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(Some Months Later)

I glared out over the scene before me, angry at the reckless behaviour the 'Vette twins and Bumblebee were leading my sparklings into, and even angrier that Grayscale, the eldest of the sparklings, wasn't helping things.

"Alright!" I yelled, catching their attention, and brushing off the way Ratchet's fingers danced against my arm. "That's enough! This isn't a game!" I glared at them, waving my sparklings over and pointing at the twins. "You two, you know why we're here. If anything happened to my little girls, I guarantee you'd both be femmes by the time I'm finished with you, if you're lucky enough that I let you live."

They probably normally would have scoffed at such a comment, but something in my voice or my expression must have belied how serious I was, because they both cowered back, offering surprisingly sincere and meek 'Sorry, ma'am's. I then turned my attention to Bee. "And you! You know my Sunfire likes you, and you help them?"


"No!" I turned and glared at Ratchet, watching as he flinched back, and then realizing what I was doing. Gasping, I placed a hand over my heart. "I'm sorry, Ratchet. I just...if anything happened to them... And the others are being far from responsible... And... And..." A fluttering started in my chest, and I rubbed at the area over my heart, not realizing how it'd affect my mate until I felt powerful desire run through him, and he grasped my hands, pulling them firmly away from my chest.

"Are you ill, Bella?" He asked softly from only two feet in front of me.

I sighed and leaned against him, knowing that, that soft side was just for me. "I'm fine. I've just...been in such a bad mood today." I leaned in and kissed his lips slightly, pulling away at the mock gagging sounds the Chevy twins were giving off. "Watch it, you two, or one of you will soon be an only child. I'll let you wonder who." I felt my eyes flashing and watched as they took off.

Feeling something curling around my ankles, I looked down and sighed in relief, seeing both Sunfire and Moonfrost leaning against me, looking up at us. I felt utter joy and awe fill me, along with a minor weight and discomfort in my chest. I pushed that off to fear of who this new arrival might be.

"Any idea who it is this time?"

Ratchet shook his head, leaning down to pick both sparklings up. "No. Only that it gave off an Autobot signal."

I sighed and nodded, looking around. "I'm willing to bet Optimus is praying it's his mate." I spoke softly. "He seems to be feeling such longing. I mean, I can see it when he plays with our little ones."

"Oh Primus, and he has only this experience with us to rely on." Ratchet groaned and held our little girls closer.

I smiled at the image, and then giggled as I sent him a mental capture of the look on Optimus' face as he held Moonfrost for the first time, covered in energon. His eyes had been so wide, and filled with terror and confusion. "The poor mech. He did pretty decent." Ratchet nodded in agreement, his own lips sealed, although I could feel his amusement through our link. I then raised my voice. "Maybe Optimus should become a midwife."

Several bots began laughing heartily, and Optimus looked over his shoulder, as if my voice had startled him out of his thoughts. I watched as he turned, his eyes dimming a moment, before brightening again and widening comically. "Oh, very funny." He was smiling, even as he rolled his eyes.

I chuckled a little, sucking in a sharp breath as a sharp pain raced through my chest.


I shook off Ratchet's concern, and stretched a little, masking my face from the resulting pain. "It's nothing, just a kink." I think... I was almost worried about admitting what it felt like. After all, I was practically the only one Ratchet didn't scan daily, and that was only because I asked him to trust me. If I wasn't honest with him... But this was a really important event... Frowning, I closed my eyes and blocked another wracking pain from hitting him through our bond. Turning, I faced Optimus, who was watching us with concern.

"Tell me, midwife Optimus, may I borrow your services again?" I felt so totally wrong asking that, and smirked at the laughter, even as Optimus tilted his head a little. Another wave hit me, and I suddenly realized, I couldn't push this off if I wanted to. Even if we were expecting an unidentified Autobot soon, I was about to... "Oh Lord! I think I'm in labor!"

