Chapter 28 – A New Home


Even as she did there was a flash of silvery light and he slumped to his knees smiled weakly at her and then fell face down in the dirt.

Ered Lithui - Mordor – Overlooking the Black Gate

"Harry" exclaimed Luna as she moved to kneel by Harry's side.

With a groan Harry opened his eyes and looked up at Luna, "Wow I'm going to sleep well later I could feel the wards draining my energy."

Luna leaned over and kissed him, "Are you alright?"

"I'll be fine in a few minutes love" replied Harry as he sat up, "what happened here?"

Luna glanced around at the companions and their two prisoners, "We had a bit of a tussle but that looks under control, when you're right we can start getting the hell out of here."

Aragorn walked over and squatted down beside them. "Are you well Harry?"

Harry nodded "I'll be fine in a bit, just tired. What's the deal with those two?" asked Harry as he gestured to where Azanath sat holding Miriel.

Aragorn frowned as he answered, "I'm not sure, he did fight on our side but, well we need to be careful for now especially if we decide to take them with us."

Sitting up Harry asked "How many casualties?"

"Two seriously wounded and we lost one of Prince Imrahil's men" replied Aragorn.

Harry took a deep breath, "Right then I need to get moving" he held out a hand and Aragorn pulled him to his feet. He felt a bit unsteady but after a few moments he could feel his strength returning. Straightening he looked over to where Prince Imrahil and one of his men were tending the two seriously wounded men.

Harry gestured with his staff, "Luna, help me please."

Luna looked where he was pointing and nodded her understanding. Both cast what healing spells they knew on the two men and managed to stabilise them, enough to survive tell they returned to Rivendell.

As they finished Harry returned his attention to the two prisoners, studying them as the male studied him in turn. "Alright" began Harry "You had better start with who you are and why I shouldn't just leave you here."

Azanath nodded he had expected this, keeping his voice even he replied honestly. "I am Azanath and this is my servant and friend Miriel, I…..we were leaving Mordor behind and seeking our future elsewhere."

Harry could sense the truth in Azanath's words but his answer while truthful seemed rather incomplete. "Why would a sorcerer, seek to leave his masters service?"

"Yes I served the dark one but I serve my own purposes first and foremost, I had thought that learning sorcery would stand me in good stead in my homeland. I had thought to use it to advance my claim to rule my people but in the end it was clear the dark one is mad and his servants are his slaves. I am a prince amongst my people and I will not submit to being a slave so I left taking the only thing that I valued." Azanath gestured to Miriel.

Aragorn had also been studying Azanath and as he finished speaking Aragorn asked his own question "You say you are a Prince, from what land do you hail?"

"I am Azanath once I was heir of the house of Fuinur, Prince of the Haradrim" replied Azanath.

Aragorn seemed almost shocked for a moment "Then you are of Númenórean blood!"

Azanath nodded.

Harry had been watching the exchange with a thoughtful look on his face. "Very well Azanath I shall accept that for the moment, now tell us about Miriel."

"Harry we have company coming" called out Glorfindel from where he was keeping watch.

Harry, Luna, Aragorn and Imrahil joined the Elf Lord looking south to where a large party of Goblinkin were picking their way through the rocks.

"Damn," cursed Harry "they must have been outside the wards when they went up."

Luna nodded and cautioned them "They may not be the only group either, we should depart."

Aragorn gesture toward their two captives "What of our guests?"

Luna looked over at Azanath and Miriel, "Bring them along I have a feeling that they have a part to play."

Harry nodded slowly and then turned to Imrahil "My Prince Luna shall take the wounded first and return with Gandalf. We may not have long till the enemy is upon us."

It was a much quicker process this time as Gandalf, Harry and Luna transported the others back to the safety of Rivendell.


"Lord and Lady of the Maia, our gratitude and our praise is insufficient, your deeds in Mordor have set you amongst the mighty of Arda" Lord Elrond finished and bowed to a stoic looking Harry and blushing Luna.

Harry bowed in return before speaking, "Lord Elrond it was not the work of us alone, all who went with us were part of our success and without them all could have been lost."

Luna stepped forward and raised her staff conjuring a map of Mordor in the air. There was a massive intake of breath followed by excited whispering and exclamations as a silvery transparent dome appeared covering most of the map.

