End of year five

Harry was standing outside the headmasters office waiting until two when he Ron and Hermione were supposed to meet him. Just half a minute before two they finally started to go up to his office. When they got there they found that there was also a taller shadowy man.

Hermione was the first to break the silence, headmaster Dumbledore why are we here? Dumbledore finally answered. Harry will have to fight the dark lord Voldemort and so he has been offered a place at a very elight school to help train and get rid of Voldemort. If he can pass the entry test that is, wait yelled the man. Riddle isn't really a dark person. He never declared to the dark and he is definitely NOT one of the twelve dark lords!

Dumbledore looked surprised and asked him to explain. Plus then why does he call himself one?

The dark ruling is very precise. It is on power and family background. We have a king who makes the final decisions and he is the most important person in our community. He has one heir. At birth he/she is blessed by all the spices and she/he becomes one of them. They are born knowing all the dark spells/ potions and everything else. The schooling is used to help access the core and politics and everything she was born not knowing.

Our current king is Damien Riscon the third and his heir is Lilly Riscon.

There are twelve lords who advise the king.

All dark people/creatures must swear to the dark and promise to uphold it.

Now onto the acceptance exam for harry

If the two of you want you may do it also but I doubt you will get in.

If your paper turns yellow you may not come if it turns blue you are in if it turns green you will be excepted at ages 17-19 red you will be excepted at age 20-22 and if it turns purple you could come for a wekk when you are 22 and try to earn one of the two wildcard spots

First Ronald you may go, just take a bit of blood and put it on this piece of paper.

I'm sorry it turned yellow

Hermione your turn

Good it is light red I will be glad for you to come at age 22

Harry your turn


Wow that's a shocker!

Well I will have to explain that to you later in private as this is very ………………………. Surprising

Thank you here is your list I will see you soon


Harry was sitting in the common room

Trying to think about what had happened that day.

He looked at the letter for the thousandths time that day

Mr potter

Congratulations on being excepted into our school. It is very prestigious and we expect that you will keep up or else…………………..

Enclosed is a list of what subjects you will be allowed to take and why your test turned out gold.

You may take

Death magic

Soul magic




You must

Languages of major importance

(vampire, werewolf elf vela) and there cultures

you must. take advanced dark arts and most likely the black arts

there are also available



other languages

of less importance

cultures of beings not on the council

about demigods

Mr. potter

To be a lord you must have tremendous raw power.

The gold means that you will be the next human lord.

Currently you status is

that you are the heir to the lordship of the human seat in the great council.

Very nice if you are pulling rank on somebody.

Also you may take a class for elements as you have the potential to be an ice elemnle.

Danana jihjuih

( head of staff)

This letter will act as a portkey.

Harry was shocked but quickly recovered. It would be an interesting few years he thought to himself as the portkey whisked him away.