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Bella's POV

Crap. I'm going to be so late. I knew I should have gone to sleep as soon as I finished writing the damn paper, but no, I had to continue on till God knows what time and finish that book. I don't even have time to do my hair. With that last thought I pulled my hair up and threw it into a messy bun. I rushed to my small cabinet and tossed on my worn out t-shirt needed for work. I grabbed my shoes and ran down the two flights of stairs. I was out of my apartment building and on my bike in a couple of minutes. Thankfully today it wasn't raining, I thought, as I hurried along bypassing any stranger that got in my way in no time.

It's on days like these that I'm happy my job is only six blocks away from the piece of crap place I call home. I work at a little run down bakery that makes the best cakes in Seattle. Although, business sometimes is slow because of its location. Of course with the luck I have the only job available when I applied three months ago was the delivery position. I have to admit though that with my clumsiness my job has gone rather well lately. I have been living here in Seattle for the past couple of months, I moved out here in June, and just recently started my freshman year at The University of Washington. I was lucky enough to find the job as soon as I did, but not lucky enough to find a nice place to live. I remind myself daily that it could be worse. My 'apartment' consists of one small bedroom that holds my twin size bed and my dresser (no closet), one bathroom, and the small table, a rusty old used refrigerator and the hot plate is considered my kitchen.

"Some people have it worse," I mumble under my breath as I make my way around the bakery to the back doors.

"Isabella finally!"

Ugh, he only calls me that when he's mad. It's going to be a very long day.

"Hi, sorry I'm a bit behind… traffic," I whisper.

"Don't give me excuses, come there's no time we're short-handed and there's lots of deliveries to be made today. Why didn't you bring your truck today? I told you yesterday that you needed your truck today. Isabella! You have a delivery that's at least 30 or so blocks away from here, can you handle that on your bike?"Although his question was meant to be seen carrying concern I recognized the stare he was giving me, it was the if you say no you're fired look. So I did they only thing I could do, I nodded my head.

"It's not like your truck can go any faster than that bike." I heard him mumble.

"Okay then I'll tell Charlotte to bring the order and place it on the basket of your bike. Please Bella be extra careful with this delivery, she's a new customer, very important and she wants this order there by nine, so that gives you about forty-five minutes."

I was all set to go so I quickly studied the directions Peter shoved in my hand; I needed all the time I could get in order to get there on time so I turned my bike on the right direction and made my way through the busy streets of Seattle. I could tell I had hit the upscale side of town, when I was surrounded with tall buildings. I had never really let myself explore this part of town. I was mesmerized with all the beautiful sites, so mesmerized in fact, that when I took a right on the next corner I didn't see the man standing right in my path.

By the time I realized exactly what was going to happen if I didn't brake it was too late to do anything. I ran right into him, and effectively knocked him down. And to make matters worse, in my attempt to save the box that had tumbled off I landed right on top of him, successfully smudging all the cupcakes in that box on his suit.

For crying out loud! First I'm late to work, forget to bring my truck in my rush to get ready, and now I ruin an important order by spilling it all over someone. Too busy having an internal monologue I didn't notice the crowd that surrounded us, until I was pushed out of my thoughts by the man I had practically run over.

"Fuck," he snapped.

Oh crap, he's pissed. Don't cry Bella. It was an accident, he'll understand. Just stand up mumble an apology and keep your head down.

I stood up, planning on picking up the bike off the cement, and apologize, but before I could do anything I came face to face with a chest covered in smeared chocolate and frosting.

"So were you not raised properly to know you're supposed to apologize when you knock someone down and spill shit all over them." He whispered in an angry voice. I assumed he was whispering because there were still people surrounding us viewing all the commotion.

I don't know what came over me, it must have been the crappy day, plus the stress that I was in already, I knew, though, that I wasn't just going to stand there and be insulted.

"My mother taught me many things, and one of those things was to never apologize to someone who acts like a pig." I snapped back.

I finally looked up to see his face and I froze. He was breathtaking even with all the smudges of frosting he had all over. He had messy bronze hair, and I couldn't tell if it was from the fall he took or if it was naturally like that, but I prayed for the latter. He had deep green eyes that were currently glaring at me, a jaw line that I just wanted to run my fingers over and see if it was as smooth and as it looked, and his lips, they were perfect. I couldn't look away, and I didn't until I saw his beautiful lips moving into a smirk.

I quickly looked down and blushed.

"Well it's not every day I get knocked down and get insulted all at once. I must say it's not a pleasant experience." He said sarcastically.

I nodded my head to let him know I heard him and made my way around him still keeping my eyes to the floor.

I was stopped on my second step when his hand gripped my arm. It felt like an electric shock when he touched my arm, but all too soon it was gone.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

I turned back to ask what he was sorry for, when he continued on.

"I didn't mean to snap at you like that."

He still had a look of irritation on his face, but I could tell it wasn't entirely there because of me. I nodded my head and mumbled an apology as well, picking up my back from the floor I once again made my way through the diminishing crowd.

Luckily two out of the three boxes had survived the fall, and I only had a block left to go. I got there five minutes late, but it went by unnoticed. I explained to the woman why I didn't have the complete order and instead of yelling at me she laughed and said that would explain why my shirt was covered in chocolate. I looked down to see that she was correct. I hadn't noticed that I too got some of the evidence from the 'accident' as well. I knew it was because I was too busy drooling over the man I had bumped into. When she paid for the order, I quickly made it out of there and headed back in the direction I came from.

When I passed the scene of the accident l looked up towards the tall building in front of it. It truly was a beautiful building, the architecture looked old, but preserved. It wasn't as tall as the others, but it did have enough floors to make you bend your head all the way back; it looked exquisite. Just as I was about to turn my head to continue on, I noticed someone standing by the window towards the middle floor. I squinted my eyes and saw a tall man standing there, staring at the street surrounding me.

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