Everyone went silent as my hands flew to my chest. I gasped in pain, even as Jolt came racing over. I felt the tell tale tingle of a medical scan, and couldn't be angry at Ratchet if I tried. Although, I was pretty steamed I was in this situation. Again. So damn soon. "Ratchet?!" I growled as I groaned, leaning against the blue bot. "I'm gonna rip out all your breeding parts and make a toaster out of them! I swear it!"

Mikeala was standing some distance back with most of our human allies, and she and Maurice almost fell over laughing, knowing as serious as I might have been in that moment, I wouldn't actually follow through with my threat. Most of the others winced and stepped back, some even going as far as to cross their legs for emphasis, making the two laughing, laugh even harder.

"Here comes the meteor!"

I wanted to say the hell with the meteor, even as I allowed Jolt to guide me some distance away. I felt overwhelmed by far too many emotions to name, and I found Ratchet's eyes filled with every one of those emotions and more. "I'm freaking serious! Forget the fragging twins!" Yeah, their language rubbed off on me. "I'm gonna turn you into a femme! I mean seriously!" I groaned and curled up at the pain. "AGAIN?!?"

He looked torn between being worried, fearful of me, and amused. I watched as he gently handed off my girls to Bumblebe, and then knelt down beside me as I lay back. "Bella-"

"Save it." I hissed, grabbing his hand, and sending love and apology, as well as shock and pain to him. "You're gonna have a lot of aft-kissing to do later to make up for this, so you might as well save your breath."

The ground shook violently as something akin to a loud explosion went off nearby. I heard shouts and saw movement, but blocked them out as I felt Jolt digging into the sparkling hold, moving parts aside in a similar fashion to what Optimus had done.

"It's Elita!"

Warbles, clicks, groans and whistles sounded, along with the crunch of metal on metal. I heard cheering, and jokes and laughter, but it was pushed to the back of my mind as I felt the fluttering again.

"Primus! What-" This voice was deep, feminine and smooth. Completely foreign to me, but pleasant on the ears.

"Push Bella"

I began pushing, squeezing his hand as tightly as I could as I did so. The pain wasn't quite as bad this time around, but it still felt like a raging inferno, scorching my insides the entire time. "Someone's gonna die." I threatened as an agonized cry escaped me and I pushed again. "Someone's seriously-GAHHHHHH-gonna die!"

Jolt was laughing the entire time he was poking around inside me. I tried to keep my mind out of the gutter though, and the pain I was in did a remarkable job of helping with that.

"Push Bella!"

I froze suddenly, feeling the heat in my eyes that told me they were red, even as I slowly turned my head to Ratchet. I watched as he leaned back, suddenly quite nervous of me. "Let's see you try squeezing something the size of a golf ball out of a hole the size of a pea." I hissed darkly, blinking as it seemed the world around me erupted into laughter. That really was one anatomy lesson I could have done without, thanks. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, and screamed as I pushed, sagging back into Ratchet's arms as I felt the pop and the pain fled.

I felt him shaking, and I was pretty sure it was him, considering I felt overwhelming nervousness and amusement washing through our bond with enough force to make me start giggling. "Ratchet!" I groaned, trying to ignore the pain, but unable to stop laughing.

It didn't help Jolt was shaking in silent laughter as he quickly broke the shell around the little one, allowing it to breathe.

".....Spark birthed??" The sentence was a mixture of Cybertronian I did and did not understand, and I looked up to see Optimus with his arms around an almost regal-looking femme with pinkish tinged armor. She was still in her protoform, but quite beautiful. They were looking down at me, the femme in awe, and Optimus with sheer happiness in his eyes.

"...Bella...sparkmated to Ratchet...born human..." He spoke softly, his eyes low.