"Here is Mordor; we have placed an intent based ward around the entire area that will stop anyone with evil intent from leaving Mordor. Unfortunately it can not affect any servants of Mordor that were outside the warded area so we still need to be vigilant."

Erestor of the Havens looked up from Luna's map "Does this mean Sauron is trapped forever inside this ward."

Luna shook her head "Alas no. There is no ward we can cast that would be able to seal such a large area permanently. But the ward should last for many years and give us the time we need to prepare."

There were a few more questions around the warding before King Théoden asked about their 'prisoners'. "What of this sorcerer we now hold as a prisoner?"


"Miriel please be calm, we don't mean you any harm." Lady Arwen tried to hold Miriel still as the Elf maid struggled to stand, turning to her servant she gestured and the maid nodded and left the room to search out the healer.

Miriel was still trying to stand and push Arwen away, "Where is my master, let me go he needs me."

Arwen was growing angry at the constant references to her 'master' "Why do you call him Master? Are you his slave?"

Miriel pushed Arwen away, her beautiful Elven face twisted in anger, "Do not speak ill of master, you do not understand."

Arwen could sense just how truly angry Miriel was and chose her words carefully, "I am only questioning why you insist that he is your master."

Miriel still looked angry but seemed to pause and silently consider the other Elf maid. After a long moment she seemed to relax slightly. "My master is powerful, wise and has protected me since he took me in; he has killed to protect me."

Arwen shuddered at the matter of fact tone "But Miriel he is using you…"

"Master never touches me, no matter the offers I freely make. You think him one of the flesh renders of Mordor, a man of evil? Master wants power and his birthright but he did not belong in the dark land and so he left and he took me, and protected me once more. I love him and I will serve him and protect him. What I offer him is what I have to repay him, my body and the pleasures of the flesh."

"Miriel you are of the firstborn and as such your birthright is….far above what fate has given you. It saddens me and I would like to help you find yourself again."

Miriel cocked her head to study Arwen a puzzled look on her face. It was clear that she either didn't understand or couldn't see any point in Arwen's offer. Arwen left soon after, having instructed her servants to keep Miriel in the room till she returned. She needed to speak to her father.


Harry stood and addressed the council, "Azanath is of Black Númenórean blood and has freely admitted to being a sorcerer and servant of Mordor but he is also, as far as I can sense anyway an honourable man of strong will and intelligence. He claims to have seen what Mordor was and decided to leave and seek his fortune elsewhere, taking his knowledge and his lover with him."

Arwen interrupted as she was shown in to the meeting. "Not his lover Lord Istari but a slave, an Elven slave."

As the cries of outrage from the Elves present were sounding Arwen stood silently awaiting their attention and eventually the council grew quite, "At any other time I would refuse to speak of this but it may be of importance to the council. Miriel is indeed of the Firstborn but I would guess that she holds it of little importance."

Elrond raised a brow in surprise at his daughters' words, "Little importance?"

"Father she speaks only of serving this Azanath whom she refers to as her Master and seeks to rejoin him. From what little she has told me it appears he rescued her from slavery and took her as a servant. She speaks of having been a….a….pleasure slave before he took her in and gave his protection."

"For his own twisted appetites no doubt" commented Glorfindel.

Several Elves gave voice to their outrage before Elrond gestured for silence, "Is there more to tell?"

Arwen looked pensive for a moment before answering, "She claims that she loves him and that he has never touched her. As strange as it sounds I believe that to be the truth she is under no spell that I can see and her mind is her own no matter how…..broken it may be."

"I see, perhaps we had best speak to this Sorcerer ere we judge him," declared Elrond.

Glorfindel looked thoughtful "That he has served the enemy is a mark against him but this situation becomes less clear with every passing moment."

Aragorn nodded and added his thoughts, "The Númenórean who settled in the south were not all evil men, indeed many were simply families loyal to the king and in the madness of the time followed his rule only to fall under the shadow of evil. There have been some that have dealt fairly and honourably with Gondor in ages past, even as we waged war with them."

Maglor who had been silent up until then gestured toward Harry, Luna and Gandalf, "What say you Istari? I know first hand what evil a person may do and later repent of," he made a small gesture toward Elrond, referring to a time in ages past when the sons of Fëanor sacked the havens of Sirion and Maglor had repented the evil dead and saved and fostered the sons of Eärendil, Elrond and his twin Elros.

