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Chapter 13


"You bitch! You crazy fuckin' bitch! Ugh, Fuck! He's going to kill me. I'm dead. I'm a fuckin' dead man!" The stranger said, while looking at the front of the Volvo. It looked like…well it looked like crap. And maybe that was the reason he was going completely crazy.

He didn't offend me with his language. I knew that at that moment I probably was crazy, well maybe not crazy. But I did accept the fact that I had reacted hastily and foolishly. I had let my imagination run wild, and unfortunately this man had to pay for it.

"I'm sorry."

"You're sorry? You're fuckin' sorry?" his voice was hysterical. I wondered if maybe he had just purchased the car?

"I have insurance." I tried to smooth it over, but his only response was to turn around and glare at me.

I should have been panicking, after all I had just purposely crashed into this man's car, but a part of me was just relieved that he wasn't Edward. My paranoia had gotten the best of me.

"What the hell I'm I going to do?" he questioned, standing by the front of the ruined car, pulling at his hair.

He looked completely freaked out; enough that a part of me started to feel the same.

"I'm sure my insurance will cover it," I repeated. Thankfully, he didn't glare at me this time, but it could have been because he was too lost in his thoughts.

Someone must have called the police because a cruiser was suddenly pulling into the parking lot and not just any cruiser, but Charlie's. Great.

He immediately stepped out of the car and rushed over, recognizing not only my truck, but me.

He glanced at me first, probably to make sure I wasn't hurt and then looked at the truck. Nothing had happened to my vehicle, of course. The truck was a beast, it could take anything.

He looked over at the Volvo, and let out a big sigh. The front was all smashed in, like really bad. I wasn't an expert, but it was probably totaled. It would have to be towed. It was surprising to see how much damage I had done. I hadn't bumped into him that hard, at least I didn't think I had.

Charlie gave me a long look. He knew I had caused this accident.

"You alright, kid?" he asked once he was close enough for me to hear him.

I nodded.

He stepped closer. "Can I see your license and insurance, son?" he asked the man standing by the Volvo.

"Why the hell are you asking me for this shit? She's the one who fuckin' backed up into me!" The man was obviously still in a frenzy if he was willing to talk to a police officer that way.

"Language, son. License and insurance, now."

"Fuckin' fucked up town," he mumbled under his breath. If I had just heard what he said then I was more than sure Charlie had as well. This guy really wasn't helping himself.

He walked back to the Volvo and pulled a paper from the center console, probably his insurance. He then reached into his back pocket and pulled out his license from his wallet. He handed both to Charlie.

I looked at the man while Charlie looked over the documents. He seemed to be calming down a bit, but he was still glancing toward the Volvo. It almost looked as if he was wishing it back to its previous state- when it wasn't ruined. I was wishing the same thing.

"You aren't on this insurance. Only an Edward Cullen is." Charlie's voice immediately turned suspicious.

Charlie was too preoccupied with the guy standing in front of us - he didn't see my eyes widen in shock.

"Edward Cullen?" I whispered although what I really wanted to do was shout it out.

I felt all the blood drain away from my face. My heart skipped a beat and then started doubling in speed. All of a sudden my legs felt unsteady, like they were trying to bring me to the floor. Edward Cullen? This was Edwards car.

Although I was panicking inside, I still strained to hear what this stranger was saying. I needed to know what this man was doing with Edwards car. I needed to hear his explanation, to believe that he was here for another reason, other than me.

"He's a friend. I'm borrowing his car," he responded, to Charlie's unspoken question. I didn't miss it when he took a glance in my direction. He didn't miss that all my attention was focused on him.

I looked at Charlie trying to sense his reaction. His face was still showing doubt. He didn't believe this guy.

"Uh-huh." He looked down at his ID again. "Jasper, can you step over here, son." Charlie walked over to his cruiser, the man- well boy, he looked to be around my age, slowly followed him.

I couldn't hear them then. They were too far away from me, and I thought of stepping closer, but when I took a step toward them Charlie shook his head. I mentally cursed.

A part of my paranoia had been correct. Edward wasn't following me, no, but he had someone else doing that. At least that's what my thoughts were leading me to.

Now I understood why this guy was freaking out. That was Edward's car I had just purposely crashed into. Edward wasn't going to take the news well when he found out that he now had a ruined Volvo. I expected to find Edward standing outside my apartment door when I arrived back in Seattle. Still I didn't regret what I had done.

He was having me followed. Did he think I wasn't smart enough to have figured that out, sooner or later? Maybe he should have a professional doing that job, seeing as how this man wasn't any good at it.

But maybe he was, another part of my mind screamed at me. What if this wasn't the first time that Jasper had been following me? What if it was weeks ago and I was barely cluing into the fact? What if I have been followed since the very first day I met Edward? How far can you have someone followed? Has he been into my apartment, my school? Following me from one class to another? I didn't see why not. He had made this man come all the way to Forks. To what? Keep tabs on me?

My paranoia was returning and with it, all these possibilities.

My brain couldn't process everything though. What would make me so important that Edward needed me to be followed?

I stared at both Charlie and Jasper while they finished talking. Charlie had an unreadable expression on his face and Jasper well…he would alternate between looking furious and frowning.

I had so many questions, and I needed answers. I had to convince Jasper that I had figured everything out and he needed to talk before I did.

Yes, that was a good idea, up into the point where I noticed Charlie cuffing Jasper and placing him in his police cruiser.


I hurriedly approached them, getting to the car just before Charlie was stepping into the cruiser.

