Oh wait, Roger's casket. Oh my gosh—that was my fault. Thing's I've said. And Ralph's mother, he needs to be strong, but he's timid. Things I've done! And my parent, their agony! Thing's I've become!

Can I really be forgiven? Could they be right? Burning conviction overtakes me. I fall to the floor.

"Dear Jesus, PLEASE! I've always believed in you, you're God's son! You died for me! You rose again! I've always been horrible too. Erase from me the guild of what I've done, forgive me! Take hold of my life! Be my savior! Amen!"

I feel anew with a sense of home. I have to fix everything! I grab my phone, shaking. "Please let him answer," I pray.

I dial. Almost immediately he answers.

"Hello?" he's surprised by my call.

"Roger? Look just, can I PLEASE come by? PLEASE?"

"I-I guess? Why?" he asks.

"Can't I just tell you when I get there? Please?" I beg.

"Sure." He says, apathetic.

I hang and run to his house. Run down streets with agility I never had, like water down a river, all the way until I get to his room. And I can barely breathe.

"Jack…." He asks. "What are you doing?"

"Roger, look," I say, "I know I told you that you should just kill yourself and stop complaining but, I didn't mean it."

He just looks at me and starts crying. I notice he has his hand in his pocket. He pulls out pills. So. Many. Pills. He starts sobbing now.

I put my arm around his shoulder (man-hug) and tell him that everything is going to be okay.

"Jack, how did you know what I was going to do?" he asks me.

"Uh… tell you later, I kinda need to take care of something." I remember that Ralph is still sulking somewhere. I get up to leave, careful to take the pills from Roger.

I have no idea where to find Ralph, so I wanted the dark streets alone. It dawns on me that the Ghost said his dad had died, so I head to the graveyard, hoping to find him.

Sure enough, I find him sitting on a grave, leaning on a tombstone.

"No one ever apologizes," he says, "it's not fair." He says it all to himself.

"Who said life was ever fair?" I speak. There's a jump and a glare.

"Regardless of any of that, people should still apologize. And you should still leave." Ralph spits out the words, anger and hate mixed in with his sadness.

"Sometimes people don't realize they're doing anything wrong." I say, "And you have to just keep on going."

"Why are you here?" he asks, "why are you, of all people, here?"

"I'm here because I'm sorry from what I did, for making you this way."

"Sorry doesn't change what happened." He says, his voice cracking.

"Then why do you want everyone to say it? If it can't bring people back? If it can't change the past? Why can't you move on?"

He doesn't say anything. He just gets up and walks away. So I go home. I walk in and my mother is holding the tree topper. She's not tall enough to put it on. She looks at me and I walk over and gently take it from her, placing it on the tree. Then I hug her.

"I love you, Mom."