Harry shrugged as he answered "During our quest to enact the wards Azanath took up a weapon and defended against the forces of Mordor. It could have been an act but to me it seemed unplanned and my speech with him since has me concluding that the man is genuine in his desire to leave the service of Sauron."

Gandalf seemed slightly more reserved, "It could be a ploy of the Dark Lord but to what gain?"

Luna shook her head, "I can sense his truthfulness but that still does not mean that he is no threat. Azanath is a sorcerer and a brave and intelligent man he would make a dangerous foe or indeed a powerful ally."

"Perhaps if he was brought before the council we could question him and see what conclusions we can reach," offered Prince Imrahil as King Théoden indicated his agreement to the suggestion.

Azanath was brought before the council clad in a plain gray tunic and black breeches and even dressed plainly he made quite a figure with his regal bearing and handsome features. In fact many were struck by his resemblance, at least in manner to Prince Imrahil. As he was led to his seat he bowed to Lord Elrond and then to King Théoden and Prince Imrahil a simple action that showed his knowledge of not only courtly precedence but their appearances.

Elrond inclined his head at the gesture of respect and indicated the wooden seat that had been placed before the council. As Azanath was seated the Lord of Rivendell gestured to the seated members of the White Council.

"We have had you brought before us to answer some questions so that we may take your measure as a man and decide if you are a potential friend or a threat to our collective peoples."

Azanath simply inclined his head in acceptance.

Elrond gestured for a servant to pour the seated prisoner a drink, "It is simply water."

Azanath nodded and took a long drink before again inclining his head' "My thanks Lord Elrond. May I ask a question?"

"Of course"

"What of my companion Miriel?"

"She is being cared for" replied Elrond, which caused a flicker of emotion on Azanath's face before he inclined his head in thanks.

"May we enquire as to your name and rank?"

"I am Azanath at one time the heir of the house of Fuinur, Prince of the Haradrim and until recently a sorcerer of Mordor."

"You imply that these tittles are no more?" asked Galadriel.

"My Lady I am no doubt now considered a traitor both in my homeland and in Mordor, not that it matters I have, should I be set free, no plans to return to either place."

Imrahil leaned forward "May I ask why?"

For a long moment Azanath paused apparently to consider his answer before he replied, "I was entered in to the service of Mordor upon reaching manhood. My father was a cold and cruel man a powerful chieftain and war leader. I was expected to follow in his footsteps and make war on our enemies. However I soon found myself taken from the training camps and placed in service with the Witch King. I need not tell you how foul and corrupt the Nazgûl are nor do I expect that I need tell what Mordor is like but you cannot truly envision it until you live amongst the suffering and the hatred that passes as life in the land of shadows" here Azanath paused and took another drink before continuing.

"I will not burden you with the details of life in that place but suffice to say I grew to hate it. Oh I excelled in my studies gaining rank and a reputation for cold efficiency but every day that passed saw me less sure of my path. I feared losing myself but then fate smiled on me and I met Miriel. She was a pleasure slave, given to me as a reward for my service, I knew her not but her eyes told me her story. Know that in Mordor it is better to toil in misery in the mines than to be a pleasure slave in that place so I took her in, I don't know why for the act of taking her in was perilous as is any kind act in that place. Over time our friendship grew, a strange and twisted friendship but I can honestly say that she was the first being I could say I ever truly befriended in that place and it was our friendship that was the final push I needed to see that I had to leave."

Luna was watching Azanath closely and judged the man either truthful or a world class actor. Needing to be sure she slowly allowed her magic to reach out and almost gasped as she beheld swirl of possibilities around the seated sorcerer. He was an enigma a good man raised in a bad place, calculating but still compassionate, ambitious but it was ambition tempered by pity.

Gandalf had listened to the man Azanath speak and while suspicious of anyone who had been exposed to the lies and deceits of the enemy he was at least convinced that the man was genuine in his desire to leave Mordor. Still the evils of Sauron were oft well hidden, this wouldn't be the first time he had used an unwitting tool. "Would you be willing to aid our cause by telling us what you know of the Sorcerers and your former master's plans?"

Azanath answered with a firm "yes" as he looked directly in to Gandalf's eyes.