"What's wrong? What did he do?"

"Bella, this doesn't concern you."


"Look, it's obvious who caused this accident," he said looking away from me and to my truck. "Run over to the station and file the report. I need to handle this," he looked over his shoulder at Jasper.

He didn't give me time to say anything else; instead he placed himself inside the cruiser and drove away.

My answers riding away with him.


I didn't head to the station right away. I went home, and unloaded the groceries. I needed to give Charlie time, so he could sort everything out at the station. I would go when Jasper was free and he could talk to me because I needed answers. I was demanding them.

I was restless, an hour later I was back in my truck, heading to the station. I was more aware of my surroundings this time, taking frequent glances at my rear review mirrors. I didn't know how many people Edward had following me. I was hyper-aware of the few cars that passed by.

My nerves calmed down a bit when I was parked in front of Forks Police Station. No one would dare hurt me here.

One of the deputies had been waiting for me. He pulled me aside to file the accident. He asked a lot of questions, stirring up my anxiety again.

It felt like forever until I got to see Charlie, but I didn't leave. I didn't want to wait til he got home.

When I could finally get into his office, I found him going through some documents. He looked up as soon as I entered, placing the papers aside.

"Did you get that report filed?"

"Yeah," I mumbled, sitting down in one of the chairs.

Neither of us said anything for a moment, but his eyes stayed on me the entire time. It was starting to become uncomfortable.

"What?" I finally questioned.

"You know what. What happened?"

I blew out a sigh of frustration. I didn't want to get into this. I had lied to the deputy and now I was going to have to lie to Charlie.

"I didn't see him," I said as a way of explanation.

"You didn't see him?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," I said, and nodded so he wouldn't ask me again. It didn't work.

"How could you have not seen him?"

"I just didn't," I shrugged my shoulders.

"Bella, he was parked right behind you."

How was I supposed to get out of this?

"Umm, I forgot to look into my rear view mirror." That was believable, right?

"So, let me get this straight. You reversed without looking back?" He knew I was lying.

"Yeah. I don't know where my head was," I shrugged once again.

His eyes stared intently into mine. A moment later he finally said, "Please be more careful, Bella."

If only he knew what I had been through these last couple of weeks. He would have more reason to be worried than he even knew. Not only did I have someone following me around, but I also had an ex-boss try to do who knows what with me the same day that I had a women attack me. To top it off, he was unaware that someone had broken into my apartment. And now I had reason to suspect that Edward had something to do with that as well.

I sat there, debating how to ask him of the man he had arrested earlier when there was a knock on his door.

I turned around and the same man who had filed my report stood at Charlie's door.

"Chief, we got a hold of Edward Cullen. His story is clear," instantly I knew the man was talking about Jasper.

"You sure it matches out?" Charlie questioned.

"Yes, sir."

"All right then, let him go," Charlie grumbled, probably upset that the most interesting thing to take place in Forks turned out to be nothing at all. I could probably tell them that they were wrong. Something was going on. I just didn't know what.

"Did that have anything to do with that guy from this morning?"

Charlie gave me a long, firm stare. Something in my eyes must have told him that I wasn't going to back down if he didn't give me an answer.

"Yeah," he sighed out loud, after his moment of hesitation.

"You thought he had stolen the car?" I guessed.

"The car was registered to an Edward Cullen from Seattle. He claimed he knew the guy."

"And did he?"

"We got Cullen's information, phoned him for questioning. Apparently, their story matches."

He stayed quiet for a moment, probably lost in his thoughts. "You know what I don't understand though?" he finally questioned.

"What?" my voice came out a whisper, afraid of his next words.

"What is he doing over here? This guy lives all the way in Seattle."

"I'm here."

"Because of me. This guy couldn't even name one person from around here," he responded.

That was a lie. I bet he could have named one person, me.

"Said he was just driving around, needed some fresh air," Charlie snorted. I'm sure it was in disbelief. I wanted to snort along with him.

He stayed silent again and I left him to his thoughts.

"Why don't you head on home, Bells. I'll be there by dinner," he said after a moment.

I stood up, knowing that I gathered all the answers I could from Charlie.

A part of me wondered if Edward knew by now, not that his Volvo had been ruined, but that I was the one to ruin his car.

I sat back down.

"Hey dad-"

We both seemed to freeze. That was the first time I had called him that since I arrived at his place months ago.

After his initial shock he, thankfully, didn't question me about my word slip.

"Yeah, Bells?"

"Does that guy know? About me hitting his car?"

Charlie let out a soft whistle. "Mark's probably telling him right now."

I stayed still. Now I was positive that Edward would be waiting for me when I got back to my apartment. Maybe I could delay my trip back to Seattle.

"Charlie-" I ignored his grumble. "What should someone do if they are being followed?"


What did he think I was talking about, a dog? "A person," I said slowly.

"Are you being stalked?"

I shook my head. I didn't bother talking. I didn't need to prove the fact that I was a horrible liar.

He leveled his eyes with mine again. "Are you being harassed?"


"Then why the sudden question?"

Thankfully a knock on his door distracted him, letting me slip out of the office.


When Charlie walked into the house, later that evening, he came straight into the kitchen where I was cooking dinner. No words were exchanged as he placed a bottle of pepper spray on the counter. He only lifted a brow. I took the bottle and placed it inside my pocket.

I didn't want to deny the fact that I could possibly need it.

Although, I didn't think pepper spray could chase Edward Cullen away. I would need something better than that.

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