Prowl's head was smoking again, but a whack from Flare-up seemed to stop it. It seemed he was having a hard time believing I used to be human, and was popping sparklings out left, right and center

I followed his gaze and gasped at the tiny figure in Jolt's palm, slipping and sliding in the blue-ish green liquid. It's little eyes were still closed, but I reached out and bonded with it, feeling it as Ratchet did so as well. It wouldn't have hit me, but it was like his emotions grew stronger to me, or a sudden burst of pleasant warmth. It was...difficult to explain, but I smiled as I lay back, enjoying the feeling of Ratchet's arms around me. "You're not getting out of it that easily." I murmured, my eyes on the little one as Jolt carefully picked away bits of it's energon shell. "You're still gonna be a femme by the time I'm through with you."

Ratchet chuckled slightly.

I smirked. "And it's your turn, by the way, to name the sparkling."

"Optimus..." Clicks and whistles sounded, and I looked up at Chromia who was clasping at her chest with a smirk, even as Ironhide looked both horrified and happy, if that made any sense. "...Midwife services? .....Sparkling soon...."

Everyone turned towards them, and Ironhide pulled Grayscale closer to him, a look of pride filling his eyes. I took a closer look at Chromia and realized her chassis seemed rounder than usual, and then it hit me. I wasn't the only one pregnant.

"What's with this planet? Suddenly the femmes are popping out sparklings at every turn!" Sideswipe cried, stepping back as he looked around.

Maurice laughed from his place in Jazz's claw. "Trust me, man. It's not just your femmes." He smiled over at Rika, who still looked like she was getting used to being in an Autobot's hand. Her eyes were wide, and her stomach fairly rounded. When she'd found out she was pregnant, she was brought to the base for hers and Maur's safety, because he refused to stay there if she wasn't there. "Though I'm not complaining."

I turned to him and laughed, although it sounded breathy. "You better not be. On behalf of all femmes here, I'd take offence, if you were."

He blanched a little. "Oh man! Trust me, I don't wanna piss you off! I've seen you happy. I've seen you mad. And now I've seen you pregnant and moody." He smirked and I laughed. "I know the dangers!"

Shaking my fist at him mockingly, I turned and held out my hand. The only reason Jolt placed the little one in my hand, though, was because Ratchet's was cupping mine and supporting and steadying me. I brought the sparkling closer, reaching forward and tickling at the seam in it's chest, before pressing the armored plates apart, and smiling. "A little mech."

He was a lot more rounded than the others, but like Grayscale had the triple pointed audio processors on either side, giving him a chubby elfin look. His eyes slowly opened, and I was caught by the fact that they were close to the brightest blue I'd ever seen, and I smiled. "Hey there little guy." I chirped and whistled at him. "Sweetspark."

"Hm...how about Stormbreaker?"

I looked at the little mech, who seemed so small and frail, even as he began suckling at whatever he could reach, and I felt the tell tale hunger. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Bee knelt down next to me, allowing my two little femmes to see their newest baby brother. "Stormbreaker." It was a good strong name, and this little mech looked like he could grow up to be quite strong. "Sunfire, Moonfrost and Stormbreaker. I like it." I smiled, using my free hand to scratch Sunny's antennai, Moon's white armored back -she'd recently chosen the form of a remote control ambulance, much to Ratchet's joy- and then returning it to my chest, as I opened up for the little one. "My babies."

Once he was inside, I snuggled against Ratchet firmly, and smiled. I felt two little forms crawling all over me and lightly looped my arms over my femmes. Then I curled up against him as Ratchet slipped his hands under me, lifting me against his chest.

As I drifted off to sleep, I felt like the luckiest girl around.

I had a huge family, felt accepted and loved. I found true love, and had a family of my own. I had two daughters and a son. Best friends, siblings, and a mate. There was nothing more I could possibly ask for, except for maybe peace, but I knew that was something the Autobots were working towards.

Decepticons were still out there. Threats to humanity, this planet, and my little ones, but I knew that as long as I had Ratchet at my side, we could handle whatever came our way. We had love on our side. We'd always win.

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