Arwen was incensed "Surely you can't be seriously considering letting her go to him."

Elrond raised a hand as if to ward off his daughters ire, "Arwen she is an adult and has the right to chose how to live her life."

"She thinks she is a slave, his slave."

"I know this daughter but even you agree that he has not mistreated her nor does he consider her a slave. What damage will we do to Miriel if we force her from him?"

Lady Galadriel laid a long fingered hand on Arwen's shoulder "Your compassion drives you granddaughter but also blinds you. Miriel must freely seek our help you cannot force it upon her, perhaps she will find her healing elsewhere in her own time."

"It is not right…..she is deserving of a better fate, a better life among her people" countered Arwen.

Galadriel turned to Elrond, "What of the Sorcerer?"

"The Istari, Luna in particular are convinced he has a role to play in their plans."


Luna served Azanath a glass of Elven wine before sitting across from him.

"It is I'm told an excellent vintage."

Azanath took a sip and saluted her with his glass, "It is indeed my Lady."

Luna sipped her own drink before placing it on the table. "How are you finding Rivendell?"

"Surprisingly friendly and very odd, it is a far cry from what I have known."

"I expect it would be. What are your plans now that Lord Elrond and the Council have given you safe passage from Rivendell?"

Azanath shrugged, "I think I shall travel and see the northern lands and perhaps Rohan. I have yet to speak to Miriel so nothing has been decided. My Lady may I ask a question?"

Luna nodded, "Of course."

"I have always been taught that my northern kin and their allies were protective of their women yet you stand in council and fight alongside your husband. Is this typical of your people?"

"My people are far removed from here and share but a few of the customs of these lands. Of late I have dwelt amongst the Elves and while there are few females in positions of power or who wield weapons in battle it is not unknown."

"If you do not deem it rude may I ask where you were trained in Sorcery, I ask because I am a skilled adept and I have seen other skilled, powerful users but I sense that you and your Lord both wield a different order of powers."

Luna smiled at his wording, "You can sense our powers?"

Azanath nodded and made a dismissive gesture, "Nothing tangible just a feeling of… the air before lightning strikes. It is a different feeling to that I have known among the sorcerers of Mordor."

"It may be that you are sensing our magic which is a different type of power to your sorcery even though there are some similarities. In fact it was for this reason that I wanted to speak with you. Harry and I are gathering students who have the ability to learn magic; we believe that you have a great deal of potential and would like you to join us as one of those students."

Azanath was stunned. This was not a possibility he had even considered as he weaved his plans, to have access to knowledge of the Istari….but was this something else, a gilded cage to keep him in perhaps, still the offer was tempting. "A tempting offer but I don't know if I would fit in with your students."

Luna smiled and sat back in her chair with one hand resting on her slightly distended belly. "Azanath I am a seer, a gifted one. I have seen glimpses of your past and have seen possible futures to come, your ambitions and your secrets. You seek to claim your birthright, to rise above your peers and rule? There is nothing wrong with ambition and it is not my place to judge I do however offer this piece of advice there is more than one road to greatness. My Harry walked a dangerous path and had his victory but his success nearly cost him everything."

Azanath took a sip of his wine almost absently noting that his hand was shaking, how did she know? Taking another sip he forced himself to portray a calmness he wasn't feeling. "Knowing my ambitions you still wish for me to join your students?"

Luna finished her wine and placed her glass on the table, "You have within you the ability to be a great wizard, renowned throughout Middle Earth, sought by Kings for his wisdom and revered by his students for his knowledge but that is but one of the paths you could follow, the choice is yours. Remember Azanath ambition is not evil but its application can be."

Luna stood giving Azanath a pat on the shoulder and then left the silent Sorcerer to his thoughts.


Gardens of Rivendell

Tirith sat listening to Prince Imrahil tale of his recent exploits in what was coming to be called the 'sealing of Mordor'. His memories were slowly returning but then again so were another set of memories and to add to his confusion they were overlapping and disjointed often to the point that he struggled to make any sense of them. He knew that he had been called by another name in the past but it eluded him. He saw faces and places but they made no sense most of the time. It was incredibly frustrating.


Tirith jerked his attention back to Prince Imrahil, "I'm sorry my Prince, my mind such that it is, was wandering."

"Do you remember anymore about your old life?"

