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"Salad Tongs?" Tucker had calibrated his PDA to the Real World Item Detector in the Specter Speeder. This was apparently the 'rare human stuff' Skulker liked to collect.

"Why would Skulker have salad tongs?" Tucker turned to Sam, to see what she would have to say. She was distracted; looking sympathetically at the ghosts in the cages that surrounded them. The room they were in looked a lot like a kennel. They had gone down several hallways before Tucker's PDA had led them to this room.

"I thought Skulker would have learned something about putting creatures in cages after the whole Sampson thing! Apparently he has a thicker skull than I thought." She reached for one of the cages and started to undo the lock.

"Sam those are ghosts! Not harmless fluffy bunnies!" Tucker backed away from Sam grabbing the Fenton thermos strapped to his back.

"That still doesn't mean they deserve to be caged. Besides, if Skulker can catch this stuff I'm sure it can't be that bad." The cage Sam unlocked squeaked open. There was a moment before a small teal little duckling waddled out of the cage. Stumbling around in circles, it quacked happily at Sam. Tucker let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding in.

"Okay I guess he isn't so bad, but that's the only-"

"You! How dare you trespass in my lair, and release my pets! You shall pay for your insolence!" Several missile launchers popped up out of Skulker's shoulders.

"Aw man!" Tucker whined. He stumbled backward behind Sam, who was ready with her Wrist Ray. Before anyone could fire, the little duckling was in Skulker's face. The harmless little teal duckling had sprouted fangs, its eyes had turned a glowing red and it was multiplying faster than they could count. In a matter of seconds Skulker was lost in a giant pile of teal vampire ducklings. The rest of the ghost animals in the room were scratching at their cages and pawing at the doors.

"Tucker, help me open these cages!" Sam pleaded as she struggled to undo another lock. Skulker was blasting his way out from underneath the onslaught of ducklings.

"But Sam, what if they attack us!?"

"Tucker, just trust me!" Sam got the lock off of another cage. A blue tiger with white stripes and three heads sprung out of the cage and headed straight for Skulker. Tucker nervously helped Sam unlock the rest of the cages. It didn't take long before all of Skulker's 'pets' were in the fray; from fire breathing frogs with claws, to a porcupine with green glowing dagger like quills.

"You cannot defeat me! I am Skulker, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter! I shall capture you all! Put me down!" Sam and Tucker could hear Skulker's voice become a mere squeak as he was removed from his battle suit. The Ghost animals stopped attacking and started to walk towards Sam.

"Back! Back you fiends!" Tucker was quickly in front of Sam with the Fenton Thermos aimed at the ghosts in front of them.

"Tucker!" Sam shoved Tucker out of the way, and made him put the thermos down. They could still hear Skulker squeak as he was brought forward in the jaws of a dark green saber tooth tiger.

"Put me down I say! I will capture you! You will all be mine once again! Umpf." Skulker was drooped at Sam's feet. Sam grabbed the thermos out of Tucker's hands.

"Will you shut up already?" Sam aimed at the tiny blob at her feet and Skulker's rant was cut short by the tell tale beam of blue light. She quickly capped the thermos and handed it back to Tucker.

"Now that that's over with." She absentmindedly reached down to pet the Tiger that had brought her Skulker, who purred deeply. Tucker, who was still wary of the ghosts, stayed behind Sam at a reasonable distance.

"Okay, this is all just fine and dandy, but we still have to find Danny. We have the whole island to search. It could take hours!" A knowing glint in the tigers eye he stepped aside along with all of the other animals creating a path to the door. In the threshold was an anxious pink bunny; seeming to be waiting for them to follow.

"Just move it a little bit to the right, and then we can get out of here." Danny was currently floating a small ways off the ground, Emily sitting nervously on his shoulders.

"But what if the ghost comes to get us?! What if he's mad and rips our heads off!?" Danny could feel her start to shake with fear once again. He let out a sigh; this was getting a little frustrating. They'd been through this scenario at least three times already. It was like talking to a three year old in a teenager's body.

