Where are you, Father? You were gone when I came home.

I miss you, Father. Are you coming back soon?

I'll never forget you, Father. I think about you every day.

Are you okay, Father? I haven't seen you in years.

I love you, Father. Will I ever see you again?

I'll never stop hoping, Father. I know you'll be back as soon as you can.

How could you, Father? You didn't visit me when you came back.

I hate you, Father. Do you even remember my name?

I'll never forgive you, Father. It's been ten years.

What were you thinking, Father? You died for nothing.

I miss you, Father. Did you wonder if I'd care?

I'll never see you again, Father. You're really gone this time.

Do you love me, Father? You must; you saved my life.

I love you, Father. How long has it been since I said that to you?

I'll never leave you again, Father. This time I'm here to stay.