Tirith shook his head, "No, not really just bits and pieces. I think I may have been a hunter or a game keeper, I remember a huge hunting dog and a stag, days and nights in a forest and a castle but names and places, no nothing has come back."

"I'm sorry my friend but still I have need of you and I'll not regret your friendship and bravery" replied Imrahil.

"Thank you my liege."

Imrahil nodded and gestured toward the main building, "Have you spoken to the wizard yet?"

"No, not yet"

"Perhaps you should, he seemed to recognise you or at least he seemed to, maybe he might know of a relative or a place for you to search if that is your goal."

Tirith nodded his head in agreement and was about to ask about the next council meeting when Maglor, Dumbledore and Harry walked in to the gardens, all three were engaged in an animated discussion and didn't notice the Prince and Tirith until they were nearly upon them and Harry looked up to see them on the narrow path and halted offering a brief bow to the Prince and his companion.

"Your pardon Highness, Goodman Tirith my attention was elsewhere."

Imrahil smiled as he replied, "Actually Lord Istari you presence is auspicious as friend Tirith and I were just discussing the merits of seeking you out."

"Is there some problem?" asked Harry.

Imrahil shook his head as he replied, "No but I had just mentioned that you had remarked on his likeness to a man you had once known and well with his memory loss I had thought that perhaps you might be able to offer a starting point in seeking his past."

Harry looked over at Tirith's hopeful expression and sighed. He really wasn't sure what to say to the man he was at one stage convinced was once his godfather. However there was nothing to be gained by putting the conversation off.

"If you are free now…?" asked Harry.

Excusing himself to the others Harry led Tirith toward a carved wooden bench beneath a large tree at the far end of the garden. Clearing his throat he tried to decide where to begin.

"I don't know how much of my history you have heard either from his Highness or rumour but before I can tell you what I know I need to explain." Harry spent the next twenty minutes explaining the basics of his past and his godfather's role in his life.

"So" Tirith began slowly "You thought that the resemblance and the fact that your Godfather had fallen through the veil were, well connected."

Harry nodded.

"I have been having memory flashes of…..well of another life. A castle, a dark evil house, a dog and a stag but I can't truly remember anything. Are you saying that what happened to you may have happened to me?"

Harry answered with a simple "yes."

Tirith sat back on the bench and tried to think of something to say, "Um so you are my godson?"

Harry ran his hands through his hair, what could he say? The man deserved an answer and Harry didn't have one for him. "Tirith I don't know it's just that your history, your memories well they add up to something I'm just not sure what, could you be Sirius reborn, are all the victims of the veil be wandering Middle Earth without their memories? You look like my Sirius, your voice is the same but your personalities are different."

Tirith could see the young wizards anguish and wished he had some profound words of comfort to offer, "I'm sorry prongs."

"It's not your fault and to be honest we may never know unless the Valar deign to tell us. You have nothing to apologise for Tirith, although I would appreciate the chance get to know you as a friend."

Tirith laughed and clapped Harry on the back, "No chance I'd let the chance of being a friend to an Istari pass me by, you never know when friends in high places will come in handy."

Harry laughed along with the older man and they parted ways for that time. It wasn't until much later that Harry realised that Tirith had called him 'prongs'.


Ayrica sheathed her sword and hung the scabbard from a hook on her wall before lifting her padded leather vest from its resting place and beginning the process of cleaning and oiling it. She had just finished cleaning the buckles when there was a polite clearing of a throat from the door of the Armoury.

Laying her vest on the table she wiped her hands off on her cleaning rag before turning to see Luna and Harry standing in the door way.

"Harry, Luna!" Ayrica rushed forward to embrace first Luna and then Harry. "You two are a welcome sight."

Soon all three were sitting in the sun enjoying the fair autumn day as Harry and Luna gave Ayrica an abridged version of the warding of Mordor.

After they had finished their tale Luna gestured to Ayrica, "How have you enjoyed your time in Rivendell?"

"It has been interesting speaking to the elves; they are quite different from what I expected. I like Arwen and she has certainly made me feel welcome." Ayrica leaned forward almost whispering, "Did you know that she is in love with Aragorn."

Harry groaned and lay back on the grass complaining that he "didn't need to know that" to the sound of Luna's laughter.

"So what will you two do now?" asked Ayrica.

