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Naomi stood in the bathroom of the apartment. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail and she was wearing a baggy white t-shirt sloppily tucked into a jean skirt. She looked older, more mature. Maybe it was the way she carried herself. Maybe it was the lack of stress and worry in her life. I mean, would you be extremely stressful after the last three and a half years she's had?

3 years Earlier

Naomi sat on the hardwood floor of Hunny's childhood home. She sat outside a door that led into a dojo. Inside, Hunny was discussing something extremely important with his parents.

Naomi's cheeks flushed red and her eyes watered as she thought about what Hunny's parents would say or even think! She'd never met them before and suddenly meeting them out of the blue like this might not be the greatest thing. Sure, she understood why Hunny didn't want Naomi meeting his parents right when they started dating. She had pressed charges against her father and the last three months she was extremely busy with court. Press was all over the place and they were always trying to get her statement.

Thankfully, with Hunny, Tamaki and the rest of the host club testifying against her father, he was put away for child endangerment and attempted murder. Naomi didn't hear the number of years her father was put away for, all she heard was "No chance of parole." and that's all she needed to hear. With those kinds of charges, he'd be away for a very long time. As for her mother, she never did anything and Naomi never pressed charges. Her mother did, however, check herself into therapy and hasn't contacted her daughter or son since that night.

Hideki did move to Kyoto and he made all his band members personally apologize for kidnapping her. She told them she forgave them, but she would really like it if they kept their distance from her; They agreed. Hideki and Naomi stay in touch with a phone call every other week to keep each other updated.

The sliding door flew open and Hunny ran out, "They wanna see you!" he said happily. Naomi quickly stood up and walked inside. She took a seat across from his parents and next to him. She bowed her head, "It's a pleasure to meet you Haninozuka-Sama and Haninozuka-Chan."

Hunny mother giggled. She hadn't hear anyone call her "Chan" since her children were still children.

When Naomi looked up, she was surprised by his parents. Hunny was a spitting image of his mother; the blonde hair, chestnut brown eyes and she seemed slightly short and her face was soft and sweet, a smile glued to her face that was completely genuine.

His father, however, did not look a thing like Hunny. Naomi couldn't truly find the words to describe him, she knew he was kind of scary looking.

"Naomi Kiddo-Chan," Haninozuka-Sama stated simply, his voice husky and very deep. Naomi nodded. "Mitsukuni tells us you're his true love."

Naomi blushed and nodded. "That's something I've never heard him say before." He continued. Naomi nodded, "No offensive Haninozuka-Sama, but if Mitsukuni has come to you more then once saying someone was his true love, I'd be a little worried."

Their was a heavy silence, and Naomi worried if she said someone wrong. Just then, Haninozuka-Sama let out a loud laugh. Naomi thought it could shake the room. "Yes, I suppose it would be a problem, wouldn't it?"

Naomi decided that must have been rhetorical, and stayed silence. His laughter ceased and he cleared his throat. "Now, what Hunny's asked us is something very important."

Naomi nodded. "What do your parents say about this?" he asked. Hunny cut in, "Father, I already-"

"Mitsukuni, I'm not asking you." He said, keeping his stare on Naomi. She gulped, "You see, my father was just recently placed in prison, and I have no plans on asking his permission since I am eighteen. As for my mother she left on retreat for therapy and I haven't contacted her."

Haninozuka-Sama nodded. He looked back at his wife and her smile grew larger and she nodded her head vigorously. Haninozuka-Sama looked back at Hunny and Naomi and sent them a smile that Naomi couldn't figure was either sweet or scary. Maybe both?

"We approve." he said simply.

Hunny's face grew into the biggest smile he could muster and tackled Naomi in a huge hug. "Yay! Can you believe it Naomi?" he asked excitedly. Naomi laughed and hugged Hunny back, trying to sit them back up again, "I can! When should we set the date?" She asked. Hunny thought for a moment, "As soon as possible!" he said excitedly. Realization quickly covered his face and he jumped up, pulling Naomi along. "We need to tell the Takashi and Haru-Chan and Tama-Chan and everyone!"

He quickly bowed his head to his parents, "Thank you father, mother!" he said quickly before running out of the room in excitement. Naomi was about to pull off a half bow before Hunny pulled her out of the room in excitement.

"We have a wedding to plan!" Hunny shouted happily as they ran to the front of the house.

