others, and then there were the few who were...well...yeah. Then again, this was that sort of place. Very little was taboo here, except excess violence.

Rika wandered off with her submissive, laying flat on a large cushioned matress and pulling her slave to recline at her side. Two guys were dancing in the middle of the room, pausing when a new sub was brought up to the show platform, and a second look had me raising an appreciative eyebrow. Hm, twins. Nice. Identical twins, and good looking ones at that. Very open-minded too, if the way they were dancing was any indication. Despite being twins, they were dancing with each other as if they were lovers, and didn't seem to mind some of the odd looks people were shooting them.

Frowning slightly, I took one more look around and sighed. "Not seeing the subject." I pulled a piece of folded up paper from under the edge of my knee high boot. Unfolding it, I frowned. Black market electronics? So what the hell was I looking for, someone stashing a stereo under their super short skirt? Riiiight.

Picking a stool, I sat down and grabbed a passing glass of wine from a waitress, and leaned back against the edge of the bar. Where are you? And why was it I always seemed to be spending more time here than anyplace else?

Behind the glass of wine, I frowned deeper. And why are those twins staring at me?

Said twins had stopped dancing and were staring at me strangely, as if they knew me. I took a sip of my drink and looked around again, trying to ignore the way the drink burned more on the way down than it used to. Getting back up, I began my walk around the club again, tugging slightly on my short skirt before gathering myself and sighing. "No sign of hocked goods." I murmured, pausing at a back corner.

Spotting a familiar face, I smiled and sauntered over, putting a little more emphasis on swaying my hips as I went. "Hello, Maurice. Fancy meeting you here." I smiled at another of my co-workers, and it turned to a smirk when he automatically lowered his head.

"Hello Mistress B."

Another former sub. Raising an eyebrow, I let my smirk turn downright evil. "Collar and leash, but no Mistress? And no one's snapped you up." I clicked my tongue and shook my head. "Maurice, Maurice, Maurice. You know the rules."

He wasn't a bad looking boy. He was about twenty three, just getting used to how things worked in our unit. He was one of the more reluctant to volunteer to be my sub, but in the end, was one of my better ones. Maurice Beauchamp was six feet tall even, with darkly tanned skin, black eyes, and black curly hair falling to his shoulders that showed his hispanic background. He was lean and muscular from the gym, but by no means was a body builder.

Slowly lowering to his knees, he took the end of his leash and held it up towards me, keeping his eyes locked on the ground. He remained silent, knowing my rules, but I recognized the offer for what it was, and didn't hesitate to take the leash in my hand, tugging lightly to bring him back to his feet. "So what's the news?"

He held out a hand, and I took the slip of paper, frowning at what was written on it.

"No electronics smuggling ring?" I frowned. "Then why was I told about it, and told to lead an undercover mission here?" Looking down, I almost rolled my eyes. Right. Called 'undercover' for a reason. "You may look up and address me, my pet."

"We think it's an outside source." Maurice lifted his eyes. They lingered on me a moment, before darting past me and narrowing almost suspiciously. "No one's said anything definitive, but there might be an inside agent in the precinct. We think it might have something to do with very unfamiliar faces in this place."

This was the type of place for regulars. Acquired tastes. New faces and new blood were rarely seen, so multiple new faces were definitely unusual. Especially when there was almost always a 'rat' here, or an undercover officer, to keep an eye on things.

"What do they look like?" I stepped in closer to him, and purred a little, before leaning my face in towards his neck. I could feel the heat from his body, warming my face pleasantly, and heard him suck in a breath. Gotcha, hunny. I thought with a quick grin. This was one part of my mission I loved, the absolute power and freedom in playing such a role, although I rarely let go this much, unless I was comfortable around my partner. "Well? I did ask a question, Maurice. Are you going to make me ask again?" Now I pulled away, allowing my usual mask to fall into place, making me appear stern and disappointed.

He dropped his head immediately. "We're not entirely certain, Mistress. Two of them are identical twins, and they've been watching you all night. At least, that's what we think. There's no information in the facial recognition database for either of them, and several vehicles in the far lot have plates registering as being part of the U.S. Military."

I felt my heart stall at that. The military? I immediately thought to my situation, and backed up a step from Maurice, staggering slightly under the weight of my shock.

"Mistress?" His eyes were on me, and I hadn't given him permission to look up again, but scolding him hadn't even crossed my mind.

They're here? Military? My frown deepened and I blinked a moment. But those boys... They looked too young to be military. I swallowed heavily. "Maurice, there's been a change in plans." I tugged lightly on his leash, blinking back tears and turning once again stern eyes on him. "And who said you could look up?"

He dropped his eyes immediately.

"Relax." I sighed. "You're going to escort me home tonight." Turning my back, I raised my arm, laying the leash over my shoulder, and began walking. It never once went taut, so I knew he was following me. Glancing out of the corner of my eye, I could make out the aforementioned twins slowly making their way over, their eyes set on us and determined.

It was only the bustling crowd, oblivious to their intentions, that kept them from reaching us easily.

Then I scanned the crowd. I looked for unfamiliar faces, there were more than I was truly comfortable with, and a few of them were set on us as well. Electronics smuggling ring? I should have known better. In a place like this?? Not very likely. No place to hide the goods and keep them hidden. Everyone watches everyone, so it wouldn't be secret long. Why hadn't I thought of this earlier?

I bypassed a biker type man, heavily muscled with scars down the right side of his face, a thick mustache, and piercing blue eyes. His eyes followed us suspiciously, like he thought I'd spin around and rip out his throat. Then we bypassed a man who clearly didn't belong. He wore a button up pale yellow shirt, and darker yellow pants with a red cross on one shoulder, and looked distinctly uncomfortable by all the women pressing all over him.

Pausing a moment, I turned and walked right up to him. Smirking a little, I leaned forward and pressed my body against his, feeling him going rigid and a strange tingling running through me. Pressing my lips to his ears, I let out a breath and felt him shiver a little, before chuckling under my breath. "If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen." Pressing a light kiss to his cheek, I grabbed a riding crop from another dominatrix, glaring at her indignant cry, and pressed it against his throat, glaring into his strangely clear blue eyes as I leaned in again. "I'm not about to let you make me some sort of experiment."

He looked startled and confused, and opened his mouth, but I shoved the crop harder against his throat, and his eyes darkened with clear anger as he shut himself up. He wasn't a bad looking man, either. Probably about mid fourties, if I had to guess, with short salt and pepper hair, thin wire framed glasses over intelligent eyes, and a fairer complexion. He had a nice body, hard, pressed against my own, and muscular, but not as much so as the biker before him.

Still, I wouldn't be deterred.

Tilting my head, I smirked cheekily. "I prefer my autopsies done after I'm dead." Then, with that, I handed the riding crop back, felt a hand brush against my arm and pulled away, leading Maurice quickly out of the room, and then breaking into a run towards my car, where I grabbed my keys from my bust and unlocked the door.

As we climbed in and Maurice began unhooking the collar, I glared at the strangers exiting the club quickly, before starting the engine and gunning it out of there.

I was aware of being followed the entire time.

Note : You'll probably notice I didn't go into her police background. That's only because it's really minor. I might or might not bring it up again in the future, depending where the story leads me.

And yes, there might be some slightly more....rowdy? Raucious? Wild behavior and scene, though not too bad, surprisingly. Originally this had been a LOT worse in my mind. Consider this the...censored version. -.-' LOL

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