Harry reached out and took Luna's hand, "Now we return to Isenguard and begin the long process of building a school to train magic users and of course we need to devote a little time to our own family."

Ayrica looked at the beaming Luna and then glanced downward, then back up to see Luna's nod, "Congratulations Luna, and you too Harry."

"I know both the King and Maglor spoke with you about studying with us but I wanted to make sure that you are still sure that it is what you wish to do, you could be away from your family for many years if you continue with your studies." asked Harry.

"When I was growing up I dreamed of marrying a prince, or a rider of renown I can honestly say that I never imagined that I would be learning how to use magic but the more I think on it the more right it feels, besides it's important isn't it" replied Ayrica with a suitably solemn expression although she was practically radiating excitement and impatience in equal measure.

"Yes its important, well I had best talk to King Théoden about stealing you away."


The departure of the Wizards would long be remembered in Rivendell. Kings and Princes of Man and Lords and Ladies of the Elves watched on as the new occupants of Isenguard gathered in the Gardens.

Not since the second age had a group of such diverse nature been gathered together in common cause; Maiar, Elves and Men stood together talking and laughing as Elrond, Gandalf and Harry stood somewhat apart talking quietly.

Harry nodded in acceptance as Gandalf finished his explanation. "It's a pity but I see the need."

Gandalf looked out over the score of people in the courtyard, "I too wish I was accompanying you to Isenguard Harry. Your vision of a centre of learning intrigues me and I had hoped to be there at its inception but I fear that by the time I have returned our allies to their own lands it will be to Gondor that I shall be travelling, I feel that Prince Imrahil will need my aid and council if he is to work with the factions among the Lords Council."

Harry smiled and gestured toward the crowd behind him, "You will always be welcome brother but I fear that I had better take my leave and get these goodly folk organised as it will take several trips to get so many people to Isenguard even with most of the guards, staff and stores coming by road"


Prince Imrahil watched as Tirith paced nervously around the gardens, "Tirith you have my leave to go with them if you will it."

Tirith stopped pacing and turned to the Prince, "Highness my job is protecting you and while I admit I am intrigued I have my duties, perhaps after Gondor is in order I might take up the Wizards offer."

They both turned as Elrond called out to the crowd, "Today marks the first day of the Tower of Isenguards new role as a place of learning. May the Valar guide you, its first students as you begin your journey, and I hope that this will be the first of many times that our peoples unite in friendship and common purpose."

With a loud crack Harry and Luna disappeared with their companions.


Gondor – Minas Tirith

Ivriniel hugged her Brother as he arrived in her quarters, "It is good to see you Brother, but how did you get here so quickly?"

Imrahil laughed as he replied, 'I'll let Gandalf show you the trick till then I'll say naught lest you think me a liar."

Ivriniel poured two glasses of wine and set in one of the simple wooden chair that faced the open window gesturing for her brother to sit as well.

"How are the boys?"

"They miss their parents but for all their grief they are coping well. As for their welfare to be honest I fear that the palace is….. less than safe." Lady Ivriniel spent over an hour explaining all that had happened and how she had dealt with them.

Imrahil took his sisters hand as he spoke, "You have done well Ivriniel, and no one could have done more to secure the safety of Gondor or the boys. Now come and let us speak to Gandalf and the councilors he has summoned for we bring news that I believe shall lighten your burden."


"Is this true?" whispered one of the lords of Gondor as Prince Imrahil finished his speech.

"Indeed my friend" replied Gandalf "We have one a great victory thanks to a few brave men and women who risked much to bring the plan to fruition. My newest colleagues are resourceful and gifted in magics unseen in Middle Earth and this 'ward' they have placed will give us the one thing we needed most, time. But remember this is but a temporary measure, more must be done to secure our lands."

One of the Guard captains voiced another question, "What of the other Realms, what of Rohan and the Elves?"

Gandalf stood and addressed the room, "Many realms are already represented but we seek to have a representative of each realm on the White Council and through them plans and strategies can be discussed and decided upon. Up until now Prince Imrahil has represented Gondor but it is for the Lords of Gondor to decide on who shall be their voice in council."

Soon discussion turned to the preparations Gondor could now undertake to weather the storm that would come.


Here ends Part I of Walking the Path

But worry not readers Part II shall continue the story of Harry and Luna's adventures in Middle Earth

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