"Remember that when we get out of here you get a picture, an autograph, and if you do really well… maybe I'll even" He paused to think of some new way to get her to refocus. "… Fly you around town?" Danny instantly regretted the sentiment as he felt all of Emily's muscles tense.

"REALLY!?" She started to bounce up and down on his shoulders, squealing in delight.

"Really what?" Danny looked at the door to find Tucker with an amused grin on his face, Sam beside him.

"Sam, Tucker you came!" Danny lifted Emily from his shoulders and set her on the ground; landing along the side of the cage closest to his friends.

"Well duh, what'd you think? We'd just let you get captured?" Sam asked sarcastically. She was already pushing a table beside the cage so that she could get on top to undo the latch.

Emily looked apprehensively at the girl going to unlock the cage. She watched as her chance to earn a flight around town slipped through her fingers.

"Um, that's okay I can get it! Really we were doing just fine." Sam stood up on the table and gave the newcomer a skeptical look.

"Yes, because it's so much easier to open the lock from the inside of the cage. I think I got this." Emily's face broke into a scowl as Sam made her way to the top of the cage.

"I said don't open that lock you Goth freak!"


"Excuse me?" Sam was exasperated. Here she was saving this girl's life, and she had the nerve to call her a freak? Emily paid no attention to Sam, and walked over to Danny.

"Phantom, I can still get that lock open, you just have to give me a chance! Please; I'll never get the opportunity to fly with you again! Everyone knows you only carry people when you're removing them from danger and, even then that's really rare! Please let me help! Please!" Emily's face was red and her eyes were, once again, starting to water. Danny stood there his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. He didn't know what to do, appease Emily and suffer from the look Sam was giving him the rest of the day, or let Sam have her way and have Emily bawling in his lap the whole way home. He decided on the former.

"Um…okay, Emily you can get us out." He could practically feel the glare Sam had aimed at his head intensify, as Emily sprung to her usual chipper self. Well as usual as she could get anyway.

"Thank you Phantom, thank you! I won't let you down I promise!" Emily awkwardly tried to get on Danny's shoulders again. With a lot of pulled hair and laughs from Tucker later, Emily was triumphantly holding the bolt to the cage in her hand.

"Emily you need to stop bouncing you're going to throw us off course." Danny struggled to hold Emily still, while Sam struggled to keep her death grip on the steering wheel instead of Emily's throat. The bouncing subsided slightly as the neared the Fenton Portal. Danny got out of the speeder to poke his head through the portal, as always, to see if his parents were anywhere in sight.

Danny waved his hand to signal for them it was alright to go through. Sam, as steadily as she could with Ms. Mexican Jumping Bean in the back seat, parked the speeder in the corner of the lab. As Emily hopped out of the speeder, she started to giggle uncontrollably with anticipation. Danny was quick to cover her mouth to try to stifle her laughter.

"Emily we have to be quiet. If you're not, I can't take you around town." She immediately stopped giggling, even going as far as holding her breath. Danny walked over to the counter where his parents kept all of their paperwork and grabbed a pen. He hung a camera around his neck that was lying nearby.

"Okay guys, I'll be back as soon as I can, just after I have Emily taken care of. If someone asks where I am, lie." Sam was still irritated and was quick to snap back at anyone who presented the slightest challenge.

"We know how to cover for you Danny, we've only been doing it for year now!" she kept her voice to a whisper but the anger still came through clear as day. Tucker smiled sympathetically at Danny before he walked over to Emily.

"See you in a bit dude, good luck." Danny returned the sentiment with a lopsided grin and quickly picked up Emily bridal style turning them invisible and intangible on his way out through the ceiling. Emily still squirming with glee let out a small squeal as they rose above the street.

"Oh my gosh! It's even better than I imagined! Go higher, go higher!" Danny reluctantly obliged, struggling to keep his hold on her, as she continued to wriggle around in his arms. As she whipped her head back and forth taking in the view she noticed the camera around Danny's neck.

"You remembered!" And like the true fan girl she was, she let out a scream and proceeded to take at least twenty pictures of herself and the ghost boy, effectively cutting of his air supply by forgetting the strap was round his neck.


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