2 years Earlier

Naomi sat on a bench outside a great hall. Loud music was playing inside and you could hear many voices. Naomi was wearing a long wedding dress, sleeveless with a beaded bodice and a silk skirt. Her white heals sat on the bench next to her, her blonde hair was down and messy and her veil slanted. She had a wine glass in her hand with half of the white wine gone. She heard the music get louder and then it became muffled and she looked at the door to see who it was.

"You look beautiful sis." Hideki said, his tie undone and a bottle of white wine in his hand. Naomi laughed, "Are you drunk?" She asked. Hideki shook his head, his lips pursed, "Surprisingly, no. Just thought you could use a drink. It's pretty hectic in there." He took a seat next to her. She held up her glass and Hideki filled it to the rim. She quickly chugged half of it and let out a sigh.

"Getting a little tipsy in honor of the wedding night?" Hideki asked, winking at her. Naomi laughed, "I don't even feel a buzz. I just like the taste of it. I only drink wine on special occasions after all."

Hideki nodded, "You know, I'm kinda surprised you had me give you away today." he told her. Naomi raised her eyebrow at him, "Why wouldn't I?"

He shrugged, "I've been kind of a dick."

Naomi nodded, "Yeah, you have been."

He chuckled, "Thanks for admitting it. So why'd you have me give you away?" he asked. Naomi shrugged, "Maybe because even though you left me, and your friends kidnapped me,"

Hideki groaned, "This isn't getting any better!"

Naomi held up a hand, "You're still my brother, who helped me stay on dad's good side growing up, who read me stories before bed, who taught me about stars and cake and fairytales and who protected me that night."

Hideki huffed, "You're boy toy protected you."

She rolled her eyes, "You hit dad when he shot me. If you didn't, he'd have probably gotten me right between the eyes," Naomi made a gun shape in her hand and pointed it right over her nose. "I could be dead without you." She said sweetly, smiling at her brother.

Hideki blushed and waved his hand in the air, "Aww, it was nothing."

Naomi smiled at him and stood up, grabbing her shoes with her free hand. "Escort me back into the madness?" She asked. Hideki stood up and they locked arms, "My pleasure Mrs. Haninozuka."

They walked over to the double doors and right before walking in Naomi looked at her brother. "Hideki?"

"Hmm?" he asked.

She rested her head on his shoulders, "I love you."

Hideki was taken aback, but smiled at his little sister and kissed the top of her head right before opening the door, "I love you too Naomi."


Hunny was sitting out in the living room with Mori and the rest of the host club, all of them now graduates. They had all came over while Naomi was in the bathroom. Naomi was in the guest bathroom, and she'd been in there for just about five minutes. She had told Hunny she needed to wash the mud off her boots, and to start the movie without her.

He agreed and while she ran the tub water, she quickly pulled a box out of one of her boots. She ripped it open and pulled out a small white stick. She pulled off a purple cap and quickly went to the toilet. She stuck the stick under her and quickly pulled it out, capping the tip. She placed it carefully on the bathroom counter and pulled up her skirt.

She read the directions on the box and it said to wait a maximum of four minutes for complete results. She paced around the small bathroom and pulled at her ponytail.

She kept checking her cell phone for the time. Three minutes gone, one more to go. She counted down, but she thought she'd counted too fast because when she check the time again, she still had a full minute.

Why was time stopping at such an important moment?

She remembered when this might have happened. Almost a month and half earlier Naomi got a promotion at the bakery and when she came home later that night and told Mitsukuni, he was so excited for her! They ordered room service and ate a bunch of chocolate cake and to top off the celebration…let's just say they went in the bedroom at ten but didn't go to still until eleven.

Naomi blushed madly at the memory and she quickly checked her phone again. Finally! Four minutes were up!

She grabbed the stick and brought it up off the counter. The test she'd bought was the most expensive one at the store, and said the result came out in words instead of signs.

Naomi grinned and threw the stick into the trash, along with the box and turned off the running bath water. She walked out of the bathroom and joined her husband and friends in the living room to watch the movie.

Hunny placed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her cheek and whispered, "You're just in time! You didn't miss a thing."

Naomi nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. While she watched the movie, the little stick fogged her mind and she was shocked at the result, but accepted it and saw it was a complete blessing.

In bold, capital letters, the stick had told her something she was hoping it would.


The end.

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